23 Best Campsite Decorating Contest Ideas

Going for a camping trip? Then, you will love my picks for campsite decorating contest ideas. From DIY to store-bought options, there is something for every camper here!

campsite decorating contest ideas

23 Best Campsite Decorating Contest Ideas

Discover 23 unique and exciting ideas to take your campsite decorating to the next level! Say goodbye to the same old setup, making your camping experience even more enjoyable. Pack your bags, grab your tent, and let’s get started on a fun and creative adventure!

#1. Fairy Lights Galore

Illuminate your campsite with the enchanting charm of fairy lights. These small, twinkling lights can be wrapped around trees, draped over tents, or strung along picnic tables, creating a whimsical and magical atmosphere as the sun sets. 

They’re aesthetically pleasing and functional, providing soft lighting for evening activities. Solar-powered options are eco-friendly and hassle-free, as they don’t require electricity or batteries. 

Fairy lights are an affordable and straightforward way to transform any campsite into a dreamy outdoor retreat.

#2. Themed Tent Towns

Transform your camping area into a themed wonderland. Whether you choose a pirate adventure, a jungle safari, or a voyage into outer space, this idea allows campers to get creative and express their personalities. 

Decorate your tent and surrounding area with items that reflect your chosen theme. This could include flags, themed tablecloths, and even costumes to immerse in the experience fully. It’s a playful and engaging way to make your camping trip memorable and fun for all ages.

#3. DIY Lanterns

Want some DIY campsite decorating ideas for the contest? Embrace your crafty side with DIY lanterns. This is a perfect activity for both adults and children, allowing you to create personalized lighting for your campsite. 

Use mason jars, tin cans with patterns punched into them, or paper bags with LED lights or battery-operated candles inside. These homemade lanterns provide a cozy glow and add a personal touch to your campsite. It’s a safe and creative way to light up your space while showcasing your artistic skills.

#4. Campfire Color Show

Spice up your campfires with color-changing fire crystals! Just toss these crystals into the flames and watch the magic happen. The fire will dance with vibrant blue, green, purple, and more hues. 

It’s like having your own fireworks show, adding an extra touch of awe to your cozy gathering. Not only is this idea visually stunning, but it also makes for a great conversation starter. Get ready to make your campfire the talk of the campsite.

#5. Nature Art

Utilize the beauty of nature by creating art with natural elements. Gather leaves, twigs, stones, and flowers to make patterns, pictures, or sculptures. This activity encourages exploring and appreciating your surroundings, turning found objects into beautiful decorations. 

It’s an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to decorate and offers an opportunity to engage with nature creatively. This idea fosters a deeper connection with the environment while beautifying your campsite.

#6. Spooky Halloween

For a spine-chilling and fun campsite decorating idea, go all out with a spooky Halloween theme. Create a haunted tent or hang decorations like spider webs, ghosts, and skeletons to give your site that eerie vibe. 

Don’t forget to dress up in costume and plan some fun Halloween-themed activities like pumpkin carving or ghost stories around the campfire. It’s a great way to celebrate the holiday and add some excitement to your camping trip.

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#7. Christmas in the Wild

Why not experience the magic of Christmas this December in wild camping? Bring the holiday spirit to your campsite with festive decorations like lights, ornaments, and even a mini Christmas tree

Gather around the campfire while sipping on hot cocoa and singing carols for a memorable and cozy evening. It’s a unique way to celebrate any time of year and add some extra cheer to your camping experience.

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#8. Flag Flair

Design and display your own campsite flag. This can be a fun family project or a group activity, allowing everyone to contribute to the design. The flag could feature your family name, a funny motto, or symbols that represent your camping group. 

It’s a unique way to personalize your space and can be a keepsake from your camping adventure. Displaying a custom flag adds a personal touch to your campsite and helps identify your spot in a crowded camping area.

#9. Outdoor Rug Extravaganza

Enhance the comfort and style of your campsite with an outdoor rug. This addition can transform a simple camping spot into a cozy and inviting living space. Choose a rug that’s durable, easy to clean, and reflects your personal style. 

It not only adds a splash of color and texture to your outdoor setup but also helps to keep dirt and sand at bay. An outdoor rug creates a defined and homely area, perfect for gathering, dining, or simply relaxing.

#10. Hammock Haven

Create a serene escape with a beautifully adorned hammock. This isn’t just about hanging a hammock; it’s about transforming it into a cozy nook. Add plush pillows, a soft throw blanket, and maybe even some lightweight curtains for added privacy and flair. 

Position the hammock in a scenic spot to enjoy a good book or a nap under the sky. The blend of comfort and relaxation it provides makes it a perfect addition to any campsite, inviting you to unwind in style amidst nature.

#11. Banner Bonanza

Banners and streamers can instantly elevate the look of your campsite. Choose materials that are durable and weather-resistant, like fabric or heavy-duty paper. You can opt for bright colors, fun patterns, or themed designs to match the overall aesthetic of your campsite. 

Hang them between trees, across your tent entrance, or around the dining area. The movement and color of banners add a dynamic and festive element, making your campsite feel like a celebration in the great outdoors.

#12. Potted Plant Paradise

Incorporate a touch of greenery with potted plants or flowers. Select hardy and suitable plants for the outdoor environment you’re camping in. Arranging a variety of potted plants around your campsite not only adds color and life but also enhances the connection with nature. 

This idea particularly appeals to those who enjoy gardening, allowing you to bring a piece of home to the campsite. Plus, plants are a great way to improve the air quality and ambiance around your tent or RV.

#13. Welcome Sign

Crafting a unique welcome sign adds a personal and inviting touch to your campsite. Use materials like wood, chalkboard, or sturdy cardstock, and decorate it with paint, markers, or other embellishments. Your welcome sign can display your family name, a funny quote, or a simple “Welcome to Our Campsite” message. 

Place it at your camping area’s entrance to greet your camping party and neighboring campers. It’s a charming way to make your space feel more like a home away from home.

#14. Solar-Powered Fun

Utilize solar-powered decorations to add a sustainable and whimsical touch. Solar garden lights, figurines, or string lights can be placed around your campsite to light up as the evening sets in. These decorations are environmentally friendly and convenient, as they require no external power source. 

From path markers to decorative accents, solar-powered items can bring a delightful and magical glow to your camping experience without the hassle of wires or electricity.

#15. Themed Tablescapes

Dress up your picnic or camping table with a themed tablescape. This could include a coordinated tablecloth, centerpieces, place settings, and even themed dishware. Whether you’re going for a rustic, beachy, or festive theme, a well-decorated table can transform your dining experience. 

It’s not just about aesthetics; themed tablescapes can also make mealtimes more enjoyable and memorable, providing a perfect setting for campsite meals and gatherings.

#16. Wind Chime Whimsy

Add a soothing auditory element to your campsite with wind chimes. Choose chimes that produce a pleasant, calming sound, complementing the natural noises of the outdoors. 

They can be hung from tree branches or the awning of your RV or tent. Wind chimes made from natural materials like bamboo or metal can blend seamlessly into the outdoor setting, providing a gentle melody as the breeze passes through.

#17. Glow-in-the-Dark Goodies: 

Make your evenings at the campsite even more awesome by adding glow-in-the-dark decorations! From glow sticks to lanterns, there are tons of options to light up and bring a fun vibe to your outdoor space.

Not only do these decorations create a magical atmosphere, but they also come in handy as a practical light source for navigating the campsite at night. You can even get the kids to make glow-in-the-dark crafts, turning it into a super fun and interactive activity for the whole family!

#18. Inflatable Impressions: 

Large inflatable decorations (like animals or mythical creatures) can be a humorous and eye-catching addition. They’re easy to set up and pack, making them a convenient addition to your camping setup. 

You can also opt for more practical inflatable items, like air mattresses or chairs, to add extra comfort and convenience to your campsite. Just make sure to choose sturdy and durable inflatables that can withstand outdoor conditions.

#19. Campsite Canopy: 

Set up a canopy or gazebo with curtains for a fancy, shaded lounging area. This provides a covered spot to relax, dine, or play games, even on hot and sunny days. The curtains can be tied back for an open-air experience or drawn for privacy and protection from the weather. 

Add some cozy seating, throw pillows, and maybe even a rug to create a comfortable and stylish outdoor living room, perfect for enjoying the great outdoors in comfort.

#20. Vintage Van Vibes: 

If you’re camping with a van or RV, deck it out in a vintage or retro style. Use throwback decor like shag carpets, lava lamps, and old records to create a nostalgic and unique atmosphere. 

You can also add some vintage outdoor furniture or string lights for extra flair. Embrace the retro camper life and take your camping experience back in time with this one-of-a-kind decorating idea.

#21. DIY Signposts: 

Make wooden signposts with humorous or personalized directions (e.g., “Bob’s Snore Zone”). This adds a touch of humor to your campsite and helps label different areas for convenience. 

You can use old pallets or scrap wood to create the signposts and decorate them with paint or markers. It’s a simple and budget-friendly way to add some character and personalization to your camping space.

#22. String Art Splendor: 

Create string art on trees or boards. It’s a unique way to add a personal touch. You can spell out your family name or a camping-themed word or phrase or create a fun design. 

This DIY decoration is easy to make and adds an artistic element to your campsite. Plus, it’s a great way to entertain the kids with a fun and creative camping activity.

#23. Outdoor Cinema: 

Set up a screen and projector for an outdoor movie night, complete with popcorn and comfy seating. This is an excellent way to wind down after a day of outdoor activities and enjoy a cozy movie night under the stars. 

You can choose from classic camping movies or opt for family-friendly films that everyone can enjoy. It’s a unique and memorable way to spend time with your loved ones while camping. 

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How to Run a Campsite Decorating Contest?

Running a campsite decorating contest can add a fun and competitive element to your camping experience. Here are some steps to follow for organizing a successful campsite decorating contest:

  1. Set the Theme: Decide on a theme for the contest, such as “Best Retro Vibes,” “Most Sustainable Decorations,” or “Most Creative Use of Natural Materials.” This will help guide participants in their decorating choices.
  2. Advertise and Invite Participants: Spread the word about the contest through social media, campground bulletin boards, or word of mouth. Encourage campers to participate by offering the winner(s) a prize.
  3. Set a Date and Time: Choose a specific date and time for judging the decorations. It’s best to choose a time when most participants will be present at their campsites.
  4. Gather Judges: Ask fellow campers, campground staff, or local community members to serve as judges for the contest. It’s best to have an odd number of judges to avoid ties.
  5. Establish Judging Criteria: Create a scoring system based on the decorations’ theme and overall creativity, effort, and originality.
  6. Hold the Contest: On the designated date and time, have judges visit each campsite and score their decorations. Make sure to keep track of the scores.
  7. Announce the Winners: Once all scores are tallied, announce the winners at a designated location or through social media. Hand out prizes and certificates for the winners.
  8. Display Photos: Take photos of all participating campsites and display them on a bulletin board or social media page for everyone to see and appreciate.
  9. Encourage Participation: Encourage all participants to keep their decorations up throughout the camping trip so others can continue to enjoy them.
  10. Have Fun: Most importantly, have fun! A campsite decorating contest is all about creativity and bringing people together fun and competitively. Enjoy the process and appreciate the efforts of all participants.  

FAQs on Campsite Decorating Contest Ideas

How to decorate a camping site? 

Some ideas for decorating a camping site include using inflatable decorations, setting up a canopy or gazebo with curtains, creating vintage van vibes, making DIY signposts, string art splendor, and hosting an outdoor movie night. You can also get creative with natural materials found in the campsite, such as rocks or sticks.

How do we involve kids in campsite decoration?

There are many ways to involve kids in campsite decoration. You can assign them tasks like making string art, painting signposts, or collecting natural materials to use as decorations. 

You can also encourage them to come up with their own ideas and give them some creative freedom in decorating their designated area of the campsite. Hosting a kids’ decorating competition is also fun to get them involved and excited about camping decorations. 

How do you make a campsite decorating contest fun?

To make a campsite decorating contest fun, you can choose a unique theme, offer creative prizes, involve judges from the community or other fellow campers, and encourage friendly competition. 

You can also plan other activities during the camping trip that incorporate the decorations, such as a scavenger hunt or outdoor games. Additionally, displaying photos of the decorated campsites and encouraging campers to vote for their favorite can add an element of fun and engagement. 

How to decorate a camp tent?

Some ideas for decorating a camp tent include using string lights, hanging lanterns or paper decorations, bringing cozy blankets and pillows, using colorful tapestries or rugs to cover the floor, and adding personal touches like family photos or small plants. 

You can also create a makeshift “porch” area in front of the tent with outdoor furniture and decorations to make it feel more homey. Just make sure not to add anything that could potentially be a fire hazard.

How do you make a campsite homey?

To make a campsite feel more like home, you can bring personal items and decorations that hold sentimental value. This could include family photos, favorite books or games, or a special blanket or pillow. 

You can also add some cozy touches like string lights, candles (if allowed), and outdoor rugs or furniture. Keeping your campsite clean and organized can also make it feel more comfortable and home-like. Lastly, involve your fellow campers in decorating and making the space feel welcoming and inviting for everyone.

What to give the winner of the campsite decorating contest?

Some suggestions for prizes to give the winner of a campsite decorating contest include camping-related items such as a new tent, sleeping bag, or camping gear. 

Alternatively, you can offer gift cards to outdoor stores or local restaurants, handmade certificates or trophies, or fun outdoor activities like canoeing or zip lining. You can also ask the winner(s) for their preferred prize beforehand to ensure they will enjoy it.


Now you have detailed ideas of all the 23 unique ideas for the campsite decoration contest. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or new to the camping world, these creative and fun decorating ideas are sure to make your next outdoor adventure even more enjoyable. 

From personalized signs to whimsical wind chimes, there’s something for everyone to add their own touch of creativity and personality to their campsite. So get ready to impress your fellow campers with your innovative decorations and make your next trip a truly magical experience.

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