15 Scary Halloween Door Decorating Contest Ideas

If you are looking for some creative, scary Halloween door decorating contest ideas, you will find them here. I have been participating in these contests for years and have some amazing ideas to share with you.

Scary Halloween Door Decorating Contest Ideas

15 Scary Halloween Door Decorating Contest Ideas

Before I start with the ideas, I want to emphasize that creativity and originality are key to winning a Halloween door decorating contest. You want to stand out from the rest of the decorations and leave a lasting impression on the judges.

#1. Creepy Clown Entrance

Transform your door into a clown’s face with a big, eerie smile and bulging eyes. Use colored paper for the clown’s hair and face details. For an added scare, attach a red balloon from the door handle.

#2. Haunted House

Create a spooky haunted house scene on your door. Use silhouettes of haunted trees, bats, witches, and a full moon. Add some creepy house details like broken window panes and towering turrets.

#3. Graveyard Gate

Paint your door black and add tombstones, eerie fog, and skeleton hands reaching out. Incorporate dimly lit lanterns for a chilling graveyard scene at night. You may also add sound effects to create a more realistic experience.

#4. Spider Invasion

Give your door a frightful look with a horde of black spiders crawling out from a large web. Don’t forget to include a giant spider. Make it move with a remote control for an extra scare factor. 

#5. Zombie Outbreak

Give the impression of zombies trying to break out from your door with hands reaching out. Use red paint for a gory effect. Also, add some props like bloody handprints and warning signs.

#6. Mummy’s Tomb

Wrap your door with white strips of cloth or paper to mimic a mummy. Attach a pair of scary eyes peeking out from the wrappings. You can also add a sign that reads “Do Not Enter: Mummy’s Tomb.”

#7. Ghostly Apparition

Turn your door into a ghastly ghost with white flowing fabric and big black eyes and mouth. Add some floating candles and eerie sounds for a more supernatural effect.

#8. Witch’s Lair

Decorate your door with witch-themed accessories like a broom, a black cat silhouette, and a cauldron with green foam ‘witch’s brew’ bubbling over. Don’t forget to add a ‘witch’s welcome’ sign for an added eerie touch.

#9. Vampire’s Den

Paint a large vampire mouth with fangs on your door. Add red paint around the mouth for a blood-curdling effect. Add a spooky vampire figure with glowing red eyes to complete the scene.

#10. Pumpkin Patch

Place a variety of carved pumpkins with scary faces around your door. Don’t forget to add some creepy-crawly companions like spiders and bats. For an added touch, add strings of orange lights to give a warm glow at night.

#11. Cursed Pirate Ship

Transform your door into a pirate ship’s entrance with a skull, crossbones flag, old lanterns, and rusty chains. Add a skeleton pirate figure and a treasure chest filled with gold coins for an extra spooky touch.  

#12. Scarecrow’s Field

Create a creepy scarecrow with a menacing grin. Surround the door with cornstalks and jack-o-lanterns for a sinister harvest vibe. Add a ‘beware’ sign and some fake crows to complete the scene.

#13. Slasher Movie Scene

Recreate a scene from a popular horror movie like “Friday the 13th” or “Scream.” Use props related to the movie for an extra scare. Add some fake blood for a gruesome effect.

#14. Creepy Doll House

Decorate with unsettling old dolls and toys, and add cobwebs for a creepy abandoned effect. You can also place a dimly lit dollhouse on your door for an added eerie touch.

#15. Monster’s Eye

Create a large monster’s eye on your door with a glowing pupil and scary details. Enhance the creepiness by surrounding the eye with scales or fur. For an added touch, incorporate sound effects to bring the monster to life.

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How to Win a Scary Halloween Door Decorating Contest?

To win a contest like door decoration, you have to be creative. But apart from creativity, you need to follow a strategy. Are you participating in a Halloween door decorating contest? Follow the below tips to stand out from others. 

Understand the Judging Criteria

Most competitions have specific judging criteria that are used to assess each entry. Understanding what these are is essential before you begin planning your design. Common criteria may include creativity, originality, attention to detail, and adherence to theme.

Plan Your Design

Spend some time brainstorming and outlining your design concept. Sketch out your idea, making note of any specific materials or props you’ll need. Not only will this help you visualize your finished product, but it’ll also serve as a guide when you begin decorating.

Use High-Quality Materials

The quality of your materials can significantly impact the overall look of your door. For example, using high-quality paints or props can give your design a more polished and professional look. Investing more upfront to secure materials to enhance your design and hold up well throughout the competition is worth investing in.

Pay Attention to Detail

Don’t rush the decorating process. Instead, take your time and pay attention to the details. Small touches can make a big difference and could decide between your door and another entry.

Incorporate Multiple Elements

Don’t limit yourself to just one aspect of Halloween. Instead, try to incorporate multiple elements into your design. Maybe you have a haunted house with a graveyard or a witch’s lair with a creepy clown. The more elements you include, the more visually interesting your design will be.

Be Creative and Original

While it’s okay to seek inspiration from others, making your design your own is crucial. Judges are more likely to reward unique entries that show original thought and creativity.

Test Your Design

Before the competition, test your design to ensure it works as you envisioned. If you’re using electronic elements, like a moving spider or glowing eyes, ensure they function correctly. This will give you time to troubleshoot any issues before the judging.

Clean Up

Once your door is decorated, step back and clean up any mess. Ensure all your materials are neatly put away, and there’s no leftover debris. This will help your entry look more professional and show respect for the competition and its participants. 

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How Do You Run a Halloween Door Decorating Contest?

If you want to host a door decorating contest at your next Halloween, the guidelines below will help.

Set the Rules

Establishing the rules is the first step in running a Halloween door decorating contest. Make it clear what is permissible in terms of decoration materials and methods. If there are any restrictions, such as no permanent alterations to the doors or no explicit gore, specify them. Also, include any criteria for judging and prizes.

Announce the Contest

Once the rules are set, announce the contest to your participants. You can do this through various communication channels such as emails, social media, or posters. Ensure you include all the relevant details, such as the date, time, rules, and prizes.

Gather a Judging Panel

To decide the winner, you’ll need a panel of judges. This could be made up of a selection of impartial volunteers, or you could invite guest judges from outside your organization. Ensure your judges understand the judging criteria and how to score each entry.

Ensure Fair Participation

Everyone must get a fair chance to participate in the contest. Ensure all participants have access to the same resources and time to decorate their doors. Setting aside a specific time for decorating could be helpful to ensure fairness.


Have your judges evaluate each entry on the contest day based on the set criteria. It’s crucial that the judging is fair and unbiased. You might consider using a scoring system to keep the process transparent and straightforward.

Announce the Winner

Once all doors have been judged, tally up the scores to find the winner, announce the winner in a celebratory way, and appreciate all participants’ efforts. This could be done during a special ceremony or through an announcement email.

FAQs on Halloween Door Decorating Contest Ideas

How long should I run a Halloween door decorating contest?

The length of a Halloween door decorating contest can vary, but typically, it should last at least a week to give participants enough time to plan and execute their designs. However, you may consider extending the duration if there are many entries or your community/event has specific scheduling constraints.

Are there any restrictions on materials or themes for a Halloween door decorating contest?

This will depend on the specific competition in which you are participating. Some may have specific guidelines or themes, while others may allow for more creativity and freedom. It’s important to review any rules or guidelines before beginning your design.

How should I choose a winner for a Halloween door decorating contest?

The judging criteria and process should be clearly outlined beforehand, so following these guidelines is important. Having multiple judges with different perspectives is also a good idea to ensure a fair and well-rounded assessment of each entry.

Can I run a virtual door decorating contest?

Yes, virtual contests are becoming increasingly popular and offer a way for individuals to participate remotely. These can be done through social media or online platforms specifically designed to host competitions. Just make sure to provide clear guidelines and rules for participants to follow. 


Remember that these are just some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Don’t be afraid to mix and match or develop your unique idea. The key is to have fun and let your imagination run wild.

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