Online Votes Order Confirmation

Dear Client,

Thanks for Placing an order for online votes. We have got your order and we will start providing votes to your entry name in that contest within 1.3 hours.

Our normal working time is 1 am to 6 pm PST. Sometimes we close or open some early or late. So if you will not see getting votes within 2 hours from now then do not worry, please. Maybe it is not our working time. We will start providing votes to your entry name just after starting our working time and will finish timely. But if the contest time will be over before our start then please do not open a dispute in PayPal. In that case, we will issue the refund manually from our side.

For any inquiry about your order, you can contact us via any of our contact methods or email us at A copy of the confirmation of your order was also sent to your email ID. Our email may hit your Inbox or Spam Box. To read our message, please check both the inbox and spam box of your email.

Project Manager.