Refund Policies

Due to different reasons, sometimes we may need to refund the money. We are going to clear the refund policies of Read the details of refund policies of our online votes to win contest service:

Rule one: We refund your money if we fail to provide your bought votes for our problems. Maximum time there will be no problem from our side. But still, now we are making it clear.

Rule two: You will get a refund if we fail to provide your purchased amounts of votes due to any technical reasons — for example, country restrictions to voting, broken links, contest sites down, etc.

Rule three: We refund partial or complete money if the contest admin stops or cancels the contest before closing the voting hour.

Rule four: In the scenario of rules number one, two, and three, if we could provide some votes before facing the problem, then you will get a refund of the rest non-provided votes money.

An example of refunding: A client purchased 200 votes from us for a contest. We provided 74 votes. Then contest admin closed the contest. We refunded that client’s rest non-provided 200-74 = 126 votes price. That is just an example; we will calculate the refund amount this way.

Rule five: Suppose you purchased specific amounts of contest votes from us. We started voting timely and provided total votes with 100% carefully. But bad luck for you and us. For any reason, the contest admin suspected your votes. The contest admin disqualified you from the competition. In this situation, we will refund your money 100%. Just show us the contest authority’s email or declaration link about your disqualifying news. Don’t worry. It usually happens only 2 to 3% time.

How can I get a refund? Do you need to get a refund from us? Please, don’t open a dispute in PayPal first. To discuss your refund-related problem, please email us first at Our account manager will reply there. After discussing the issue with you, he will issue the refund from our side. Making our clients satisfied with our service is the main thing for us.