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Are you searching a company to buy online votes to win contest? You have landed on the right place. We have been providing contest votes since 2014. Our dedicated team is ready to help you to win the contest. However, let’s see when you can buy contest votes from us. You can buy votes for your entry name for below types of online contests:

Any kinds of Facebook contests votes.
Twitter poll votes and any other twitter based votes.
Email verification votes filling up with necessary information.
Sign up votes with email and other needed information.
Image or capthca verification vote.
Normal one click poll votes with unique IP address.
Short survey votes with needed information and almost all kinds of online contests votes.

Real country targeted IP votes 100% confidential We vote gradually 100% money back guarantee

Price List of our Buy Online Votes Service

Check the price of our online voting services. Decide what would be the best package for you. Select that. Fill up the very short form with your voting link. Pay via PayPal’s secure payment gateway. We will get the payment. We will start providing votes within 1 hour and 30 minutes.

    buy online votes secure paypal verified

    Way of buying votes from us: How to buy online votes to win contest? First of all, select your preferable package from above > write down the needed information in the forms > now click on “Buy Now with PayPal” button > you will be redirected to the PayPal Payment Page > make your payment > click on continue button to finish contest vote buying process. It’s very simple, isn’t? After sending the payment from your side we will get your order details automatically. You will also get a confirmation message about placing your order successfully. Within one and half hour (sometimes more quickly), you will start getting contest votes from us royal votes.

    Payment methods to buy votes: Our main payment method is PayPal. But, you can also buy online votes without PayPal. Visit Here to know the details process.

    Number of contest votes you can buy: We have enlisted total 15 packages above. Our packages are for 50 to 10000 votes. But, if you need, royal votes can collect more than 50000 votes to any single entry name or contestant of a competition. It depends on the nature of your contest. You may need to buy more than 10000 votes. For example, in 1200 or 15000 votes. Or you may think to buy more than 2000 votes. For instance, 2400 votes. In this situation, you need to buy your chosen packages twice or thrice. It depends on your need. Regarding this issue, you can contact us for the help.

    How quick we provide votes: Do you need quick contest votes? We have the ability to provide every 400 votes in one hour or more quickly. Or, do you need slow but steady votes? No problem. We can also provide slow contest votes. How fast or slow votes you need, you can write to us that in the order details box while buying online votes for contests. You can also send us one email at about this issue.

  • We listed only 15 round figure packages to buy online contest votes. But, you may want to buy odd numbers of votes to look it more natural. For example, you may think to purchase 143 contest votes. But, there is no direct package for 143 votes on our list. Then how can you but that? Don’t worry. You have the scope to buy any amounts of votes for your contest from us above 50 votes. But, how? Below is the details process of that:

    1. Rate is 0.08 USD for per 1 vote

    2. Think about how many votes you want to buy.

    3. Now, please, do some manual calculation. Use the below calculator to find out the total price of your targeted amounts of votes. An example: you want to buy 187 contest votes. Calculation would be like: 187 × 0.08= $14.96. That is the price of 187 votes. Calculate in this way for your needed amounts of votes.

    4. Calculation is done. Now what? Now, send us that amount of money to get online votes for contest. Our PayPal email address is . Is it not possible send money for votes through PayPal? No worries. Still now you scope to buy online contest votes without PayPal from royal votes.

    5. After making the payment to our PayPal, please email us at . Write payment and order details in that email. Such as payment transaction number or any tracking number, your voting link and entry name. Our account manager will check your payment. If we get the money, we will start proving real contest votes within 1 hour and 30 minutes.

  • We are not a vote request or vote exchange website. But, still, now you can get free online votes from us. You can ask us to provide 2/3 votes as a test. We do this just to find out we can provide contest votes to your entry or not. By this test vote, you can also examine the quality of our votes. However to get free contest votes, fill up and submit the below form. We will provide test votes for your entry name and will inform you via email.

Royal Votes .com Reviews about Contest Voting Service

Since 2010 we have severed more than 8000+ clients. We provided contest votes to more than 14000+ projects. It is true that all of our customers didn’t write reviews for us. We have got so many reviews in our email, skype, live chat and here on our website. Before buying contest votes from us, you may read some of royal reviews of our client’s from below:

Did you get any service from us? If yes, please share your reviews about Royal votes using below form. Your feelings may be positive or negative about us. That doesn’t matter. We will publish that here. Your reviews will help other clients to take the decision before buying votes from us.

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Great Online Votes Service , fast delivery.

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Not 5. Great Thanks for Your Awesome Work!!!!!

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He's a very skilled technician.

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Sir, please pray for us that, we can provide, our best service in the future....Thank You.. 🙂

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Refund Policies of our Buy Online Votes Service?

Due to different reasons, sometimes we may need to refund the money. We are going to clear the refund policies of Read the details of refund policies of our online votes to win contest service:

Rule one: We refund your money if we fail to provide your bought votes for any of our problem. Maximum time there will be no problem from our side. But still, now we are making it clear.

Rule two: You will get refund, if we fail to provide your purchased amounts of votes due any technical reasons. For example, country restrictions to vote, broken link, contest site down etc.

Rule three: We refund partial or full money, if contest admin stops or cancels the contest before closing the voting hour.

Rule four: In the scenario of rule number one, two and three, if we could provide some votes before facing the problem then you will get refund of rest non-provided votes money.

An example of refunding: A client purchased 200 votes from us for a contest. We provided 74 votes. Then contest admin closed the contest. We refunded that client rest non provided 200-74 = 126 vote’s price. That is just a example and we will calculate refund amount is this way.

Rule five: Suppose, you purchased certain amounts of contest votes from us. We started voting timely and provided full votes with 100% carefully. But, bad luck for you and for us. For any reason, contest admin suspected your votes. Contest admin disqualified you from the competition. In this situation, we will refund your money 100%. Just show us any email or declaration link of the contest authority about your disqualifying news. Don’t worry. Normally it happens only 2 to 3% time.

How can I get the refund? Do you need to get a refund from us? Please, don’t open a dispute in PayPal first. To discuss your refund related problem, please send us one email first at Our account manager will reply there. After discussing the issue with you, he will issue the refund from our side. Making our clients satisfied with our service is the main thing for us.

FAQ Related to Buy Online Contest Votes

1. Are these votes collected from real Facebook/Twitter users?

Are you thinking to buy online votes for the Facebook contest? Or, do you need to buy twitter votes? Or need to buy online votes for any other social media based competitions? Yes! We collect these votes from real users. Our every voter have real profile pictures, friends, and followers.

2. Do the votes come from unique and different IP address?

Yes! We will send every vote from a different and unique IP address. You can buy IP votes from us from almost any country around the world.

3. Do you provide any guarantee that I will win the contest?

We cannot promise that you will win the contest. We will provide all votes to you contest within our promised time what you have ordered. Winning an online contest is just like a game. Here you are the main plan maker. You need to monitor your contest regularly. Need to assume how many votes you may need to win the contest. Then buy your desired amount of votes from us. We will provide each of your purchased votes within your given time. If need urgent votes, our full team will work for you together by stopping other projects. If that helps to win the contest, we will congrats you.

4. What is the guarantee of providing votes after you receive the payment?

This is an online based business. For any kinds of online business, the main thing is “Trust”. Since 2014, we royal votes, have providing contest votes services. Any online contest votes selling company can easily cheat its client. It is known to us. But can a cheating company stay on the market for such a long time? No, can’t. If cheats with its clients, many of them will write negative feedback about us on different pages. Normally, visitors search on google “buy contest votes reviews” before buying votes from a site. If a visitor finds negative feedback about us, he will not buy votes from us. We love to get more recommendations from our old clients. For that all-time, we provide our best effort for current clients. This is the best way we can say that we are reliable. Actually, we do not know anymore the best way about making you trust in us. If you think our this explains are OK to trust us only then you can buy from us. Otherwise, you shouldn’t buy online votes from us.

5. From which countries you will provide votes?

We can provide votes from most of the countries around the world. We offer votes from the US, Canada, and other North American countries. You can also get votes from UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, Russia, France, Ireland, Portugal, Romania and other European based countries. Not only that you can buy online votes also from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Iran, Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Israel and many more Asian and Middle East countries. Do you need your vote from Australia, New Zealand and other regions of that part of the world? No problem, we can help you. You can purchase online polls from Brazil, Peru, Argentina and other South American countries. We can provide a large number of votes from different African countries, for instance- South Africa, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria etc. In a word, you can buy online votes from us for almost any country in the world.

6. How long will the votes remain?

Our service is not something like online votes cheat. We do not provide fake votes. So, our provided votes will remain forever. (If the Contest remains forever).

7. Through which payment methods I can buy online votes?

PayPal is our primary payment method. You can also use a credit card to buy contest votes from us. Besides PayPal, you may use Skrill and Payza to pay us. These all are internet based money transaction methods. Don’t have scope to pay for contest votes using any of them? We have the solution for you. You can pay for votes via Western Union or Moneygram. See our this buy votes without PayPal page to know more about this.

8. Can I pay for online contest votes using Western Union?

Definitely, you can buy votes through western union. Not only western union, but you can use any other similar service to pay us for votes. Such as MoneyGram, Xoom etc. Read our this page buy votes via Western Union to know the details process.

9. When will I start getting the votes after making the payment?

As soon as we receive the payment, we start campaigning for your contest. In general, it takes one hour to start our process. You will see that your vote on the entry is going to increase within one and half hour after making the payment. However, if you want to get votes faster, then write that in the order form. Or you can send us an email at after sending the payment.

10. Can I buy online votes from you for adult contest?

Sure, you can buy adult contest votes from royal votes. There is no extra price for that. Our price is all time same for all kinds of contests.

11. Is buying contest votes from you 100% confidential?

Yes, Sir. Your information will be 100% confidential. There is no way to know this information if you do not tell anyone in person. We never share any of your votes buying or personal or your contest information with anyone. Selling contest votes is our business. You are our client. To run our business smoothly for a long time, we promise to keep our client's information confidential.

12. Can I buy online votes on holidays or weekend?

Sure, you can buy online votes from us every day. Our team members work in a roaster basis. So, we can provide our service for 24 hours/7 days.

13. My contest is ending soon. Can you provide fast votes?

Yes, you can buy quick votes from us. But the speed depends on the voting system of your contest. There are some contests where we can give 2000+ votes in one hour. But, there are other contests where we can give maximum of 200 votes per hour. So for quick contest votes, first email us at with the voting link and ending time. We will check the voting system. After checking we will inform you how many votes we can provide before ending that contest.

14. Can I buy votes for from you for any contest?

Yes, you can buy votes for any online based contest. You can buy woobox votes from us. Do you need to buy poll votes? We can provide. Even, you can buy twitter poll votes from us. You can also buy IP votes, Spinnin records vote from us. you need to buy email votes or do you need to buy signup votes? No problem we can provide almost all kinds of online contest votes. That may be a photo contest, pet contests, beauty contest, baby contest or any other kinds of contests. Only if there needs a mobile phone verification to vote, we are helpless there. We can’t provide SMS verification votes.

15. Can I use my purchased votes to different contests or entry names?

Sure, you can. For example, you have bought 100 votes. Now you want 40 votes for one contest and 60 for another. No problem, we can provide your bought votes to your given any contest. The same way you may use your some votes for one entry name and rest votes for other entry of the same contest or any other contest. If you want to use your votes in this way then write down that in the order form box. Or you can send us an email at

16. Can I buy custom amounts of votes from you?

Yes, you can buy any amounts of votes above 50 from us. We have listed some packages for some round figure number of votes. Such as 50 votes, 300 votes, 700 votes etc. But if you want to buy 356 votes then what? No problem, you can buy that from us. See the details of buying custom amounts of contest votes from “custom order” menu of pricing list.

17. Can you send me an Invoice to buy online votes from you?

Only PayPal invoice can be sent. To get the invoice to send us one email at In that email write down your PayPal email id, how many votes you want to buy. Then we will calculate and will send an invoice to your PayPal account. Once you pay that invoice, we will start the process to provide votes.

Have you any more question to buy online votes from us? Don’t hesitate to contact us.