35 Creative Winter Giveaway Ideas

Whether running a business or simply wanting to spread some holiday cheer, Winter is the perfect time for a giveaway. I have 35 winter giveaway ideas to bring joy and excitement to your customers, employees, or followers.

winter giveaway ideas

35 Creative Winter Giveaway Ideas

Here are the details of 35 creative winter giveaway ideas. You may choose one as a prize for your winter giveaway.

#1. Customized mugs:

To enjoy the winter coffee moment, you can have a set of customized mugs as the winter giveaway. These mugs can have holiday-themed designs or personalized messages to make them extra special. 

#2. Winter care package:

Put together a bundle of items that will help your customers stay warm and cozy during the chilly winter season. This could include items such as blankets, hot cocoa mixes, cozy socks, and bath bombs. 

#3. Holiday-themed gift baskets:

Create gift baskets filled with winter-themed goodies such as candles, holiday treats, and festive decorations. For example, a “Christmas morning breakfast” basket could include pancake mix, syrup, and a festive mug. You can even offer them in different sizes to cater to different budgets.

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#4. Knitted Scarves:

Partner with a local artisan or crafter to create custom-knitted scarves with your brand’s logo or message. These can be a stylish and practical giveaway item for the winter season. Also, customers will appreciate the support of small businesses.

#5. Scented Candles:

Candles are a popular gift during the holiday season, and you can make them even more special by offering winter-themed scents such as cinnamon, pine, or peppermint. You can also have custom labels with your company’s logo or a personalized message.

#6. Winter Adventure Pack:

For the adventurous types, pack items for winter activities, such as hand warmers, hot chocolate mix, and a map of nearby hiking trails or ski resorts. You can also include discounts for local outdoor gear rental companies.

#7. Eco-Friendly Insulated Water Bottles:

Help your customers stay hydrated and reduce waste by offering eco-friendly insulated water bottles. These can be branded with your company’s logo or a winter-themed design.

#8. Holiday Recipe Book:

Create a digital or physical holiday recipe book filled with festive recipes worldwide. You can also include recipes submitted by customers, making it a collaborative effort and promoting engagement with your brand.

#9. Cozy Winter Socks:

Everyone loves a pair of warm and fuzzy socks during the winter season. You can have them branded with your company’s logo or a fun holiday design.

#10. Winter-themed Phone Cases:

With so many people using their phones daily, branded phone cases can be a practical and stylish winter giveaway. You can also offer designs featuring popular holiday characters or festive scenes.

#11. Winter Movie Night Package:

Put together a package with all the essentials for a cozy movie night at home, including popcorn, hot cocoa mix, and a selection of winter-themed movies. You can even include activities such as DIY snowflake-making kits or holiday bingo cards.

#13. Ski/Snowboarding Lessons:

Partner with a local ski or snowboarding instructor to offer free lessons as a giveaway prize. This can be a unique and exciting gift for your customers or followers.

#14. Touch Screen Gloves:

With the rise of technology, touchscreen gloves have become a must-have during the winter season. These gloves can be branded with your company’s logo or a holiday-themed design. The main benefit of this giveaway is that your brand will be visible whenever the recipient uses their phone.

#15. Winter-themed Face Masks:

Face masks have become essential in everyone’s daily life, so why not offer winter-themed ones as a giveaway? You can design them with festive patterns or your company’s logo to promote your brand while keeping people safe.

#16. Holiday Baking Set:

For the bakers in your audience, assemble a baking set with all the necessary tools to create festive treats. You can include cookie cutters, sprinkles, a recipe book, and a branded apron or oven mitt in the set. In addition, you can include a gift card to your business for customers to purchase any additional ingredients needed.

#17. Winter-Themed Books:

Books are always a great gift; you can make them even more special by offering winter-themed books. These could include holiday cookbooks, winter adventure novels, or children’s books about the magic of the holiday season.

#18. Festive Photo Props:

Encourage your followers to share their holiday spirit by offering festive photo props as a giveaway. These could include hats, glasses, or signs with holiday slogans. You can even have your company logo or name printed on them for added brand exposure.

#19. Essential Oil Diffuser:

Winter can be tough for many, so why not offer a giveaway that promotes relaxation and self-care? Essential oil diffusers are popular gifts and can help create a cozy atmosphere during the winter season. You can also include some winter-themed essential oils in the package.

#20. Holiday Music Playlist:

Create a holiday music playlist featuring your favorite Christmas songs or songs submitted by your followers. You can share the playlist on your social media platforms and offer a few lucky winners a free subscription to a music streaming service for the winter season.

#21. Beanie Hats:

Beanie hats are a winter essential, and you can make them extra special by offering branded hats with your company’s logo or a holiday-themed design. This practical and stylish giveaway will keep your customers warm while promoting your brand.

#22. Portable Phone Chargers:

Help your customers stay connected during winter by offering portable phone chargers as a giveaway. These can be branded with your company’s logo or a winter-themed design and will come in handy during cold weather when devices tend to lose charge faster.

#23. Plush Throw Blankets:

Nothing says cozy like a soft and warm throw blanket. You can offer these as a winter giveaway with your company’s logo embroidered or printed. They are perfect for snuggling up by the fire or watching holiday movies at home.

#24. Yoga Mat:

Winter can sometimes make it difficult to stay active, so why not offer a giveaway that promotes physical and mental wellness? Yoga mats are a great gift for the winter season, and you can have them branded with your company’s logo or a holiday-themed design. You can also include a subscription to virtual yoga or meditation classes.

#25. Herb Growing Kit:

Offer your customers a chance to bring some greenery into their homes during the Winter with an herb-growing kit. These kits can include everything needed to grow herbs indoors, and you can brand them with your company’s logo or a holiday design. This giveaway is perfect for promoting sustainability, wellness, and your brand.  

#26. Audiobook Subscription:

For those who love to read but have less time during the busy holiday season, offer a giveaway of an audiobook subscription. This will give them access to a wide range of books and is perfect for listening while commuting or doing other tasks.

#27. Personalized Calendars for the New Year:

Create personalized calendars for your customers to start the new year off right. You can feature your company’s products, services, or team members on each month and include important holidays and events. This will keep your brand top of mind throughout the year.

#28. Winter Workout Gear:

Encourage your followers to stay active during the winter season by offering winter workout gear as a giveaway. This could include items such as gloves, hats, or leggings with your company’s logo or a winter-themed design. You can also throw in a subscription to virtual workout classes for added value.

#29. Art Supplies:

For the creative types, offer a giveaway of art supplies such as paint sets, sketchbooks, or calligraphy pens. You can also include a gift card to your business for customers to purchase any additional supplies they may need. This unique and thoughtful gift will be appreciated by artists and non-artists alike.

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#30. Snowman Kit:

For families with young children, offer a snowman kit as a winter giveaway. This could include a carrot nose, coal eyes and buttons, and a top hat. You can also have your company’s logo or name printed on the packaging for added brand exposure. This fun and creative gift will bring joy to parents and kids during the Winter.

#31. Tea Sampler Set:

Warm up your customers’ Winter with a tea sampler set. This can include a variety of holiday and winter-inspired teas, along with a branded mug or infuser. You can also include a recipe book for festive tea-based drinks and treats.

#32. Indoor Plant:

Bring a touch of nature indoors with an indoor plant giveaway. This could be a low-maintenance succulent or a potted herb that can be grown on a windowsill. You can also include a personalized pot or planter with your company’s logo.

#33. Winter Skincare Set:

Help your customers combat the dry winter air with a winter skincare set giveaway. This could include moisturizer, lip balm, and hand cream, all with winter-inspired scents. You can also include a branded towel or washcloth for added value.

#34. Fitness Tracker:

For those looking to stay active during winter, offer a fitness tracker as a giveaway. These devices can track steps, calories burned, and even sleep patterns. You can also include a branded water bottle or workout gear for added value.

#35. Wireless Earbuds:

Wireless earbuds are a must-have for anyone who enjoys listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks. Offer them as a winter giveaway, including a branded carrying case or charging dock for added convenience.

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FAQs on Winter Giveaway Ideas

How long should you run the winter giveaway?

The duration of a winter giveaway can vary, but typically they run for 2-4 weeks. This gives enough time for people to enter and promote the giveaway while creating a sense of urgency.

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How many winners should you choose? 

The number of winners for a winter giveaway can also vary depending on the budget and goals of the company. Some may choose to have one grand prize winner, while others may choose multiple winners to increase participation and engagement. 

Consider the cost of the giveaway items when determining the number of winners. Additionally, it is a good idea to clearly state the number of winners in the giveaway rules to avoid confusion.

How do you promote a winter giveaway? 

To effectively promote a winter giveaway, utilize social media platforms, email marketing, and collaborations with influencers or other businesses. Create visually appealing graphics and videos for social media and include a call-to-action for followers to enter. 

Utilize hashtags and encourage sharing to reach a wider audience. You can also consider running ads on social media platforms or partnering with other businesses to cross-promote the giveaway.


Now, you have a detailed list of winter-inspired giveaway prizes that can help promote your brand and bring joy to your customers during the holiday season. Remember to choose gifts that align with your company’s values and appeal to your target audience. 

With these ideas, you can create unique and memorable giveaways that will keep your brand top of mind all Winter long.

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