How to Win Online Forum Contests? 5 Best Tips

How to win online forum contests? Winning online forum contests mostly depends on two major factors. First, you have to understand the contest rules of forum platforms. And second, you need to know the different types of forum contests

However, I will focus on a few tips to help you win forum contests in this blog. Read till the end for a bonus tip that most participants apply.

how to win online forum contests

How to Win Online Forum Contests? 5 Best Tips

#1. Understand the Contest Rules

A specific set of rules governs every online forum contest, often laid out in the contest announcement post. These typically include guidelines on eligibility, participation, the nature of the entries accepted, and the timeline for the contest. 

For example, a photography contest on a travel forum might require entrants to be above 18 years of age, limit entries to one per participant, and stipulate that the photograph must be original, taken by the participant, and feature a recognizable tourist spot. 

Further, the contest might open for entries on the 1st of January and close by the end of February. Understanding these rules is crucial as it ensures your entry is valid and increases your chances of winning. Ignoring or misinterpreting these rules can lead to disqualification. As such, always read the contest rules thoroughly before participating.

#2. Join the Forum

Joining the forum is essential to participating in an online forum contest. Most forums require you to be a member before participating in any contests. Membership often involves a simple registration process, providing your email, and creating a username and password.

For instance, on a gaming forum like IGN Boards, you’ll need to sign up and be a forum member before you can participate in any of their online contests. Once you’re a member, you can access contest announcements, submit your entries, and engage with other community members. 

This is not just a technical requirement; being a registered member also helps you familiarize yourself with the forum’s culture, making you better prepared to create entries that resonate with the community. So, don’t delay – join the forum fast.

#3. Strategize Your Entries

To increase your chances of winning, strategize your entries. This could mean tailoring your entry to match the forum’s interests, presenting your entry uniquely and creatively, or even timing your entry to garner maximum visibility.

Consider a hypothetical scenario – an online forum contest on a gardening forum where participants need to share their best gardening tips. Instead of just writing “Water your plants regularly,” you could elaborate on this tip with a personal story or unique insight, like “My grandmother always said that the best time to water plants is early in the morning, before the day’s heat. This has always worked for my garden, helping the plants absorb more water and nutrients.”

Similarly, in a forum that enjoys humor, you could phrase your entries in a funny or quirky way to stand out. For instance, if the contest is about sharing unusual life hacks on a general discussion forum, instead of stating, “Use a bread clip to hold your place in a book,” you could say, “Want to save your place in a book but don’t have a bookmark? Don’t worry! Your breakfast toast left behind the perfect tool – the bread clip!”

Remember, your entry stands out because of its uniqueness, creativity, and resonance with the forum members. By strategizing your entry, you’ll abide by the contest rules and hit the right chords with the community.

#4. Engage with Other Participants

Engagement with other participants is another way to enhance your chances of winning an online forum contest. By actively commenting on, liking, and sharing other entries, you’ll boost the contest’s visibility and foster a sense of community. Moreover, this will often reciprocate, increasing exposure for your entry.

For example, if you’re participating in a recipe contest on a cooking forum, you can add comments on other participants’ entries, appreciating their unique techniques or ingredient choices. You may say, “I love the innovative use of turmeric in your pasta sauce; it must add a unique twist to the flavor! I’m going to try this in my next pasta dish. Thanks for sharing!” 

This fosters a sense of camaraderie and puts your name out there, making others more likely to check out and engage with your entry.

Remember, online contests are not just about competition but also about community building. Engaging with other participants can make the contest experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

#5. Share, Share, Share

Promoting your entry across different social media platforms can significantly increase your chances of winning. By sharing, you gain a wider audience and invite your friends, family members, and followers to support you in the contest. 

For example, suppose you are participating in a photography contest. In that case, you can share your entry on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with a call-to-action for your followers to vote or like your entry in the forum contest. 

You can say something like, “Hello everyone! I’ve entered a photography contest and would appreciate your support. Please visit the link below and vote if you like my work. Thank you!”

It’s crucial, however, to ensure you’re abiding by the contest rules when sharing your entry. Some contests may restrict external promotion, so double-check the rules before sharing.

Bonus Tip: Buy Contest Votes

Finally, here’s a bonus tip for those determined to win an online forum contest – buying contest votes. While not recommended for every contest, purchasing online contest votes is an option to consider if the contest allows it. This can give you a significant advantage over other participants, increasing your chances of winning.

For example, if you are participating in a caption contest on Reddit, purchasing upvotes can help boost your entry to the top of the thread, increasing its visibility and chances of winning. 

However, before making any purchases, ensure they’re within your budget. Additionally, be wary of scams and only purchase from reputable sources. 

If you’re looking to buy upvotes or any other contest votes, my team at Royal Votes can help. We’re a trusted online contest voting service that provides genuine votes from different IP addresses, giving your entry a fair shot at winning.

Are Buying Contest Votes Worth It?

Whether buying contest votes is worth it can vary significantly based on the nature of the contest, your individual goals, and the rules of the competition. Here are a few considerations to explore:

Pay to Win: 

In some contests, especially where the winner is determined solely by the number of votes, buying votes can turn the tide in your favor. The financial investment might be justified if the contest offers a significant reward or the recognition would significantly boost your profile. 

For instance, if you’re a burgeoning photographer participating in a global photography contest, buying votes could help your work gain the visibility it needs, possibly leading to career opportunities and wider recognition.

Ethical Considerations: 

On the flip side, buying votes can sometimes undermine the spirit of fair competition. It moves the focus from the quality of the entries to the financial resources of the participants. If the contest is more about showcasing talent and creativity, buying votes could be considered an unfair advantage and might even alienate other participants or voters.

Risk of Disqualification: 

Importantly, not all contests allow participants to buy votes. Before deciding to purchase votes, it’s crucial to thoroughly read the contest rules. Some contests strictly prohibit such practices, and doing so could lead to disqualification. 

For example, a songwriting contest might value organic audience engagement and strictly prohibit vote purchases in their terms and conditions.

Scams and Fake Votes: 

Another factor to consider is the risk of scams or receiving fake votes. Some services promise genuine votes but deliver bot-generated ones, which can often be detected and lead to disqualification. Choose a reputable service if you decide to go this route, and ensure they offer genuine votes from unique IP addresses.

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FAQs on How to Win Online Forum Contests

What happens if I win a forum contest?

Winning a forum contest can offer a range of benefits, depending on the nature of the contest. At a basic level, you may receive a prize as specified in the contest rules, which could be anything from small merchandise to substantial cash awards or trips. 

Moreover, winning a contest can significantly boost your visibility within the forum community, establishing you as a thought leader or expert in your field. It can also offer networking opportunities, connecting you with other talented individuals in the community. 

Additionally, for creators or professionals, winning a forum contest can serve as a platform to showcase your work or skills, potentially leading to career opportunities. 

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How do I know if I win the contest?

Most forums will announce the winners of their contests publicly, either on the forum itself or through their social media channels. You may also receive a notification or email from the forum moderators informing you of your victory.  

Watch for any announcements, and follow the forum’s guidelines for claiming your prize if you win. If you’re unsure, contact the contest organizers and ask for an update on the winner announcement.

Check out the video on how a contest winner get notified.

Can I participate in multiple forum contests at once?

Yes, you can participate in multiple forum contests at once. However, make sure to read the rules of each contest carefully and ensure that there are no conflicts between them. Some forums may restrict entering multiple contests simultaneously, so it’s always best to double-check before participating.

How do I get my friends and followers to support me in the contest?

The most efficient way to get support from your friends and followers is by promoting your entry on social media platforms or through personal messages. Share the link to your contest entry and ask them to vote for you if they like your work. It’s essential, however, to ensure that you’re not violating any contest rules by sharing externally.

Offering an incentive or reward for voting for you could also motivate your friends and followers to support you. However, ensure that any incentives are within the contest’s rules and do not undermine the fairness of the competition. 


I hope all these tips will help you increase your chances of winning an online forum contest. Always read the rules thoroughly, engage with other participants, and showcase your entry across different platforms for maximum exposure. 

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