Buy Reddit Downvotes: 5 Real And Trusted Sources To Purchase 

Are you looking for sources to buy Reddit downvotes? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, I will discuss five real sources where you can purchase Reddit downvotes without hassle. 

Downvoting on Reddit is a powerful tool users use to express their disapproval or dislike of a certain post or comment. It helps moderators keep content relevant and ensure that only quality posts and comments are seen by other users. However, if used incorrectly, it can also lead to your posts being buried in obscurity.

Fortunately, now services allow you to buy Reddit downvotes as part of your marketing strategy. This allows you to quickly get rid of unwanted comments or posts while still maintaining control over the conversation on the platform. Keep reading to learn more about these services and how they can help improve your presence on Reddit.

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What Are Reddit Downvotes for?

Reddit is a social media platform allowing users to post, share, and discuss content with others. One of the core features of Reddit is the upvote and downvote system. Users can upvote a post if they like it, and they can downvote it if they do not. The votes help to determine the popularity of a post and can influence how visible it is.

The purpose of downvotes on Reddit is to allow users to express their dissatisfaction with content that they feel is low-quality, unhelpful, or inappropriate. Unlike upvotes, which can help to boost a post’s visibility and increase its chances of being seen by more users, downvotes have the opposite effect. If a post receives too many downvotes, it may be hidden from view or even removed by moderators.

Downvoting is also a way for Reddit users to signal their disapproval of behaviour that violates the platform’s rules or standards. For example, if a user posts hate speech, spam, or other forms of harmful content, other users can downvote the post to indicate that it is not welcome on the platform.

In addition, downvoting can help to maintain the quality of content on Reddit. When users downvote low-quality posts, it signals to content creators that they need to improve their content to be successful on the platform. This can encourage users to put more effort into creating high-quality, engaging content that is valuable to the community.

5 Real and Trusted Sources to Buy Reddit Downvotes?

Did you know where to buy Reddit upvotes? Some providers also offer packages for buying downvotes. Here is the detail of 5 Reddit downvotes sellers.

#1. offers a service that allows users to purchase Reddit downvotes and upvotes. They have various packages available, ranging from 5 downvotes for $4.99 to 500 downvotes for $77.99. They have a reputation for being trustworthy and dependable.

Additionally, you can place a custom order if you require more than 500 downvotes. The service also offers quick delivery and customer assistance.

The downvotes are authentic and of superior quality, making them ideal for anyone seeking to buy Reddit downvotes. Furthermore, each account is sufficiently old with an extensive track record.

#2. is another reliable service that allows you to buy Reddit downvotes besides other services. They guarantee high-quality results, and their packages range from 10 downvotes for $6.99 to 500 downvotes for $15.99.

In addition to offering genuine accounts, they also provide quick delivery and excellent customer service. Furthermore, their system is fully automated; you can track your order status in real time.

Overall, they are an excellent option for anyone looking to buy downvotes on Reddit without any hassle.

#3. is another great source where you can purchase Reddit upvotes and downvotes both. You can buy downvotes from them at a rate of $0.15 per vote, and no fixed packages are available. You can select any quantity of downvotes, up to a maximum of 700.

This service provides quick delivery and offers authentic downvotes with high Karma and aged accounts. The customer support team is also friendly and helpful.

In addition to other payment options, they accept Crypto payments and have a secure payment system. They give preference to Bitcoin as a payment method.


SocialTrades. XYZ offers several services, including Reddit downvotes. No pre-set packages are available, so you must place a custom order instead. The minimum order amount is 10, while the maximum is 3000 downvotes. The cost is $0.95 per vote.

All the votes are of high quality and are delivered quickly. They have a secure payment system and accept all popular payment methods.

In addition, they offer 24/7 customer service and provide full refunds in case of any dissatisfaction.


You can purchase both upvotes and downvotes on They offer three different tiers of quality for the votes, which are low, medium, and high. The prices for each tier are $0.0581 for low quality, $0.0774 for medium quality, and $0.0968 for high quality. To place an order under any tier, you must purchase at least 10 votes.

The downvotes come with aged accounts. They also have a secure payment system and offer refunds in case of any dissatisfaction.

One thing that might bother you is the delivery timeframe. They state that delivery could take as long as 15 days, but they begin processing your order within 20 hours of your purchase.

Why Buy Reddit Downvotes?

Buying Reddit downvotes can prove to be a smart strategy for those looking to balance their Reddit campaigns. While many may initially believe that buying only upvotes will increase their visibility and popularity, this lack of downvotes can actually raise suspicion among the Reddit community and even hurt their credibility.

Having a balanced number of upvotes and downvotes on Reddit can give a more realistic and natural impression of your content. As all posts on Reddit are subject to scrutiny by its active and passionate user base, having an overwhelmingly positive response to a post may be interpreted as an attempt to manipulate the system.

Additionally, purchasing only upvotes can increase a campaign’s cost, as competition for these positive responses is high. Conversely, buying downvotes can be a more cost-effective solution- as there is less demand for these services, and they can be acquired at lower prices.

Buying downvotes can also act as a defensive measure against negative content. In some cases, competitors or trolls may try to damage a brand or product by downvoting posts or leaving negative comments. In such instances, buying downvotes can help mitigate these negative actions’ impact and maintain a positive reputation.

However, remember that buying Reddit downvotes should always be done in moderation. Overusing this strategy could have negative consequences and should only be used as a small percentage of all votes. One must also ensure that the seller they are considering purchasing from is trustworthy and reliable.

How to Buy Reddit Downvotes?

Here is a guideline to follow when you are buying Reddit downvotes.

#1. Select a provider:

When buying Reddit downvotes, there are several factors to consider, such as the number of votes required, turnaround time, and cost. After selecting a suitable provider, create an account or log in using your existing credentials.

#2. Place an order:

Once you have selected the package or decided on a custom order, specify your desired number of downvotes and proceed with payment. Depending on the provider, various payment methods, such as PayPal, credit/debit cards, or cryptocurrencies, may be available.

When ordering downvotes, you must be very cautious about the quantity. For example, it might appear suspicious if you have 10 upvotes and 100 downvotes.

#3. Track progress:

Most providers offer a tracking system which allows you to monitor the progress of your order in real-time and check for its delivery status.

Some providers also offer customer support, so you can contact them if necessary. Most reliable providers guarantee quick delivery and have systems in place to ensure your order is completed without delay.

I hope the below discussion will help you to learn about downvotes showing up on Reddit and buy Reddit downvotes:

FAQs on Buy Reddit Downvotes

Can you buy Reddit downvotes?

Yes, you can buy Reddit downvotes. Some websites and services claim to sell Reddit downvotes, but it’s difficult to determine their reliability or legitimacy.

Some providers may use bots or low-quality accounts to manipulate vote counts, which could ultimately harm your reputation on the platform.

Purchasing from a trustworthy provider can be beneficial. Additionally, individuals who buy many upvotes should consider purchasing a proportional amount of downvotes.

Read this blog to discover all the reliable downvotes providers available right now.

Do downvotes affect karma?

Yes, downvotes affect your karma score on online communities such as Reddit, Quora, etc. When a user downvotes your post or comment, a certain amount of karma points gets deducted from your post karma or comment karma.

This deduction can vary based on the respective platform’s algorithm, but the general rule is that downvotes negatively affect your karma. 

Karma score on these platforms reflects the perceived value of the content you contribute to the community. It indicates how helpful or informative your post/comment was and how positively the community received it.

Therefore, when your karma score takes a hit due to a downvote, it can demotivate and discourage users from participating in the community. 

Remember that on some platforms, such as Reddit, downvotes significantly impact your post’s overall visibility. Reddit uses a complex algorithm to determine the popularity of a post, and downvotes can heavily influence this.

As a result, if your post receives many downvotes, it’s unlikely to appear in the subreddit or forum’s front page, limiting its exposure to the community further.

Last Words:

Buying Reddit downvotes can benefit those looking to maintain balance and credibility on the platform. It allows users to counter any negative content or malicious tactics used by trolls or competitors while also providing an affordable solution to increase the visibility of their posts.

I have listed 5 sources where you can buy Reddit downvotes in this guide. Each one has its own unique features and advantages, so compare them before selecting the right provider for your needs.

Remember that buying downvotes should always be done in moderation and with a reliable seller. Only then can you ensure that the results will be effective and high-quality.

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