25 Best St. Patrick’s Day Contest Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day is a widely celebrated holiday known for its green-colored decorations, parades, and traditional Irish food and drinks. If you are looking for some amazing St. Patrick’s day contest ideas check out the blog.

As a business owner or event organizer, this festive occasion allows you to engage with your customers or audience through fun and creative contest ideas. So, I have covered you with 25 of the best St. Patrick’s Day contest ideas that will bring out the Irish spirit in everyone. But first, let me tell you a little about the history of St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick's Day Contest Ideas

History of St. Patrick’s Day 

St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated every year on March 17, honors Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick. The day commemorates his life and the many miracles he is said to have performed during his time. 

Despite being a cultural and religious celebration in Ireland, it has blossomed worldwide over the centuries, transcending religious boundaries and being embraced for its spirit of friendliness. 

Historical records indicate that the tradition of St. Patrick’s Day parade began on March 17, 1601, in a Spanish colony under the guidance of the colony’s Irish vicar, Ricardo Artur. This began the tradition of a parade and public celebration. 

Today, the holiday consists of wearing green attire, public parades, and lifting Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking, leading to its widespread recognition as a celebration of Irish culture and heritage.

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Why Run a Contest on St. Patrick’s Day?

Running a contest on St. Patrick’s Day is an excellent way to engage with your customers, attract new ones, and increase brand awareness. It also provides an opportunity to showcase your products or services in a fun and creative way while tapping into the festive mood of the holiday. Let’s have a look at its benefits.

Boosting Engagement

Hosting a contest on St. Patrick’s Day can be an excellent strategy to increase engagement among your audience. Tailoring your contest around this festive occasion creates a sense of fun and excitement, encouraging more people to participate. It could be as simple as a ‘wear the greenest outfit’ competition or as intricate as an Irish trivia quiz.

Building Brand Awareness

A St. Patrick’s Day contest can also contribute significantly to building brand awareness. By incorporating your brand elements into the contest, such as using your logo in contest promotional materials or associating the contest prizes with your products or services, your brand gets more exposure. The more people share and talk about your contest, the more your brand name spreads.

Driving Sales

Holidays like St. Patrick’s Day often encourage consumers to make more purchases, and running a contest can capitalize on this. You can drive sales by offering deals, discounts, or special offers as contest prizes. People are likely to participate in the contest for a chance to win, and even if they don’t win, they may still make a purchase, attracted by the special offers.

Community Building

Contests are not just about the prizes. They’re also about the shared experiences, the fun, and the community spirit they foster. A St. Patrick’s Day contest is a fantastic opportunity to unite people, encourage interactions and discussions among your audience, and nurture community.

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25 Best St. Patrick’s Day Contest Ideas

Now I will give you 25 best St. Patrick’s Day Contest ideas under different categories-

Social Media Challenges for St. Patrick’s Day

#1. Leprechaun Look-Alike Contest: 

In the Leprechaun Look-Alike Contest, participants are invited to embrace the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day by dressing up as leprechauns – iconic figures from traditional Irish folklore. This entails donning green attire with hats, beards, and even a pot of gold if you desire!  

Afterward, participants can capture their finest ‘Leprechaun selfie’ and share it on their social media channels using a designated hashtag associated with their brand or contest.

#2. St. Paddy’s Day Hashtag Challenge: 

The St. Paddy’s Day Hashtag Challenge entails creating an exclusive and captivating hashtag associated with St. Patrick’s Day and your brand. Use this hashtag to encourage your followers to share photos or videos of their St. Patrick’s Day festivities. 

This may involve showcasing their green attire, festive decorations, traditional Irish meals, or unique ways they celebrate the holiday at home. Reward posts with the highest likes or shares with discounts or freebies from your brand. 

#3. Irish Dance Challenge:

In the Irish Dance Challenge, invite your followers to wear their dancing shoes and showcase their best Irish jig or any other traditional Irish dance. 

Participants can record and share their performance on social media platforms, tagging your brand and using a specific contest hashtag. Those who don’t know any Irish dances can learn some basic steps or even develop their interpretation of an Irish dance. 

#4. Pot of Gold Selfie Contest: 

For the Pot of Gold Selfie Contest, we kindly encourage customers to capture a creative selfie with a ‘pot of gold’ – a symbol commonly associated with leprechauns and the promise of fortune. This ‘pot of gold’ can be a physical item, a digital graphic, or even a simple drawing. We aim to inspire creativity and foster enjoyment. 

Participants are invited to share their selfies on their social media accounts using a designated hashtag and tagging our brand. Prizes will be awarded to the most imaginative or most festive selfies.

#5. Best Green Outfit Competition: 

The Best Green Outfit Competition invites participants to show off their St. Patrick’s Day spirit by wearing their most festive green attire. Encourage creativity, from simple ensembles that feature a pop of green to elaborate costumes inspired by Irish folklore. 

Participants can take a photo of their outfit and post it on their social media platforms, tagging your brand and using a specific contest hashtag. 

Creative Crafting Contest Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

#1. DIY Shamrock Crafts: 

In the DIY Shamrock Crafts contest, participants are encouraged to get crafty and create shamrock-inspired items. This could be anything from paper shamrocks for decorations and shamrock-shaped cookies to handmade shamrock-themed jewelry. 

Participants are asked to document their creative process, perhaps even a time-lapse video, and share it with a specific contest hashtag on their social media channels. 

#2. St. Patrick’s Day-themed Baking Contest: 

In the St. Patrick’s Day Themed Baking Contest, participants are invited to don their chef hats and get creative in the kitchen. They can make baked goods, such as cookies, cupcakes, or bread, provided they stick to a St. Patrick’s Day theme. 

Contestants should share photos or video clips of their baking process and finished products on their social media platforms, tagging their brand and using a specific contest hashtag. The most visually appealing, creative, and delicious entries could win prizes such as a baking kit, a cooking class, or a feature on your brand’s social media channels.

#3. Homemade Leprechaun Trap Design: 

In the Homemade Leprechaun Trap Design contest, participants can tap into their inventive side by designing and constructing their leprechaun traps. This whimsical and imaginative contest idea particularly appeals to children, but everyone can join in on the fun! 

Participants can use various materials around the house to create their traps, encouraging creativity and resourcefulness. After designing their traps, participants should share photos or videos of their unique creations on their social media accounts with a specific contest hashtag and tag your brand. 

#4. Irish-themed Art Contest: 

The Irish-themed Art Contest invites participants to unleash their artistic potential and create art inspired by Irish culture, folklore, or customs. This could include landscapes of Ireland, depictions of traditional Irish myths and legends, or symbols associated with St. Patrick’s Day, like shamrocks and leprechauns. 

Participants can use any art medium – painting, drawing, digital art, sculpture, or collage. They should share photos or videos showcasing their art piece on social media platforms, tagging your brand and using the specific contest hashtag. 

#5. St. Paddy’s Day Greeting Card Making: 

The St. Paddy’s Day Greeting Card Making contest encourages participants to explore their artistic side by crafting handmade greeting cards dedicated to St. Patrick’s Day. 

Taking inspiration from Irish culture, folklore, or the spirit of the holiday, entrants can create unique cards that celebrate the joy of St. Patrick’s Day. Winners could be chosen based on the creativity, originality, and festive spirit captured in their cards. 

Fun & Games Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

#1. St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Quiz: 

If you’re up for a fun and educational activity this St. Patrick’s Day, why not host a Trivia Quiz? It’s a great idea for students or adults who want to celebrate while picking up new knowledge. 

Test your participants’ knowledge with a St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Quiz. Create a list of questions about Irish history, culture, traditions, and fun facts about the holiday.

You can host the quiz on social media or via an online platform like Kahoot! Participants who answer the most questions correctly could win prizes such as gift cards, Irish-themed merchandise, or a free service from your brand.

#2. Pot of Gold Scavenger Hunt: 

The Pot of Gold Scavenger Hunt is an exciting St. Patrick’s Day contest that combines adventure with a dash of Irish folklore. Participants are tasked with finding clues or objects, each leading them closer to the “pot of gold” – a final location or prize.

If this is a local event, you can post riddles or clues on your social media platforms, website, or in a physical location. Each clue should be themed around St. Patrick’s Day or Irish culture to keep the festive spirit alive. The first participant or team to solve all clues and reach the ‘pot of gold’ wins the contest. 

#3. Rainbow Connection Game:

In the Rainbow Connection Game, participants are challenged to find objects of each rainbow color within a set time limit. This game can be played virtually or in person, depending on the circumstances. 

If played virtually, participants must take photos of the items they find and share them on social media with a specific game hashtag. The game encourages creativity and quick thinking as players race against the clock to find items in their surroundings that match the colors of the rainbow. 

#4. Lucky Clover Hunt:

The Lucky Clover Hunt is a fun St. Patrick’s Day contest that encourages participants to explore their surroundings in search of lucky four-leaf clovers. Participants can search their local parks, gardens, or even their backyards for this symbol of Irish luck. Alternatively, they can participate virtually by posting a photo of a four-leaf clover on their social media platforms, tagging your brand, and using the contest-specific hashtag. 

If the contest is held in person, you can hide paper or plastic four-leaf clovers in a designated area. The participant who finds the most four-leaf clovers or the “golden” four-leaf clover could win a special prize. 

#5. St. Patrick’s Bingo Night:

The St. Patrick’s Bingo Night is an enjoyable contest that brings participants together for fun and games. Here, participants are given a unique bingo card filled with St. Patrick’s Day-themed objects, phrases, or tasks instead of the usual numbers. This could include things like “spot a green hat,” “say an Irish blessing,” or “eat a traditional Irish dish.” During the game, as each item is called out, participants mark it off on their cards. 

The first person to complete a line (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) or the full card, according to the rules set, and shout “Bingo!” is deemed the winner. This contest can be conducted virtually, with participants joining via video call. 

Or, it could be an in-person event, adding to the festive atmosphere. Winners can receive Irish-themed prizes or special discounts from your brand.

Food & Drink Competitions for St. Patrick’s Day

#1. Best Irish Stew Cook-off: 

The Best Irish Stew Cook-off invites participants to prepare their best version of the quintessential Irish dish – the Irish Stew. This hearty and traditional dish, usually consisting of mutton, potatoes, carrots, and onions, embodies the essence of Irish cuisine. Participants can stick to the classic recipe or get creative and add their unique twist. 

#2. Green Drink Mix-Off: 

For those who prefer their St. Patrick’s Day beverages to be green, the Green Drink Mix-Off is the perfect competition. Participants are challenged to create a unique and delicious green drink using any ingredients they like – alcoholic or non-alcoholic. The drinks can be served hot or cold; creativity is highly encouraged. Winners could be chosen based on taste, presentation, and the use of Irish-inspired ingredients. 

#3. Irish Soda Bread Baking Contest: 

The Irish Soda Bread Baking Contest is a fun and delicious competition that celebrates the traditional bread of Ireland. Participants can follow or spin on the classic recipe by adding unique ingredients such as raisins, seeds, or herbs. The bread will be judged based on taste, texture, and appearance.

#4. St. Paddy’s Day Dessert Challenge: 

The St. Paddy’s Day Dessert Challenge is a sweet competition that invites participants to create the most festive and delicious dessert inspired by St. Patrick’s Day. This could include traditional Irish desserts such as Bailey’s cheesecake, green velvet cake, or even shamrock-shaped cookies. 

#5. Guinness Pouring Competition: 

For those who want to test their bartending skills, the Guinness Pouring Competition is the perfect contest. Participants are tasked with pouring the perfect pint of Guinness – a popular Irish beer. The winner could be chosen based on the speed and accuracy of the pour, as well as how well they create the iconic foam head. 

Community and Charity Events

#1. St. Patrick’s Day Parade Float Contest: 

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade Float Contest is a great opportunity for businesses and organizations to showcase their creativity and celebrate the holiday with their local community. 

Participants can design and decorate a float representing the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, incorporating traditional Irish elements or themes related to their business/organization. 

#2. Charity Fun Run/Walk:

The Charity Fun Run/Walk is a meaningful way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and give back to the community. Participants can register to run or walk a certain distance, individually or as a team. Encourage festive attire with green or creative Irish-themed costumes. 

Event proceeds can be donated to a charity of choice. The event can also be conducted virtually, with participants running or walking in their areas and sharing experiences on social media using a specific hashtag. This engaging contest promotes fitness, community, and philanthropy.

#3. Green Day Clean-up:

The Green Day Clean-up event encourages participants to give back to their community and the environment by picking up litter and cleaning up local parks, streets, or beaches. This eco-friendly contest promotes sustainability and community involvement.

#4. Irish Culture Night:

Irish Culture Night is a competition that celebrates Ireland’s rich heritage and vibrant traditions. Participants are invited to showcase their knowledge of Irish culture through various categories, including Irish literature, music, dance, language, history, and folklore. 

They can present traditional Irish dance performances, recite Irish poems, demonstrate the Irish language (Gaeilge), or highlight other aspects of Irish culture. The event aims to promote and appreciate the diverse aspects of Irish heritage. 

#5. Fundraising Raffle: 

The Fundraising Raffle is a simple and effective way to raise money for a good cause while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Participants can purchase raffle tickets to win prizes donated by local businesses or organizations. 

The raffle proceeds can be donated to a charity or organization chosen by the event organizers. This contest promotes generosity, community involvement, and celebration. 

Check out the below video on how Irish people celebrate St. Patrick’s day.


Many fun and engaging competitions can be organized to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day while promoting community involvement, creativity, and philanthropy. Whether it’s a food competition or a charity event, these contests bring people together to celebrate the spirit of the holiday and give back to their communities. So get creative and start planning your St. Patrick’s Day contest today.

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