Can You Do Giveaways on TikTok? Yes [All About TikTok Giveaway 2023]

Can you do giveaways on TikTok? It sounds quite interesting, right? Well, yes, you can do giveaways on TikTok. Even this platform provides you with a great opportunity to engage with your audience and attract potential followers. Giveaways on TikTok can be a fun and creative way to promote your brand, gain more visibility, and increase your reach.

So, if you use TikTok only for watching fun and entertaining videos, you might not lose its deep potential. In this article, I will discuss how you can do giveaways on TikTok and make the most out of it.

can you do giveaways on tiktok

Can You Do Giveaways on TikTok 2023?

Yes, TikTok allows you to do giveaways. You can host giveaways on TikTok, but doing so might just be the golden ticket you’ve been looking for to elevate your brand’s presence. TikTok isn’t just a platform for quirky dances and life hacks; it’s a booming marketplace for businesses craving visibility. 

In 2023, TikTok has over one billion active users per month. With this huge audience glued to their screens, who wouldn’t want a piece of that pie? 

Why Do Giveaways on TikTok 2023?

So, you’re on board with the idea, but you might be wondering about the reasons for doing giveaways on TikTok. 

Boosts Engagement

Giveaways are excellent for boosting engagement on TikTok. People just love winning free stuff; it’s human nature! As soon as you announce a giveaway, you’ll see a rise in likes, shares, and comments.

This boost in activity gets noticed by TikTok’s algorithm. Indeed, TikTok’s algorithm decides who becomes popular for the day based on engagement levels. The more people interact with your posts, the more likely they will show up on others’ ‘For You’ pages.

In other words, your content gets more visibility with a wider audience. So, hosting a giveaway doesn’t just make your current followers happy; it also opens the door to new ones.

Builds Community

Giveaways on TikTok are about more than just boosting numbers. They are great for building a community around your brand. Giving away items does more than grab attention. It also brings people together in a fun way.

People join the giveaway, invite their friends, and suddenly, your TikTok page becomes a lively social spot. So, you’re not just making a splash on TikTok; you’re creating a buzz that turns your page into a social hub.

Generates Buzz

A giveaway can be louder than a megaphone when it comes to getting attention on TikTok. Seriously, these events generate excitement like no other. Your audience will do more than just like and share your post. They’ll probably tell their friends and followers about it, too.

The truth is that word-of-mouth remains the most effective form of marketing. When people talk, others listen. A well-planned giveaway can become a hot topic fast, making you more visible on TikTok. So, you’re not just hosting a fun event; you’re creating the buzz that can make your brand a TikTok sensation.

Promotes Your Products or Services:

Don’t forget the main goal here. Hosting a giveaway on TikTok is a perfect way to put your products or services in the spotlight. It’s a win-win: you keep your viewers happy and show off your products simultaneously.

First, pick a product that shows what your brand is about. Then, set up some fun rules for entering. After that, just watch as people take part and boost your content.

As they interact with your giveaway, they’ll also learn about the other great things your business offers. So, you’re not just hosting a giveaway; you’re promoting your full range of products or services.

Boosts Sales and Customer Loyalty:

Last but not least, giveaways can often boost sales. How does this happen? When people try what you’re giving away, like a product or service, they’ll likely want more. Do it right; those who join your giveaway today might become loyal customers. With a TikTok giveaway, you’re not just making sales but building a loyal customer base.

To learn more about TikTok giveaways, check out the below video content.

Top 7 Unique TikTok Giveaway Ideas 2023

Before you set the giveaway wheels in motion, you need an idea that’s gonna pop. A run-of-the-mill giveaway won’t cut it; you need something that’ll have people buzzing. So, let’s get those creative juices flowing with these top 7 unique TikTok giveaway ideas for 2023.

Idea 1: The Mystery Box

Who doesn’t love to win free stuff online? Mystery boxes are a good option. Create a buzz by offering a “Mystery Box” packed with various items. It’s a jackpot of surprises, and curiosity makes it super shareable. You can fill the box with TikTok gift ideas like custom merchandise, tech gadgets, or gift cards.

Idea 2: Skill-based Challenges

Move over, random picks! Skill-based challenges engage your audience way more. Plus, it’s a great way to showcase your followers’ talents. Challenge your followers to create a unique dance move or a lip-sync video. The most creative entry bags the prize.

Idea 3: Gender-Specific Giveaways

When targeting a specific audience, gender-specific giveaways work like a charm. For example, you can have giveaway ideas for boys involving sports merchandise or tech gadgets. Host a “Boys Only” giveaway offering the latest gaming console or sports gear.

Idea 4: Ideas for Girls Night In

Got a mostly female audience? Offer a “Girls Night In” package with beauty products, chick flicks, and all things glitzy. Include makeup kits, spa vouchers, and even trendy fashion accessories. This is one of those perfect ideas for girls who love a pampering night.

Idea 5: Trending Hashtag Tie-in

Tie your giveaway to a trending hashtag. This not only amplifies the reach but also makes your giveaway ultra-time. If #EcoFriendly is trending, a giveaway featuring sustainable products will hit the mark.

Idea 6: The Ultimate Fan Package

Got a loyal following? Reward them! Create an “Ultimate Fan” package with exclusive merchandise or special experiences. Include front-row tickets to events, signed merchandise, or exclusive early access to your new products.

Idea 7: Holiday Special

Seasonal giveaways are evergreen! Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, or New Year’s, a holiday-specific giveaway always rakes in engagement. For a Christmas giveaway, think along the lines of holiday hampers, exclusive Christmas ornaments, or even a trip to a Christmas market.

What Should Be Your TikTok Giveaway Rules 2023?

Regardless of the platforms, setting up the rules and guidelines is a must for any contests and giveaways. In TikTok giveaways, it is mandatory to have clear and concise rules in order to avoid any confusion or disputes. Here are some guidelines you should follow when creating the rules for your TikTok contest:

  1. Clearly state the eligibility requirements – This can include age restrictions, location limitations, and whether or not employees of the sponsoring company are allowed to participate. 
  2. Define how to enter – Specify the actions that participants need to take in order to enter the giveaway, such as following your account, liking the post, and commenting on the video.
  3. Mention the timeline – State when the giveaway begins and ends and when a winner will be announced. This helps build anticipation and keeps participants engaged until the end.
  4. Include a disclaimer – It’s important to include a disclaimer that states your giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or associated with TikTok.
  5. Be aware of legal guidelines – Research and follow any guidelines for giveaways in your region to avoid potential legal issues.
  6. Make the rules easily accessible – You can either include them in the caption of your giveaway post or provide a link to read the full terms and conditions.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure a fair and successful TikTok giveaway contest for your brand. 

How Do You Make a TikTok Giveaway 2023? 10 Best Tips

You already knew about why you should organize giveaways on TikTok in 2023. Now it’s time to learn how to do giveaways on TikTok. It’s no longer just about making a normal video explaining the giveaway. There is more to know. What are they?

Step 1: Set Clear Objectives

First up, you gotta decide what you want to achieve. More followers? Brand awareness? List down your objectives. By doing so, you can measure the success later. If you want more followers, design your giveaway so that following you is a prerequisite to participating. Then, track the follower count before and after the giveaway.

Tip: Use analytics tools to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) like engagement rates and follower growth.

Step 2: Know Your Audience

No two ways about it—you need to understand who you’re targeting. Conduct audience research, noting factors like age, gender, interests, and location. If you’re a local business, a giveaway that offers free tickets to a nearby event will likely engage your local audience.

Tip: Use TikTok’s built-in analytics to gather audience insights.

Step 3: Pick a Prize

This is the carrot on the stick. Choose something that aligns with your brand and excites your target audience. If you’re in the tech industry, giving away the latest gadget would be a killer idea.

Tip: Make sure the prize is enticing enough to encourage mass participation but related enough to attract your target audience. For example, giving away a free laptop to a makeup brand’s followers probably won’t generate much engagement. But, if the brand gave away a makeup kit, it would attract more participation.

Step 4: Define the Rules

Lay down the law. Clearly outline the steps to enter, who’s eligible, and when the giveaway ends. And for heaven’s sake, read up on legal guidelines for giveaways in your region. If you’re doing a U.S.-only giveaway, make that loud and clear in the rules.

Tip: Use TikTok’s description area to concisely sum up the rules. Then, direct people to a link where they can read the full terms and conditions.

Step 5: Create Buzzworthy Content

Grab their eyeballs! Use catchy visuals, trending music, and attention-grabbing captions. The aim? Stop those scrolling thumbs. Pair a trending TikTok song with snappy, fast-paced edits to make your giveaway announcement pop.

Tip: A/B tests different types of content to see what gets the most engagement.

Step 6: Post and Promote

Hit that post button, and let the games begin! But don’t stop there. Use hashtags relevant to your brand and the giveaway to expand its reach. In addition to using generic tags like #Giveaway, include branded ones like #YourBrandNameGiveaway.

Tip: Promote your TikTok giveaway on other platforms like Instagram and Twitter to pull in a wider audience.

Step 7: Monitor and Engage

Be active! Engage with comments, answer questions, and keep the hype going. The more you interact, the more visibility your post gets. Pin a comment that answers frequently asked questions about the giveaway.

Tip: Use analytics to track real-time engagement and adjust your promotion strategy accordingly.

Step 8: Pick a Winner

The moment of truth! Use a reliable random picker tool to select your winner. Record this process for transparency. Go live on TikTok to make the drawing process as transparent as possible.

Tip: Verify that the winner followed all the rules before announcing.

Step 9: Announce and Celebrate

Bring out the virtual confetti! Make a fun and engaging video to announce the winner. This keeps your audience engaged until the very end. Showcase the winner receiving or using the prize in a follow-up TikTok video.

Tip: Keep the energy high and make everyone feel like a part of the celebration, even if they didn’t win.

Step 10: Evaluate and Learn

Cap it off by looking back. What worked? What flopped? Analyze metrics like participation rates, follower increase, and overall engagement. If you find that a lot of people engaged but didn’t follow, you might want to make following a mandatory rule in your next giveaway.

Tip: Create a post-campaign report to document your learnings for future giveaways.

How to Promote a Giveaway Contest on TikTok?

When you host a giveaway contest on TikTok, you can simply promote it on TikTok with videos and in-feed ads. Additionally, you can use hashtags relevant to your brand and the giveaway and collaborate with influencers to reach a wider audience. 

You can also promote your giveaway on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to increase visibility. In addition, you can use email marketing to reach out to your existing customer base and inform them about the giveaway.

Partnering with other brands or businesses is another effective way to promote your TikTok giveaway. This allows you to tap into their followers and engage with a new audience.

Can you promote a giveaway on TikTok hosted on another platform? Yes, you can! You can promote a giveaway hosted on another platform by creating TikTok videos that showcase the prize and how to enter. 

You can also collaborate with influencers and use popular hashtags to increase visibility. You can add the giveaway link in your TikTok bio to direct interested participants to the giveaway page.

How Do You Pick a Winner on TikTok Giveaway?

Alright, you’ve launched your giveaway, the engagement is through the roof, and the deadline has hit. So, what’s next? The suspense is killing everyone, and it’s time to pick a winner. Let’s dive into the essential steps for picking a giveaway champion like a pro.

Step 1: Close Entries and Make an Announcement

First things first, make sure to announce that the entry window has closed. This avoids any confusion and ensures a fair game for all participants. Post a short TikTok video or update the original giveaway post to say, “Entries are now closed! Stay tuned for the winner!”

Step 2: Export Comments for Verification

Before picking a winner, make sure all the entries comply with the giveaway rules. Export the comments and run a quick verification check. Also, scan for any comments that didn’t follow the giveaway guidelines.

Tip: You can use a TikTok comment picker tool that includes verification features to streamline this process.

Step 3: Use a Random Comment Picker

Here’s where things get interesting. Use a random comment picker to select your winner to keep it fair and square. This ensures each comment gets an equal shot at winning. There are dedicated tools designed for TikTok giveaways, like a TikTok comment picker randomly selecting a comment from your post.

Step 4: Double-check Eligibility

So, you’ve got a potential winner. But hang on a minute! Make sure they meet all the eligibility criteria you set. Double-checking never hurt anyone. Confirm if the selected participant followed your TikTok account, liked the giveaway post, and tagged friends, as per your rules.

Step 5: Spin for TikTok Giveaways for Extra Fun

Want to make the winner selection process more entertaining? Use a “spin for TikTok giveaways” feature, where names or comments are put into a spinning wheel. Share the spinning wheel experience through a TikTok Live video, enhancing the excitement and transparency of your giveaway.

Step 6: Use a TikTok Giveaway Picker for Multiple Winners

Planning to have more than one winner? A TikTok giveaway picker tool can effortlessly handle multiple selections, saving you a heap of time. If your giveaway promises prizes for the top three comments, the giveaway picker can select all three with a single click.

Step 7: Record the Selection Process

To maintain transparency, recording the selection process is a good idea. This builds trust and credibility for your brand. Record your screen as you use the random comment picker or TikTok giveaway picker to select the winner.

Step 8: Announce the Winner

The grand finale! Roll out the red carpet and announce the winner in grand style. Keep it fun and celebratory to engage even those who didn’t win. Use graphics, drumrolls, and fanfare in your TikTok video to announce the winner.

Step 9: Confirm with the Winner

Finally, contact the winner privately to confirm details for claiming the prize. A simple DM on TikTok asking for their contact information should do the trick.

FAQs on Can You Do Giveaways on TikTok 

How do influencers choose giveaway winners?

Influencers can choose giveaway winners in a variety of ways. Some may use random comment pickers or spinning wheels, while others may manually review and select a winner based on the entry criteria. Also, some influencers may collaborate with a brand to select a winner through a joint decision. It ultimately depends on the influencer’s personal preference and what they feel is most fair for their audience. 

Is it legal to do giveaways on TikTok?

Yes, it is legal to do giveaways on TikTok as long as you comply with the platform’s guidelines and relevant laws. Make sure to clearly state your giveaway’s rules and eligibility criteria, and follow through with selecting and announcing a fair winner. 

Can anyone participate in a TikTok giveaway?

Yes, anyone can participate in a TikTok giveaway as long as they meet the eligibility requirements set by the host. These typically include following the host’s account, liking the giveaway post, and tagging friends in the comments section. 

How long should a TikTok giveaway last?

The length of a TikTok giveaway depends on your goals and preferences. It can range from a few days to a few weeks, but make sure to give enough time for your audience to participate and engage with the giveaway. Also, consider the prize and its value when determining the duration. A larger or more valuable prize may warrant a longer giveaway period. 

Are TikTok giveaways worth it?

Yes, TikTok giveaways can be worth it if done correctly. They can help increase engagement, gain new followers, and promote your brand or products to a wider audience. However, make sure to plan and execute the giveaway thoughtfully to maximize its impact. Choose a relevant prize, set clear rules and eligibility criteria, and promote the giveaway effectively to ensure its success. 


Now, you have a detailed understanding of how to create, promote, and pick a winner for a giveaway on TikTok. With the right strategy and execution, your TikTok giveaway can boost brand awareness engagement and attract new followers. Use this guide to plan your next successful TikTok giveaway! 

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