21 Easy Cookie Contest Ideas: DIY Decorating Tips

To add more fun to your next festivals, I got some simple cookie contest ideas. For instance, the Christmas tree cookie for the upcoming Christmas and the Easter egg cookie for the next Easter celebration. 

You can also try making spooky Halloween-themed or patriotic 4th of July cookies. These contests will not only let you have a good time with your friends and family but also show off your creativity and skills in decorating cookies.

So, let’s explore some fun and easy cookie contest ideas that will surely impress your guests and win you the title of “Cookie Master.”

cookie contest ideas

21 Easy Cookie Contest Ideas

It’s time to get creative with your cookie decorating skills and make delicious and beautiful treats for your next contest. Here are 21 ideas to get you started:

#1. Christmas Tree Cookie Contest

Christmas tree cookie

Kickstart the festive spirit with a Christmas tree cookie contest. Participants can use various shades of green icing, edible glitter, and mini star-shaped candies to create their version of a Christmas tree. Encourage the use of tiny, edible ornaments to add more detail. 

Participants could even fashion a tree skirt using colored fondant. The goal is to create a cookie that’s not just tasty but also a feast for the eyes, embodying the spirit of Christmas.

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#2. Easter Egg Cookie Decorating

Easter egg cookie

This contest centers around decorating cookies shaped like Easter eggs. Contestants can use pastel-colored icings, edible markers, and sugar pearls to mimic the intricate designs of traditional Easter eggs. 

Suggest incorporating patterns like stripes, polka dots, and floral designs to add variety. Encourage creativity in combining colors and designs to make each cookie unique and eye-catching.

#3. Spooky Halloween Cookie Challenge

Halloween cookies

Halloween-themed cookies allow for a wide range of creativity. Participants can create ghosts, pumpkins, witch hats, or monster cookies. Using orange, black, and white icing, along with edible googly eyes and sprinkles, contestants can bring their spooky visions to life. 

You may also add a twist by requiring participants to include a surprise filling, such as marshmallow or caramel, inside their cookies. This contest is all about unleashing creativity with a touch of spookiness, perfect for Halloween festivities.

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#4. Patriotic 4th of July Cookies

Patriotic theme cookie

Celebrate Independence Day with a cookie decorating contest that features red, white, and blue. Star-shaped cookies can be transformed into American flags, fireworks, or even bald eagles. 

Encourage participants to use stripes and stars creatively and maybe even incorporate edible glitter for that extra sparkle. This contest is a great way to show patriotic spirit through edible art.

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#5. Valentine’s Day Love Cookies

valentine's day love cookie

For Valentine’s Day, heart-shaped cookies provide the perfect canvas. Participants can use red and pink icings, along with heart-shaped sprinkles and edible gold dust, to create romantic designs. 

Encourage them to write love messages or create cookie pairs that go together, like puzzle pieces. This contest is all about expressing love and affection through cookie decorating.

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#6. Under-the-Sea Cookie Contest

Underwater exploration theme cookies

The underwater theme provides an opportunity to delve into ocean-inspired designs. Cookies can be crafted in the shapes of fish, mermaids, seashells, and more. By utilizing different shades of blue and green icing, as well as incorporating edible pearls and shimmering sugar, participants can fashion a captivating aquatic scene on their cookies. Encourage them to consider oceanic textures and colors to breathe life into their underwater creations.

#7. Rainbow and Unicorn Cookie Contest

Rainbow and unicorn cookie

Unicorns and rainbows are a fun, whimsical theme. Participants can create cookies shaped like unicorns, rainbows, or even magical clouds. They can use a spectrum of colors, edible glitter, and fondant for 3D effects. Suggest adding details like unicorn horns made from fondant or candy and using icing to create vibrant, multi-colored manes.

#8. Safari Adventure Cookies

safari adventure cookies

In this contest, participants decorate cookies shaped like animals you’d find on a safari – lions, elephants, giraffes, and more. They can use animal print patterns and even texture the icing to mimic fur or skin. This theme is a great way for participants to show off their artistic skills and attention to detail in replicating the majestic beauty of wildlife.

#9. Outer Space Cookie Contest

Outer space theme cookies

The outer space theme is out of this world! Participants can create cookies shaped like stars, planets, aliens, rockets, and astronauts. Using dark icings to represent space and brighter colors for stars and planets, contestants can create a galactic scene. They could even add small astronaut figures or tiny flags on their cookies for added detail. Suggest them to explore celestial patterns and maybe even include edible glitter for a starry effect.

#10. Fairy Tale Fantasy Cookies

Fairy tale fantasy cookies

The fairy tale fantasy theme allows participants to decorate cookies inspired by classic stories like Cinderella, Snow White, or Beauty and the Beast. Suggest using cut-out cookie shapes, along with colored icings and fondant, to create details like castles, glass slippers, magic wands, dragons, or enchanted roses. This contest is perfect for bringing childhood fairy tales to life through tasty treats.

#11. Sports-Themed Cookie Contest

Sports and Athletics theme cookies

For sports enthusiasts, this contest can include cookies shaped like balls, jerseys, or equipment from various sports. Contestants can use team colors and logos to personalize their cookies. This is a great opportunity for sports fans to show off their team spirit and creativity in cookie form.

#12. Garden Party Cookies

garden party cookies

Participants can create cookies inspired by a garden setting – think flowers, butterflies, and ladybugs. They can use floral patterns, bright colors, and even 3D fondant elements to bring their garden cookies to life. This theme encourages decorators to think about the beauty and diversity of nature.

#13. Winter Wonderland Cookies

winter wonderland cookies

Winter-themed cookies can feature snowflakes, penguins, polar bears, or gingerbread houses. Participants can use white and blue icings to create a snowy landscape on their cookies. They could also add details like snowmen made out of marshmallows or tiny candy cane trees for added fun. This contest is perfect for getting into the holiday spirit and bringing the magic of winter to the cookie-decorating world.

#14. Beach-Themed Cookie Contest

Beach themed cookies

Ideal for summer, this theme includes cookies shaped like suns, palm trees, flip-flops, and beach balls. Participants can use sandy textures, oceanic colors, and even edible shells to create a beach scene. This is a fun way to bring the joy of summer to cookie decorating.

#15. Vintage Style Cookie Contest

Vintage style cookie

Inspired by vintage aesthetics, this contest involves decorating cookies with designs from a chosen era, like the Roaring 20s or the Groovy 60s. Participants can use color palettes and patterns that reflect the chosen time period, adding an element of historical charm to their cookie designs.

#16. Cityscape Cookie Contest

cityscape cookie

City lovers can showcase their love for the urban landscape by creating cookies shaped like famous landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty. Participants can also decorate their cookies with city skylines, street signs, and other iconic elements that represent their favorite cities. They can use geometric shapes and various shades of grey and black to mimic the urban landscape, possibly even adding pops of color to represent city lights.

#17. Fairground-Themed Cookies

fairground theme cookie

The Fairground theme includes cookies shaped like carnival rides, popcorn, and cotton candy. Participants can use bright, bold colors and fun patterns to capture the essence of a fairground. This is a playful theme that allows for a lot of creativity and whimsy.

#18. Superhero Cookie Contest

Superhero cookies

Participants can decorate cookies inspired by their favorite superheroes. They can use iconic symbols, colors, and even capes made from fondant. This theme is a great way for fans to show their love for superhero characters through their cookie-decorating skills.

#19. Musical Instrument Cookies

Musical instrument cookies

Here is a cookie contest for music lovers. Participants can create cookies shaped like various musical instruments, using icing to add details like strings on a guitar or keys on a piano. This theme allows participants to combine their passion for music with their love for cookie decorating.

#20. Seasonal Cookies Contest

Seasonal cookies

Welcome a new season with the new cookie! This content can change with the seasons – spring flowers, summer suns, fall leaves, and winter snowflakes. Participants can use seasonal colors and patterns to reflect the beauty of each season on their cookies, making this a versatile and ever-changing theme.

#21. Wild West Cookie Contest

wild west theme cookie

Participants can create cookies shaped like cowboy boots, hats, horseshoes, or even cacti. They can use earthy colors and add details like leather textures or bandana patterns. This theme is a fun way to bring the rugged charm of the Wild West to cookie decorating.

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How to Do a Cookie Contest?

You will need a proper guideline to host a cookie contest. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Choose the Type of Contest

Decide on the type of contest you wish to host. You can choose any theme from outer space, fairy tale, sports, garden party, winter wonderland, beach, vintage style, cityscape, fairground, superhero, musical instrument, seasonal, or Wild West Cookie contests. Ensure your selected theme aligns with your intended audience and the occasion or event.

Step 2: Set the Cookie Contest Rules

Once you’ve decided on the contest theme, the next step is to establish the rules. These rules should clearly define what is expected of the participants, including the specific details about cookie shapes, decorations, and color schemes related to the theme. Remember to make the rules flexible enough to allow for creativity yet specific enough to maintain the contest’s integrity.

Step 3: Promote the Contest

An essential step in hosting a successful cookie contest is promotion. Utilize various platforms, such as social media, newsletters, or local community boards, to spread the word. The more people who know about your contest, the better the participation rate will likely be.

Step 4: Conduct the Contest

On the day of the contest, ensure that everything is set up correctly. This includes having a panel of judges, a well-organized venue, and all necessary materials and tools for the contestants. The contest should be conducted in a fair and unbiased manner to ensure a positive environment for all participants.

Step 5: Judge and Announce the Winners

After the contest, the judges must evaluate the entries based on the predetermined criteria. This could include factors such as creativity, adherence to the theme, and overall presentation. Once the winners have been selected, the results should be announced in a celebratory manner, appreciating all participants for their efforts. Ensure that the judging and announcement process is transparent and fair to maintain the trust and enthusiasm of all participants. 

Step 6: Wrap up the Contest

The final step is to wrap up the contest positively and appreciatively. This could include giving out prizes, certificates, or tokens of appreciation to all participants. Make sure to thank everyone involved for their time, effort, and creativity. As you conclude your contest, consider gathering feedback from participants and attendees to improve future events.

Prize Ideas for Cookie Contest

Once you host a cookie contest, you must give the award to the winner. So what prizes are best?

Baking Supplies as Prizes

Rewarding the winner with baking supplies can be an excellent idea. This could include a range of items like professional-grade baking pans, silicone baking mats, spatulas, or even a stand mixer. These prizes not only encourage the winner’s passion for baking but also come in handy for their future endeavors.

Cookbooks and Baking Books

Cookbooks filled with new cookie recipes or baking books that offer unique decoration ideas can serve as a source of inspiration for the winners. It would be a bonus if these books were from renowned chefs or popular baking shows.

Baking Classes

Another exciting prize idea could be to offer winners free baking classes. This could be a one-time class or a series covering various baking techniques and recipes. They provide an excellent opportunity for winners to further enhance their baking skills and learn from experienced professionals.

Custom Aprons or Chef Hats

Custom-made aprons or chef hats can serve as a unique and thoughtful prize. They can be personalized with the winner’s name or a fun baking-related quote. These prizes not only offer practical value in the kitchen but also serve as a keepsake to remember the contest.

Gift Cards

Gift cards for popular baking supply stores or online marketplaces can be a versatile prize. This allows winners to choose their own baking supplies that best suit their needs. It’s a thoughtful gesture that respects individual preferences and tastes.

Feature on a Local Publication or Blog

If possible, arrange for the winner’s cookie recipe and their winning cookie photo to be featured in a local publication or a popular blog. This prize offers recognition and exposure, which can be a remarkable achievement for the winner.

FAQs on Cookies Contest Ideas

What are the categories for the cookie contest award?

The categories for the cookie contest award can vary depending on the specific contest, but some common categories include the most creative cookie, best presentation, adherence to theme, and overall winner. Other categories could include best use of color, best texture, or best decoration technique. It’s essential to establish these categories beforehand so that participants know what criteria they will be judged on. 

Is there an age limit for participating in a cookie contest?

There may be an age limit set for some cookie contests, especially if it is a competition with prizes involved. However, if it is a non-competitive event or a community-based activity, all ages can participate and enjoy the experience.

What should I do to ensure fairness in judging the cookies?

To ensure fairness, have a panel of judges and clearly outline the criteria they will use to evaluate the cookies. It’s also helpful to have a diverse group of judges with different baking backgrounds or experiences. Additionally, having multiple rounds of judging can help eliminate any bias and provide more accurate results.

Can I host a cookie contest in school?

Yes, a cookie contest can be an exciting and educational activity to host in school. There are so many easy cookie contest ideas for students and teachers. For example, it could be a fun holiday-themed contest or a fundraising event for a school project.

Also, it allows students to showcase their baking skills and creativity while also promoting teamwork and fair competition. Just make sure to follow any specific guidelines or regulations set by the school before organizing the event. 


Now, you have a detailed list of 21 creative cookie contest themes that can inspire you to organize your own competition or suggest to others. These themes offer endless possibilities for participants to showcase their skills and creativity in the world of cookie decorating. 

Whether it’s through whimsical fairy tales, exotic outer space scenes, or classic sports designs, there is something for everyone to enjoy. So, pick a theme that resonates with you and get ready to add some sweetness to your next cookie contest! 

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