11 Steps on How to Pick Instagram Giveaway Winner

If you host any giveaways on Instagram, you should know how to pick Instagram giveaway winner. There are several ways to pick the winner, and you need to select the most suitable one. For example, you can choose an Instagram giveaway picker tool like You to Gift, AiGrow, and so on.

Moreover, you can also pick the winner manually, giving you full control over the process and ensuring fairness for all participants. To learn in detail about each step, go through the blog.

how to pick instagram giveaway winner

11 Steps on How to Pick Instagram Giveaway Winner

How do you decide who wins an Instagram giveaway?

Picking one or deciding who is the Instagram giveaway winner among hundreds or thousands of participants can be a daunting task for anyone. But there are actually two ways to do so.

  1. Automation method
  2. Manual method

4 Automation Steps on How to Pick Instagram Giveaway Winner

Using an automation tool is the best option if you want to pick a winner quickly and hassle-free. Here are 4 steps to follow:

#1. Choose a Reliable Instagram Giveaway Picker Tool

First, get yourself a dependable tool for picking that lucky winner. The Internet is swarming with options, but not everyone is created equal. You’re looking for something with top-notch reviews and a reputation for being fair and random. 

Names like You to Gift, AiGrow, Woobox, and Easypromos might ring a bell. Why? Because they’re the big players in the game. Trustworthy tools like these usually come with cool features that ensure the integrity of your giveaway.

#2. Set Up Your Giveaway Rules

Hold on! Before you unleash your giveaway to the world, you need to lay down the law. Setting up transparent rules is like building a roadmap for your giveaway journey. You want the rules to be clear as day, making sure they cover all the must-knows. 

I’m talking about who can enter (age, location, you name it), how they can throw their hat in the ring, and what’s up for grabs. A detailed rulebook makes your life easier when it’s crunch time and clears up any gray areas for your audience.

#3. Gather All Entries

So, the clock’s ticking, and the giveaway window is closed. It’s time to pull together all those entries! Forget about manually sifting through hashtags and comments; let your chosen tool do the heavy lifting. 

Every entry is rounded up like cattle on a ranch with just a few clicks. These tools can save you buckets of time, leaving you free to focus on what you do best—creating awesome content.

#4. Randomly Select the Winner

Drumroll! This is the moment you and your audience have been waiting for. Your tool is ready, your entries are in, and now it’s game time. Tap that “Pick Winner” button and let the tool work its magic. 

But wait, there’s more! Most tools are clever enough to sniff out any double entries or ineligible participants. This keeps the playing field level. Once your winner pops up on the screen, give their entry a quick once-over to ensure they’ve played by the rules. 

#5. Announce the Winner’s Name on Your Instagram Profile

So, the winner is picked, but will you leave your followers in suspense? Of course not! It’s time to announce the name of the lucky participant. You can do it in numerous ways:

  • Make a post dedicated to announcing the winner
  • Share a story with their username and photo
  • DM them personally (if possible) with the good news.

7 Manual Steps on How to Pick Instagram Giveaway Winner

If you prefer to have more control over the selection process, you can also pick the winner manually. Here are 7 steps to follow:

#1. Gather All Entries in a Spreadsheet

Similar to the automation process, you will first need to gather all entries in one place for easier tracking. Open up a new spreadsheet, and ensure you have separate columns for each participant’s name, Instagram handle, and entry method. This is your master document, your mission control. When someone throws their name into the hat, they pop their details into the spreadsheet.

#2. Check Eligibility for Each Entry

Alright, you’ve got your list. Go down the rabbit hole of each entry, cross-referencing with your giveaway rules. Did they follow all your accounts? Did they tag the right number of friends? Tick off all these boxes as you go along, and don’t hesitate to mark those who didn’t quite cut. They may be out this time, but there’s always the next giveaway!

#3. Assign a Number to Each Entry

Everyone’s in the clear? Now comes the fun part—let’s number ’em up. Use a random number generator website or app to assign a number to each eligible entry. The goal here is randomness, baby. You want to make sure everyone has a fair shake at winning.

#4. Use Random Number Generator

Fire up that same random number generator and let it choose the golden ticket, a.k.a. the winning number. The air is thick with anticipation, and you’re just one click away from finding your lucky winner.

#5. Double-Check Eligibility for Winning Number

Wait a second! Before you shout from the rooftops, let’s get back to that spreadsheet. Locate the winning number and do a final eligibility sweep. Double or triple-check that the entry checks all the boxes for your giveaway rules. You don’t want any “Oops, my bad” moments later on.

#6. Announce the Winner

The green light on eligibility? Perfect, now let the fireworks begin! Roll out the red carpet on your Instagram post or story and announce the champion. A hearty congratulations and a big “Thank You” to everyone who threw their hat into the ring is in order. It keeps the community spirit alive and excites folks for the next giveaway!

#7. Follow Up with the Winner

The victory lap isn’t over yet. Slide the winner’s DMs or email them to sort out the prize delivery logistics. This is also the perfect time to ask if they’d be willing to share a photo of themselves reveling in their win. A snapshot like this is more than just a fun memento; it’s solid gold for proving the giveaway was fair and square.

FAQs on How to Pick Instagram Giveaway Winner

How do you set rules for Instagram giveaways?

Setting clear and transparent rules for your Instagram giveaway is crucial to ensure fairness and avoid any confusion. Here are some steps you can follow to set up your giveaway rules:

  1. Decide on the entry eligibility requirements, such as age, location, or following your account.
  2. Determine how participants can enter the giveaway – this could include liking a post, tagging friends, or sharing the post to their story.
  3. Specify the duration of the giveaway and when the winner will be announced.
  4. Clearly state what prize is up for grabs and any limitations or restrictions.
  5. Include a disclaimer stating that Instagram is not affiliated with the giveaway.
  6. Make sure to mention that the giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Instagram.

How successful are Instagram giveaways? 

Instagram giveaways can be incredibly successful in terms of boosting engagement, increasing followers, and gaining exposure for your brand or products. The effectiveness of your giveaway will depend on various factors, such as the prize being offered, how well it resonates with your audience, and the level of promotion and marketing you put into it. Also, set clear goals to enter your contest or giveaway, whether to reach a certain number of followers or generate sales. 

By setting specific goals, you can measure the success of your giveaway and make adjustments for future ones. With proper planning and execution, Instagram giveaways can be a great way to achieve your marketing and business objectives.

How many types of Instagram giveaways are there?

You can run several types of Instagram giveaways, depending on your goals and audience. Here are a few popular options:

  • Like to win: Participants must like a post to enter the giveaway.
  • Comment to win: Participants must leave a comment on the post to enter.
  • Tag a friend: Participants must tag one or more friends in the comments section.
  • Share to win: Participants must share the post to their Instagram story.
  • Repost to win: Participants must repost the giveaway post on their own feed.
  • Hashtag Challenge: Participants must create and post content using a specific hashtag related to their brand or products.
  • Stories engagement: Participants must engage with your Instagram story, such as answering a poll or quiz, to enter the giveaway.
  • User-generated content: Participants must post a photo or video featuring your product or brand for a chance to win. 

These are just a few examples, but there are endless possibilities for creating unique and engaging Instagram giveaways. Remember to always follow Instagram’s guidelines.

Are Instagram giveaway picker tools free?

Not all Instagram giveaway picker tools are free. Some may offer limited features for free, while others require a one-time or recurring payment for full access. For example, Comment Picker is a tool with free and premium plans that helps you randomly pick winners from Instagram comments. With the free plan, you can pick only one winner comment from 500 comments. While with the premium plan, you can pick 10 winner comments from unlimited comments.

It is better for you to research and compare different tools before committing to one. Alternatively, you can also manually pick a winner by following the steps mentioned above without using any external paid tool.

Check out the below video content on how to pick an instagram giveaway winner for free. 


Picking an Instagram giveaway winner may seem daunting, but it can be a breeze with the right tools and techniques. Whether you automate the process or go old-school with manual selection, always ensure fairness and transparency for your audience. With each successful giveaway, you’ll grow your follower count and strengthen the community around your brand. So go forth and spread some joy with your giveaways!

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