Julia Nancy

Julia Nancy

I have vast experience arranging online voting contests for hundreds of clients worldwide in the last 8 years. I also helped countless clients to win their online competitions. Here, on royalvotes.com, I am just sharing knowledge from my experiences. If you need any help regarding the online contest, email me at julia@royalvotes.com

12 Best Tips to Win Online Poetry Contests

win online poetry contests

If you are a poet, participating in online poetry contests can be an excellent opportunity to showcase your work and gain recognition. Like other writing contests, winning an online poetry contest can be challenging, with many talented poets competing.  To…

15 Fun 4-H Piggy Bank Contest Ideas

4-H piggy bank contest ideas

Want some fun 4-H piggy bank contest ideas? Don’t worry! Here are 15 unique ideas to help inspire you. From creative designs to fun challenges, these ideas will make your piggy bank contest a huge success. What Is the 4-H…

25 Best St. Patrick’s Day Contest Ideas

St. Patrick's Day Contest Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day is a widely celebrated holiday known for its green-colored decorations, parades, and traditional Irish food and drinks. If you are looking for some amazing St. Patrick’s day contest ideas check out the blog. As a business owner…