13 Creative Ideas for Design Contest Online: Detailed Explanation

Looking for some creative ideas for a design contest online? You’ve arrived on the right page! 

Whether it’s for a brand promotional campaign or to showcase your design skills, online design contests are a great platform to engage with the creative community and get recognition for your work. Here are 13 creative ideas that will make your design contest stand out from the crowd. 

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What Is a Design Contest Online?

Design contest online is a digital competition platform where designers and creatives can submit their work to compete against each other in various categories such as logo design, website design, packaging design, and more. 

The participants are usually given a theme or brief to follow and have a set amount of time to complete their designs. The winning design is then chosen by judges or through public voting.

Why Should You Host a Design Contest Online?

Hosting a design contest online has numerous benefits. First and foremost, it allows you to tap into a wide pool of talented designers worldwide. It also gives your brand or business exposure and fresh and innovative designs that can be used for various purposes.

Moreover, hosting an online design contest can generate buzz and excitement among your target audience, and it can also serve as a cost-effective way to get high-quality designs for your projects.

13 Creative Ideas for Design Contest Online

It’s time to get inspired! Here are 13 creative ideas for your next design contest online:

#1. Collaborative Design Contest

A collaborative design contest involves partnering with another brand or business to host a design competition. For example, a clothing brand could team up with a shoe company to create designs for a complete outfit.

This promotes collaboration and networking among designers and generates more exposure and engagement for both brands involved.

#2. Social Media Design Contest

Leverage the power of social media by hosting a design contest on platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Not only can you reach a larger audience, but you can also use features such as hashtags and tagging to increase visibility and engagement.

In addition, this type of design contest allows for easy sharing and promotion, as participants can easily share their designs on their own social media channels.

#3. Design Mashup Contest

A design mashup contest combines two or more industries or themes into one design. For example, a furniture design contest could ask participants to create designs inspired by nature or technology.

This challenge allows for unique and innovative designs that may not have been created otherwise. It also encourages designers to think outside the box and push their creative boundaries. 

#4. Green Design Contest

A green design contest for environmentally-conscious businesses is a great way to showcase your commitment to sustainability and attract like-minded designers. This can include designing eco-friendly packaging or creating designs using recycled materials.

Not only does this promote eco-friendly practices, but it also helps to build a positive brand image.

#5. Typography Design Contest

Another online design contest idea is to focus solely on typography. This can challenge designers to create visually appealing designs using only text and typefaces.

You can even provide a set of words or phrases for participants to use in their designs, adding an extra layer of creativity and challenge. Also, with the increasing popularity of hand-lettering and calligraphy, this type of contest will surely attract a lot of attention.

#6. 3D Printing Design Contest

With the rise of technology, 3D printing has become a popular medium for design. Hosting a 3D printing design contest allows designers to explore new possibilities and uniquely showcase their skills. 

This type of contest can also catch the attention of tech enthusiasts and attract a diverse range of participants.

#7. Brand Redesign Contest

Hosting a brand redesign contest can be a great option for established brands looking for a fresh new look. This allows for new and innovative designs and designers to work with an established brand and gain recognition.

Ensure that the rules and guidelines for this type of contest are clear and agreed upon by all parties involved.

#8. Animation Design Contest

Animation design contests are perfect for designers with motion graphics and video editing skills. This type of contest challenges them to bring their designs to life through animation.

You can also specify a theme or story for the animations, adding an extra layer of creativity and cohesion to the designs.

#9. Game Design Contest

For the gaming industry, a game design contest is an excellent way to crowdsource new and innovative game ideas. This can include designing characters, levels, or even entire games.

This provides fresh perspectives and ideas for the gaming industry and allows participants to showcase their design skills in a fun and interactive way.

#10. Infographic Design Contest

Infographic design contests are a great way to promote your brand or business while also providing valuable information and resources. You can specify a topic or theme for the infographics, such as health and wellness or sustainable living.

In addition, this type of contest can generate a lot of engagement and shares on social media, as infographics are highly shareable and visually appealing.

#11. Web Design Contest 

A web design contest is perfect for businesses or brands looking to revamp their website. This allows designers to create unique, user-friendly designs that attract and retain customers.

In this type of contest, it’s important to provide clear guidelines and expectations for the website design and any necessary branding elements.

#12. Packaging Design Contest

Packaging design contests are ideal for businesses in the food and beverage industry or those looking to launch a new product. This allows for creative and eye-catching packaging designs and ensures that the packaging is functional and aligns with the brand’s image.

You can also specify certain requirements, such as environmentally-friendly materials or specific color schemes, to add an extra layer of challenge.

#13. Product Design Contest

Product design contests are great for businesses looking to launch new products or revamp existing ones. This allows for fresh and innovative designs that can attract new customers and keep existing customers interested.

Make sure to specify the target audience, product specifications, and branding guidelines for this type of contest.

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How to Run a Design Contest Online?

Running an online design contest requires careful planning and execution to ensure a successful outcome. Here are some steps to help you run a design contest online:

  1. Define your goals: Before starting the contest, determine what you want to achieve through it. Is it to increase brand awareness, attract new customers, or get creative ideas?
  2. Choose a platform: Determine which platform(s) you will use to host the contest. Many online platforms are specifically designed for hosting design contests, such as 99designs or DesignCrowd.
  3. Set clear guidelines and rules: Clearly outline the design requirements, theme, and specifications. This will ensure that all participants have a fair understanding of what is expected.
  4. Decide on prizes: Offer attractive and relevant prizes to motivate designers to participate and submit their best work. This could include cash prizes, gift cards, or even job opportunities.
  5. Promote the contest: Use social media, email marketing, and other promotional tactics to spread the word about your design contest and attract participants.
  6. Monitor submissions: As submissions come in, make sure to review them for adherence to guidelines and rules. You can also involve a panel of judges to help choose the winning designs.
  7. Announce winners: Once the contest is over, announce the winners and showcase their designs on your website and social media platforms.
  8. Follow up: After the contest, consider contacting participants for feedback and ways to improve future contests. This will also help maintain a good relationship with the design community. 

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FAQs on Design Contest Ideas

What is a graphic design contest?

A graphic design contest is a competition where participants create designs based on specific guidelines and requirements. These include logos, packaging, abstracts, websites, and other visual elements. 

How do I come up with design contest ideas?

Some ways to brainstorm design contest ideas are by considering your target audience, current trends in the design industry, and goals for the contest. You can also research successful design contests and gather inspiration from other businesses or brands.

Can anyone participate in a design contest?

Anyone with design skills and access to the necessary tools can participate in a design contest. However, some contests may have specific requirements or restrictions, such as age or location limitations.

Check out the below video content on, “How to be creative by participating in design contests?”

What are the prize ideas for the design contest online?

Prize ideas for an online design contest can include cash prizes, gift cards, job opportunities, mentorships or consultations with industry professionals, and exposure through showcasing the winning designs on the company’s website or social media platforms.


You have 13 ideas for online design contests that can help promote your brand, engage with customers, and showcase designers’ creativity. 

Whether through social media, animation, or packaging design, these contests offer a unique opportunity to connect with your audience and stand out in the crowded world of design. 

So pick one (or more) and get ready to see some fantastic designs! Happy contest hosting! Keep the creativity flowing. 

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