Top 25 Unique Office Christmas Decorating Contest Ideas For 2023

Looking for some unique office Christmas decorating contest ideas for 2023? Every year, offices worldwide hold Christmas giveaways and decorating contests to spread holiday cheer and boost employee morale. From tree decorating to cubicle displays, these decorating contests allow employees to get creative and showcase their festive spirit.

Overall, it’s a fun and creative way to unite people and celebrate the festive season. So, in this article, I’ve compiled a list of 25 unique office Christmas decorating contest ideas that will impress your colleagues and take your office decorations to the next level in 2023.

office christmas decorating contest ideas

Top 25 Unique Office Christmas Decorating Contest Ideas in 2023

After a deep research, I found 25 unique office Christmas decorating contest ideas. Movies inspire some, some by popular Christmas themes, and some are just plain fun. So let’s get started!

#1. The Candy Cane Lane

Imagine walking into a whimsical lane of candy canes every morning. To get this look, drape your cubicle walls with red and white striped fabric. Add oversized faux candy canes at each corner, and sprinkle some peppermint-scented potpourri to seal the deal. Hanging red and white paper lanterns from the ceiling will create a magical glow. Plus, don’t forget to serve actual candy canes for that extra touch of sweetness.

#2. Santa’s Workshop

Transform your office space into the North Pole’s most buzzing scene. Equip your desk with toy-making tools like small hammers, strings, and wooden blocks. A Santa Stop Here sign is essential, maybe even an ‘Elf of the Month’ award board. Use green and red fabric to create elf-like costumes for your chairs. Add a mini sleigh filled with small toys as giveaways to make it interactive.

#3. Christmas Movie Marathon Corner

There’s nothing like iconic Christmas movies to get people in the holiday spirit. Choose your favorite flicks and decorate your area with memorable quotes and images. Use a mini projector to continuously loop classics like “Home Alone” or “Elf” in the background. Popcorn bags and movie tickets can serve as creative ornaments, and how about a cozy blanket and cushions for that at-home theater vibe?

#4. The Nutcracker Suite

This classic ballet can lend an air of elegance and whimsy to your workspace. Dress your desk like a stage with tiny ballerina figurines, toy soldiers, and plush velvet fabric. Attach a castle backdrop to the wall, and maybe even loop the music softly in the background. Plus, you could arrange a mini ballet performance during lunchtime—get your co-workers involved in this captivating showcase.

#5. Gingerbread House Galore

Craft gingerbread walls from cardboard, and use colored paper to make candy and icing decorations. Create a roof out of fluffy cotton to mimic snow and outline windows and doors with the white marker for a frosty effect. A welcome mat made from bubble wrap could be your unique take on a cobblestone path. Plus, actual gingerbread cookies would be a delightful snack for your co-workers.

#6. The Eco-Friendly Christmas

Being eco-conscious during the holiday season is admirable. Use recycled materials like aluminum cans flattened to make stars and strings of cardboard circles as innovative garlands. The recycling logo can also be creatively incorporated into ornaments. Maybe even make a Christmas tree out of old magazines or newspapers. And remember, LED lights are more energy-efficient!

#7. Winter Wonderland

To achieve this frosty look, go with an all-white theme. White snowflakes, white Christmas trees, and white faux fur rugs. Drape fairy lights to add a sparkle that mimics the shimmer of snow. Fill glass jars with salt to create an effect like snow globes, and throw in some pine cones for a rustic touch. It’s like stepping into a Christmas card!

#8. Around the World in 25 Days

Celebrate diversity by incorporating holiday traditions from around the globe. One corner could be dedicated to German Christmas markets, another to Japanese Christmas KFC tradition. Add a globe ornament to tie it all together. Educational posters explaining each tradition can also be both engaging and informative.

#9. Retro Christmas

Dive into nostalgia with classic decorations like bubble lights, tinsel, and shiny aluminum Christmas trees. Frame pictures of classic Christmas ads and sprinkle vintage toy cars around your space. Maybe even throw in a retro radio playing holiday classics to bring that old-time Christmas spirit to life.

#10. Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Christmas

The choices are magical, from floating candles hanging from fishing lines to house banners representing Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Create a mini Sorting Hat ceremony for newcomers and perhaps a hidden “Room of Requirement” sign for a cozy escape. Don’t forget your wand!

#11. The Ugly Sweater Party

Why limit ugly sweaters to just clothing? Drape your cubicle with the ugliest Christmas sweaters you can find—prints, bells, and all. Turn sweaters into chair covers or cushion cases for a laugh. You can also create a mini “Wall of Shame” showcasing the ugliest sweater nominees. Hand out ‘ugly sweater’ badges to visitors and invite them to vote for their favorite (or least favorite).

#12. Christmas Carnival

Turn your office into a lively Christmas Carnival with games and all. Use cardboard and paint to craft booths like “Ring the Reindeer” or “Snowball Toss.” Offer small prizes like holiday-themed erasers or chocolates. Colorful streamers, bright lights, and cotton candy scents can add to the carnival atmosphere. To add a twist, include a holiday trivia booth.

#13. The Beachy Christmas

Who says Christmas can’t be celebrated under the sun? Use beach umbrellas as an unusual but eye-catching replacement for Christmas trees. Decorate with seashells, surfboards, and even a blow-up palm tree. Toss around some beach balls decorated like giant ornaments. Create a ‘sandy’ floor using beige carpeting for the finishing touch.

#14. DIY Craft Corner

Stimulate creativity in the office by dedicating a space to DIY crafts. Stock up on craft supplies like paper, glue, ribbons, and markers. Hang up instructional guides for making ornaments or decorating cookies. This is not only visually stimulating but also a great stress reliever. Set up a camera for a timelapse of the crafts coming together.

#15. The Starry Night

Transform your area into a celestial chamber with all things cosmic. Hang glowing stars from the ceiling and stick glow-in-the-dark planets on the walls. For the pièce de résistance, create a night sky backdrop with fairy lights and dark fabric. A telescope pointing out of the window could add a whimsical yet educational touch.

#16. The Christmas Zoo

Gather stuffed animals, animal figurines, or even animal-shaped mugs. Dress them up in Christmas attire: reindeer antlers on a lion or a Santa hat on a penguin. Create fun, informational plaques for each “exhibit,” and maybe even include animal-themed Christmas jokes. To add an interactive element, include an animal-themed scavenger hunt.

#17. Northern Lights

Use LED lights in blue, green, and purple hues to simulate the ethereal Northern Lights on the walls and ceiling of your space. Hang up pictures of the natural phenomenon and include educational snippets about how it occurs. You could even use a projector to display real-time Northern Lights from webcams in places like Iceland or Canada.

#18. Superhero Christmas

Combine your love for comics and holidays by featuring a superhero-themed corner. Picture Spider-Man webbing up a Christmas tree or Captain America’s shield as a wreath. Add stockings adorned with superhero logos and sprinkle some comic book issues for co-workers to browse. Throw in some action figures for good measure.

#19. Musical Christmas

For music lovers, consider sheet music as wallpaper and miniature instruments as ornaments. Roll up sheet music to make unique Christmas trees and use musical notes as wall decor. Include a playlist of Christmas carols or, even better, organize a flash mob during lunch to surprise everyone with live music.

#20. Christmas in the Big Apple

A miniature Statue of Liberty ornament, yellow taxi fairy lights, and skyline silhouette will transport your office straight to New York. Include iconic foods like mini pretzels or New York cheesecake slices. Maybe even create a mini Times Square with a countdown to Christmas Day.

#21. Narnia’s Winter Magic

Step into C.S. Lewis’s magical world by using a wardrobe door as your entrance. Decorate with faux fur, pine trees, and a replica of the lamppost that marks the border between Narnia and the ‘real world.’ Create ‘White Witch’ and ‘Aslan’ sections to add some drama. Bonus points for Turkish Delight!

#22. 8-Bit Christmas

Take it back to the gaming glory days with pixelated decorations. From pixel Santa and reindeer to pixelated snowflakes, the options are endless. Lay down an 8-bit carpet or rug, and use small square tiles to create 8-bit characters on the walls. To keep the spirit going, consider an 8-bit Christmas playlist.

#23. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Christmas

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with this classy setup. Think Tiffany blue drapes, pearl garlands, and crystal ornaments. Include a photo booth with Holly Golightly accessories like the iconic tiara and sunglasses. Add a touch of elegance with silver tea sets and little black dress ornaments.

#24. Rustic Farmhouse Christmas

Incorporate natural elements like wooden plaques, burlap wreaths, and twine. Consider a Christmas tree made of stacked wooden crates and stockings made of patchwork fabric. Include some cozy touches like flannel fabrics and candles in mason jars. The scent of pine and cinnamon can complete the rustic vibe.

#25. Meme-tastic Christmas

Looking for funny office Christmas decorating contest ideas? For a good laugh, incorporate popular memes into your decorations. Think Grumpy Cat dressed in a Santa hat or Baby Yoda sipping hot cocoa. Print out meme faces and put them on stockings or use them as ornaments. You could even have a ‘meme of the day’ competition with co-workers for some festive fun. 

Check out the below video content on Christmas desk decoration contest for visual experience.

How to Pick the Winner of the Office Christmas Decorating Contest

What should be the Christmas office decorating contest judging criteria? Now that you have many ideas for your office Christmas decorations, it’s time to pick a winner! Here are some judging criteria to help you out:

#1. Create categories: 

Divide the decorations into categories like “Most Creative,” “Best Theme,” or “Funniest Decoration.” Also, consider having an overall winner for “Best Overall Decoration.” This way, each decoration will have a chance to shine in its own unique way.

#2. Get everyone involved:

Have a voting system where employees can vote for their favorite decorations in each category. This will make the decision more democratic and involve everyone in the festive spirit.

#3. Have a panel of judges:

Consider having a panel of judges of managers, HR representatives, or volunteers from different departments. This will add a fun and competitive edge to the contest.

#4. Set criteria:

Have set criteria for each category that judges can use when evaluating decorations. For example, for “Most Creative,” judges can consider how original and unique the decoration is.

#5. Offer prizes:

To make the competition even more exciting, offer prizes for the winners. This could be anything from gift cards to a day off work. 

#6. Encourage participation:

To encourage more decorations and make the contest fair, have a minimum requirement for participating in the competition. For instance, each department must have at least one decoration to be considered.

FAQs on Office Christmas Decorating Contest Ideas

What are some budget-friendly office Christmas door decorating contest ideas?

Here are some budget-friendly office Christmas door decorating contest ideas. 

  • Use recycled materials like old wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, or empty cans to create unique decorations.
  • Utilize your office supplies, such as Post-it notes or paper clips, to create fun and creative decorations.
  • Have a potluck where employees can bring homemade decorations or treats to decorate the office.
  • Utilize natural elements like pinecones, twigs, and berries to create rustic decorations.

How can I involve remote employees in the office Christmas decorating contest?

Consider having a virtual competition where remote employees can submit photos or videos of their decorations. You could also have a designated area in the office for remote employees’ decorations or have them send in physical decorations by mail. Additionally, you could have a virtual voting system for remote employees to participate in the judging process. Overall, make sure to include and involve remote employees as much as possible. 

How do you win a Christmas decorating contest?

To win a Christmas decorating contest, you must be creative, unique, and visually appealing with your decorations. Make sure to follow the judging criteria and put effort into your decorations. Collaborating with co-workers and incorporating a theme can also increase your chances of winning. Most importantly, have fun and spread holiday cheer.

How to decorate an office lobby for Christmas?

“How can I decorate my workplace for Christmas?”

“How do I make my office Christmassy?”

Here are some tips for decorating an office lobby for Christmas:

  • Start with a Christmas tree as the focal point. Depending on your budget and preference, you can choose a real or artificial one.
  • Add festive garlands, wreaths, and bows to the walls, columns, or staircase.
  • For a warm and cozy feel, incorporate twinkling lights around doorways, windows, and other areas.
  • Use holiday-themed pillows, blankets, and rugs to comfort and charm the lobby’s seating areas.
  • Include festive centerpieces or table decorations on reception desks or coffee tables.
  • Hang up stockings with employees’ names on them for a personalized touch.
  • Play Christmas music in the background to set a festive atmosphere.


Now, you have all the ideas you need to turn your office into a winter wonderland this Christmas season. There’s something for everyone from traditional themes to unique and creative ideas. Show off your creativity and spread holiday cheer with these festive decorations that will bring joy to your workplace.

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