8 Best Online Baby Photo Contest to Enter in 2023

Are you a proud parent of a beautiful baby and looking for ways to show off their cuteness? If so, then why not enter them into an online baby photo contest? In 2023, there will be plenty of great opportunities for parents to showcase their babies’ cuteness in front of the world. 

From large-scale contests hosted by major companies to smaller competitions organized by local communities, there is something out there for everyone.

To help you start your search, I have compiled a list of 8 real online baby photo contests you can enter in 2023. So go ahead and take some adorable photos of your little one and get ready to join the fun.

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8 Best Online Baby Photo Contest to Enter in 2023

Here are details on the 8 real baby photo contests to enter in 2023.

#1. Gerber Baby Photo Contest:

The Gerber baby photo contest is an annual contest that takes place every year, looking for the cutest baby photos to become the new face of Gerber.

How do I enter the Gerber baby contest?” To participate in the contest, go to https://photosearch.gerber.com/ and submit a photo and video of your child. Previously another option was submitting a photo of the baby along with some basic details such as their name, date of birth or approximate age, and a few keywords about them on the official website.

Alternatively, you can also enter the contest by posting a photo of your child on Instagram and using Gerber’s designated hashtag. Please note that Gerber only accepts photos of babies who are between birth and four years old.

Submissions will begin in early 2023, and the winner will be announced at the end of the year. The prize for the lucky winner is $25000 in cash plus additional prizes.

#2. BabyCenter’s Photo Contest:

BabyCenter hosts an online photo contest twice a year where parents can submit pictures of their babies for a chance to win amazing prizes.

The contest usually takes place in the spring and fall, with winners chosen by BabyCenter staff based on the photo’s cuteness, creativity, uniqueness, and quality. Prizes can include gift cards worth up to $1000 as well as other goodies such as toys and books.

Also, they feature the winning photo on their homepage with all of the other adorable entrants.

#3. MetroFamily Magazine Cutest Baby Contest:

MetroFamily Magazine organizes a contest to find Oklahoma City’s cutest baby every year. Entries are accepted starting in April, and parents can submit as many pictures of their babies as they would like for the chance to win great prizes.

This photo contest is called the Cutest Baby Contest, which is open to babies between 0-3 years old. Participants can submit their photos by using the hashtag #cutestbabyokc and tagging @metrofamilyokc on Instagram or using the form provided on MetroFamily’s contest page.

#4. Baby Gap Photo Contest:

While Gap does not hold a traditional Gap baby photo contest, they do accept photo submissions of children from parents. If you believe your baby has modeling potential, consider participating in the Gap Casting Call.

Please watch for specific submission requirements and deadlines, as they may differ. Previously, Gap accepted photos of children from newborns to 12-year-olds for one category but had a separate category for older children. If selected as a Gap Casting Call winner, modeling opportunities may be available with Gap.

During the event, guardians are able to submit photos online. It is recommended that the photos are current, preferably less than one month old at the time of submission, as Gap has preferred this in the past.

Only one photo is accepted per person. To increase your chances of success, it is recommended that you submit a full-body photo of your baby with a neutral background.

#5. Parents Magazine Photo Contest:

Parents Magazine, a well-known source of parenting tips, holds an annual contest for babies aged three months to two years old to be featured on the magazine’s cover.

To participate, the baby’s parent or guardian can submit up to six pictures of the baby on the magazine’s website. The lucky winners will be awarded an expense-paid trip to New York for a cover photo shoot, publicity on the magazine’s website and social media accounts, and other rewards.

#6. Our Cute Babies Photo Contest:

You can participate in a monthly baby photo contest for kids who are two years old or younger on the Our Cute Babies website.

The contest begins at the start of each month and ends at the end of that same month, and any entries submitted do not carry over to the next month. You are welcome to submit as many adorable baby photos as you’d like, and there is no fee to enter.

Our Cute Babies contest has different entry categories: siblings, favorite toys, messy kids, and action shots. It is a free and simple contest to enter, making it a great starting point to showcase your baby pictures.

Even though you won’t receive monetary rewards, winning means your adorable baby pictures will be published in Our Cute Babies magazine.

#7. Bidiboo Photo Contest:

Bidiboo is a website that organizes monthly photo contests for children of all ages. However, some of these contests only allow babies and young children up to age 12 to participate.

In order for parents to submit photos for competitions, they need to link their personal Facebook account with Bidiboo. The contests are open to entries from anywhere in the world.

Monthly cash prizes of up to $5,000 are given to winners selected by the Bidiboo community through voting on the site. You can vote for entries every 10 minutes, and each entry can receive up to 10 votes per day. There is also an option to purchase bonuses on the website if you wish to vote more frequently.

#8. Baby Corner Photo Contest:

The Baby Corner website conducts a monthly baby photo contest. To participate, you need to register by visiting the website.

The Baby Corner community selects the winner by popular vote. The monthly winning photo is displayed on the website’s home page for a month and then moved to the “winners page.” Each winning baby is awarded a Fisher-Price toy or its equivalent amount in cash as a prize.

I think watching the below video will be worth off for applying the Cutest online baby photo contest:

Some Other Questions on Online Baby Photo Contest

Is there any online baby photo contest free?

For parents who love to share their child’s adorable pictures with the world, online baby photo contests are great opportunities for their little ones to shine.

Luckily, many social media baby photo contests are entirely free to participate in. For example, Instagram or Facebook photo contests. Simply add relevant hashtags and mention the organizers, and your child could be on their way to winning some exciting prizes.

In addition, other websites like Bidiboo and Our Cute Babies offer free photo contests for babies. Participating in these contests is a fun way to showcase your baby’s adorableness and have the chance to win exciting prizes.

How to know about the upcoming baby photo contests?

Do you want to share your baby’s cute pictures with the world and have a chance to win prizes? Participating in baby photo contests can be a great way to do so.

But the question is, how to know about the upcoming baby photo contests? Various online platforms like social media, parenting forums, and baby photography websites regularly announce such competitions.

You can also keep an eye on the websites of popular baby brands and magazines as they often organize such contests. Make sure to read the guidelines and terms and conditions carefully before taking part.

Is there any risk of an online baby photo contest?

As the popularity of online baby photo contests continues to grow, many parents are left wondering if any risks are involved. While these contests can be fun to share pictures of adorable babies, be aware of certain dangers.

Firstly, there is the risk of cyberbullying. Unfortunately, not everyone online is kind, and nasty comments left on baby photos can be hurtful.

Additionally, sharing photos of your baby online can also leave them vulnerable to predators. It’s easy for someone to save and repost a photo elsewhere, compromising your child’s privacy and safety. However, this doesn’t mean you have to avoid online baby photo contests altogether.

Taking certain precautions, such as carefully screening the contest and its sponsors, only sharing photos with trusted family and friends, and setting social media accounts to private, can help ensure a fun and safe experience for you and your baby. Use your best judgment and prioritize your child’s safety above all else.

Why should parents participate in baby photo contests?

Participating in an online photo contest either for baby or full family can be a fun and exciting way for parents to showcase their little ones while also potentially winning prizes. These contests offer a platform for parents to celebrate their baby’s milestones and share their joy with others.

Not only does participating in these contests provide a fun activity for parents and babies alike, but it can also help parents to build a community with other parents and establish new connections.

Additionally, some baby photo contests offer prizes such as cash, gift certificates, or even college funds for the winners, which can be a great opportunity for parents to invest in their child’s future.

In short, participating in baby photo contests can be a worthwhile experience for parents looking for a fun and rewarding way to celebrate their child’s growth and achievements.

What is the biggest baby photo contest?

Bidiboo is the ultimate platform for parents to showcase their babies’ and children’s cuteness. It’s an online photo contest for children up to 12 years old in the US and the UK, which has seen thousands of winners over the years.

Bidiboo is the ultimate platform for parents to showcase their babies’ and children’s cuteness. It’s an online photo contest for children up to 12 years old in the US and the UK, which has seen thousands of winners over the years.

Signing up is easy and free. All you have to do is upload a photo of your adorable child and garner votes from the public. The contest is perfect for proud parents who want to share their kids’ happiness and energy with the world.

Who knows, your little one could be the next big winner in the biggest baby photo contest around. So, don’t wait any longer; sign up on Bidiboo today and let the world see how cute your child is!

Final words:

Photographing babies is a fun and rewarding activity, and taking part in baby photo contests is an excellent way to capture those adorable moments. There are plenty of opportunities available for parents to showcase their most precious memories and have a chance to win some amazing prizes. So grab your camera and start capturing those cute moments today.

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