How to Enter to Online Photography Contest to Win Prizes

Do you want to make a name for yourself in photography and win some amazing prizes? Entering an online photography contest is one of the best ways to do just that. The competition can be fierce, but with the right approach, you can put your work in front of a large audience and maybe even get rewarded for it. 

In this blog post, I’ll discuss how to enter an online photography contest and maximize your chances of winning. I’ll cover topics such as finding contests, preparing your photos, submitting them correctly, and promoting your entry once it’s been submitted. With these tips at hand, you’ll be ready to compete against other photographers from around the world.

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How to Enter to Online Photography Contest to Win Prizes

Here is a step by step process to enter an online photography contest to win prizes.

#1. Finding Contests:

The first step to entering an online photography contest is finding the right contests to enter. There are many different ways to do this, such as searching for contests online, following popular photographers and influencers in the field, joining photography forums or communities, and signing up for newsletters and alerts.

For example, for online baby photo contests, Bidiboo and Gerber baby photo contests are well known. When searching for contests, be sure to read the rules and regulations carefully. This will help ensure that you only enter those contests which are right for you and your work.

Moreover, make sure to consider the prizes being offered. Is it a cash prize? Are there other tangible prizes like cameras, lenses, and accessories? Or will you simply receive exposure and recognition for your work?

Also, take note of any deadlines or restrictions related to the contest. You don’t want to be caught off guard by something that may have been specified in the rules. Check to see if there are any fees associated with entering the contest. Many contests do not require an entry fee, while others may charge a nominal fee for submitting your work.

#2. Preparing Your Photos

Before submitting any photos, take some time to prepare them for contest entry. Make sure they look their best by polishing up the composition, adjusting for exposure, cropping to the correct size, and adding a finishing touch of post-processing.

To ensure your photos are eligible for submission, ensure that they meet the required criteria, such as maximum size limit, resolution, and color profile specified by the contest organizer. Additionally, make sure to submit the photos in the correct format, such as JPEG or TIFF, with the specific resolution and file size required by the contest rules.

Most contests will also require a short description of your images. Make sure to write compelling captions that explain your photos clearly and provide an interesting backdrop for them. Also, avoid using copyrighted material in the caption, or you may be disqualified from the contest.

#3. Submitting Your Photos

To submit your prepared photos for an online photography contest, you’ll need to fill out an online form with your name, contact details, location, and selected categories. Then, follow the contest organizer’s instructions to upload your photos on the specified website or app. Make a habit of checking for updates on your submission regularly.

Many contests may ask you to sign a release form giving them permission to use your photos for promotional purposes. Make sure you read and understand this agreement before signing it. You should also double-check that all the information provided is accurate, such as the photographer’s name and the photo’s title, since these are often used in publicity materials.

#4. Promoting Your Entry

Finally, once you have submitted your photos, you should consider promoting them to increase your chances of winning the contest. You can do this by sharing the link to your entry on social media platforms and encouraging your friends and followers to vote for your work.

You should also reach out to other photographers in the online community who might be interested in voting for you. This will help draw attention to your entry and give you a better chance of winning the contest. Additionally, consider joining photography forums and interacting with other photographers for advice on entering and winning contests.

More Questions on Online Photography Contest

What is an online photo contest?

An online photo contest is a digital competition in which participants submit photographs for consideration by judges or by public vote. These contests are usually hosted on websites or social media platforms and are open to anyone with an internet connection.

Online photo contests can have themes or be open to any subject matter; winners are often awarded prizes such as cash, photography equipment, or exhibition opportunities. These contests provide photographers with an outlet to showcase their work and allow individuals to engage with and appreciate a diverse range of visual art.

With the growing popularity of digital photography, online photo contests have become a means for photographers of all levels to gain recognition and exposure.

How do I join world photography?

The World Photography Organisation offers a platform for photographers to showcase their talent to a global audience. To submit your work, the first step is to upload your image to their official website or one of the official Sony World Photography Awards’ websites.

Make sure to follow the on-screen instructions carefully, as any errors or missing information could impact your submission. This is a fantastic opportunity to have your work seen and potentially recognized by industry professionals and fellow photographers worldwide.

So don’t hesitate to submit your best work today and take the first step towards joining the world of photography.

What is a mobile photography competition?

The mobile photography competition is an excellent platform for amateur and professional photographers to showcase their talents and creativity. It is a form of photography that is rapidly gaining popularity due to the growing number of smartphone users worldwide.

The competition is usually based on a specific theme, and contestants must submit their photos taken only on a mobile device. It requires unique skills and techniques to capture photos that stand out among the other submissions.

The contests usually have a panel of expert judges who evaluate the photos on certain criteria such as composition, lighting, and overall creativity. Winning a mobile photography contest can earn recognition and exposure for the photographer, and it is a great way to gain exposure in the photography community.

How to earn money with photography?

If you’re passionate about photography and have a knack for capturing stunning shots, it’s possible to turn your hobby into a profitable venture. There are various ways to make money with photography, from selling prints to freelancing for clients, but it all starts with building a solid portfolio that showcases your skills and creativity.

Consider investing in high-quality equipment and perfecting your technique to stand out in a crowded market. You can also explore online platforms, such as stock photography sites and social media, to reach a larger audience and increase your earning potential.

Moreover, networking and building relationships with potential clients can go a long way in securing paid gigs and commissions. Dedication and persistence can turn your passion for photography into a lucrative career.

What is the best online photography contest for beginners?

After thorough research and consideration, one of the best photography competitions for beginners is the “Shoot and Share” contest. This competition stands out because of its simplicity – photographers can submit up to 50 photos across 25 categories for free.

Plus, voting is blind, which means anyone can win regardless of their experience level or popularity. Beyond the competition, Shoot and Share also offer helpful resources and a supportive community for photographers of all levels.

This video might help you to know more about how to enter this online photography contest:

How to create a Facebook photo contest?

Creating a Facebook photo contest is an easy and effective way to engage your audience, get more engagement, and generate leads. Here’s how you can create a successful photo contest:

1. Select a prize that is desirable to your target audience. It could be anything from free products or services to vouchers or discounts. Make sure to include clear details about the prize in your post or ad.

2. Make sure to create a set of contest rules and regulations that participants must follow to enter. This includes setting an age limit, geographic restrictions, entry requirements, etc.

3. Use social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram to promote your contest. You can create an ad or post explaining the details of the contest and direct people to a designated page on your website with more information.

4. Ask your followers to share their photos, using a set hashtag or tagging you in the photo, for them to be eligible for entry into the contest. Make sure to provide a clear deadline to incentivize people to enter.

5. Use an app or software that will randomly select the winner, and make sure to announce who won on all of your social media channels. Then send out the prize accordingly.

Following these steps should help you create a successful Facebook photo contest that encourages engagement and generates leads.


Entering photography contests can be a great way to gain exposure and recognition for your work. By following the tips outlined here, you can increase your chances of winning by submitting high-quality photos that meet all the contest requirements, promoting your entry, and reaching out to other photographers.

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