20 Best Twitter Contest Ideas For Business: Giveaway & Competition

Twitter is now known as X. If you want some brilliant & proven Twitter contest ideas to grow your brand, then look no further! 

From hashtags to retweets, photo contests to polls, I have covered you with all the best contest ideas for X (Twitter). And to know about them all and how to host one, read on! 

Twitter contest ideas

X (Twitter) Contests – What Are They? 

X (former Twitter) contests are social media promotions where users compete to win a prize by participating in a specific activity on the platform. These activities can vary from simple retweeting to creating user-generated content using the brand’s hashtag.

Why Host a Twitter Contest?

According to recent statistics, X (former Twitter) is now the 12th biggest social network with around 666 monthly active users. Although there are other bigger social media networks, Twitter still has a high engagement rate and is considered a powerful platform for building brand awareness.

A Twitter contest can help:

  1. Increase your brand’s visibility and reach
  2. Attract new followers and potential customers
  3. Encourage user-generated content and engagement
  4. Drive website traffic and conversions 
  5. Boost product or service sales 
  6. Strengthen relationships with existing customers 

Types of Twitter Contest

What are the different types of Twitter contests? Broadly, there are two types of Twitter contests. One is the giveaway-based contest, where random winners are chosen among the participants. The other type is a competition where users have to showcase their skills or creativity to win, and the best entry (as per criteria) is selected as a winner(s).

Examples of giveaway-based Twitter contests:

  • Retweet and Win
  • Follow and Win 
  • Tag a Friend and Win

Examples of skill/creativity-based Twitter contests:

  • Hashtag Contest
  • Photo/Video Contest 
  • Caption Contest
  • Best Meme Contest 

Keep reading to know all the 20 best Twitter contest ideas regarding their types in detail. 

20 Best Twitter Contest Ideas For Brand Growth 

Let’s dive into some of the best Twitter contest ideas, based on their types, to help you grow your brand:

Giveaway-based Twitter Contest Ideas

Giveaways are the most common type of Twitter contests and are easy to execute. Here are 11 best Twitter giveaway ideas:

#1. Retweet to Win Contests

Retweet contests are a breeze to participate in, making them a hit among Twitter users. All they need to do is retweet your post to enter. It’s a win-win! Your brand gains exposure while participants get a shot at a prize. 

Just make sure the prize is enticing and relevant to your audience. Monitor retweets closely to pick a winner. This simple yet effective contest can significantly boost your tweet’s reach.

#2. Follow to Enter the Giveaway

Growing your follower base is crucial for brand growth, and what better way than a “Follow to Enter” contest? Encourage users to follow your Twitter account to be eligible for a prize. It’s straightforward and effective. This strategy increases your followers and ensures a more engaged audience. 

In this contest, the winner will be selected randomly. So, it’s fair game for all participants. Remember that the prize should align with your brand identity to attract the right audience.

#3. Twitter Poll Contests

Twitter polls are not only engaging but also provide valuable insights. Create a poll and ask your followers to vote for a chance to win. 

This method is excellent for increasing engagement and gathering opinions or preferences from your audience. Also, it’s a quick and easy way for followers to participate. Remember, in this contest, the winner can be chosen randomly or based on the most popular response.

[Note: A Twitter poll contest can turn into a competition where ideas are pitted against each other if the winner isn’t chosen randomly. For example, you can ask your followers to create a creative answer with a limited word count. The answer that stands out the most takes the prize.] 

#4. Tag-a-Friend

Expand your reach with a “Tag-a-Friend” contest. Ask your followers to tag a friend in the comments of your contest post. 

This engages your existing followers and introduces new potential followers to your brand. It’s a simple yet effective way to broaden your audience.

#5. Flash Contests on Twitter

Create a sense of urgency with a flash contest. Announce a short-term contest that lasts for a few hours or a day. Many companies use this type of contest to launch a new product or service, boost sales, or celebrate a milestone. 

The limited time frame creates excitement and encourages immediate participation. It’s perfect for quick boosts in interaction and can be a great way to highlight special occasions or product launches.

#6. Join an Email Newsletter Contest

Increase your email subscribers with a join newsletter contest on Twitter. Ask followers to subscribe to your email list for a chance to win. This type of contest helps you build an email list, which is crucial for targeted marketing and customer retention.

Make sure to mention the benefits of subscribing, such as exclusive offers, updates, or valuable content. This way, you gain new subscribers and showcase the value of being part of your email list. 

#7. Twitter Hashtag Relay Contest

Collaborate with other brands or influencers for a hashtag relay contest. Each brand or influencer can post different parts of a story or challenge, and participants need to follow the trail and use all the specified hashtags in their responses.

This type of contest is perfect for cross-promotion and reaching a larger audience. It also creates excitement and encourages followers to engage with multiple posts from different accounts.

#8. Donation Matching Contest

Not only can contests be fun, but they can also be meaningful. Partner with a charity or nonprofit organization and create a donation matching contest on Twitter. For every retweet or like of your contest post, you can pledge to donate a certain amount to the chosen organization.

This type of contest encourages participation and showcases your brand’s values and commitment to making a positive impact. It’s a great way to engage with your audience while giving back to the community.

#9. New Product Launch Contest

Use Twitter contests to launch a new product or service. Ask your followers to share their predictions, expectations, or ideas for the new launch using a specific hashtag. You can also offer sneak peeks or exclusive information about the upcoming product to generate excitement and interest.

Such a contest helps you build anticipation and buzz around your new offering while also engaging your audience and gathering feedback. It’s a win-win for both your brand and your followers. 

#10. Global Giveaway Contest

Expand your reach and engage with an international audience by running a global giveaway contest on Twitter. This type of contest asks participants to follow, retweet, or reply to the post in order to enter. You can choose multiple winners from different parts of the world to add a global touch.

Promoting your brand globally and connecting with followers from different countries is the best way. It also adds an element of excitement as participants eagerly wait to see if they’ve won. 

#11. Vote for Win Contest

You can run a “Vote for Win” contest on Twitter. Here, you can ask your followers to vote for their favorite product or service from a selection and enter into a draw to win the most popular choice. 

In this contest, the winner will be chosen randomly. It’s fun to engage with your followers and gather valuable feedback about your offerings. It also creates excitement as participants vote for their top pick and wait to see if their choice wins.  

Competition-based Twitter Contest Ideas

Competition-based Twitter contests require more effort from participants, but they also offer bigger rewards. Here are a 9 ideas to inspire you:

#1. Twitter Hashtag Contests

Hashtag contests are all about creativity and engagement. Most of the companies use their brand’s hashtag as a way to enter the contest. They mainly run this contest when launching a new product. 

For example, Starbucks ran the “#RedCupContest,” where users had to share a creative photo with their iconic red cups for a chance to win. And the winner’s photo was featured on Starbucks’ social media accounts.

If you want to run a hashtag contest on Twitter, encourage users to post original content using your chosen hashtag for a chance to win. This method is fantastic for brand awareness and user-generated content. 

Pick a unique, brand-specific hashtag to track entries easily. This content type boosts engagement and provides you with a wealth of content for future marketing. Make sure to announce the winner publicly to showcase their winning entry and increase excitement for future contests.

#2. Twitter Photo Caption Contests

Unleash the creativity of your audience with a photo caption contest. Post an intriguing photo related to your brand and ask followers to caption it. The most creative or liked caption wins. 

This contest is great for engagement and encourages interaction among your followers. Plus, it’s a fun way to showcase your brand’s personality.

#3. Best Comment Wins

Engage your audience with a comment-based contest. Post a question or a topic and ask your followers to respond with their best comments. You could choose the winner based on creativity, humor, or insightfulness.

Also, make sure to respond and engage with the comments to keep the conversation going. This type of Twitter contest encourages meaningful interaction and keeps your audience engaged with your brand’s content. 

#4. Twitter Photo/Video Contests

A photo or video contest is all about user-generated content. Encourage participants to share photos or videos related to your brand, product, or service. The most creative and relevant entry wins.

This type of contest increases engagement and provides you with a wealth of user-generated content for future marketing campaigns. Make sure to ask for permission to share the photos or videos on your brand’s social media.

#5. Trivia Questions on Twitter

Trivia contests are perfect for engaging and educating your audience about your brand. Post a trivia question about your brand or industry, and reward those who answer correctly. 

Trivia questions example for a Twitter contest-

  • Which company’s logo consists of a bitten apple? 
  • Which brand’s iconic mascot is a clown named Ronald? 
  • What is the slogan of Nike? 
  • Who is the founder of Microsoft?
  • What is the name of Google’s search engine algorithm?

The questions are unlimited. You can modify questions as you want regarding your business. This type of contest is great for increasing brand knowledge and keeping your audience entertained.

#6. Scavenger Hunts on Twitter

Want to take engagement to the next level? Try a Twitter scavenger hunt! Post a series of clues that lead to a final answer or location. Participants will follow the trail, engaging with multiple posts along the way. 

For example, you can hide clues on your brand’s website or social media pages. This type of contest is challenging and fun, driving traffic to your online platforms. It’s a great way to keep your audience engaged and create an interactive experience!

#7. Creative Answer Contest

Challenge your audience’s creativity with a question related to your brand. Ask them to answer creatively, be it through a tweet, an image, or even a video. 

An example is, “What would your dream vacation with our brand look like? Show us in a tweet!” This type of contest encourages user-generated content and provides you with authentic customer testimonials. 

#8. Best Meme Contest

Memes are a popular form of content on social media, and what better way to engage your audience than with a meme contest? Especially on Twitter, brands run this contest to roast their competitors. 

For example, Cocacola can tweet a meme that mocks the Pepsi tagline “The choice of a new generation” and says, “CocaCola – The choice of every generation.” 

To run such a contest, ask your followers to create memes related to your brand or industry and tag you in their posts. You can choose the funniest or most creative entry as the winner.

This type of contest increases engagement and adds humor and personality to your brand. It’s a great way to showcase your brand’s sense of humor and connect with your audience on a more lighthearted level. 

#9. Fan Art Contest

If you have a loyal fan base, consider running a fan art contest on Twitter. Ask your followers to create and share art related to your brand, products, or services. You can choose the winner based on creativity, relevance, or engagement.

This type of contest showcases your followers’ talents and strengthens their bond with your brand. It’s a great way to appreciate and engage with your most dedicated fans. 

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How to Run a Twitter Contest?

Hopefully, you are clear on all the Twitter contests. Now, you should know how to run these contests. Well, the rules might be different regarding the contest types. But there are a few general steps to follow when running a Twitter contest. And here they are-

#1. Define Your Goals

Before starting any contest, define your goals and objectives. Decide what you want to achieve through the contest- is it increased engagement, brand awareness, or user-generated content? Knowing this will help you plan and execute your contest effectively. 

#2. Set a Budget 

Decide how much you are willing to spend on prizes for the contest. For example, if you are giving away a product as the prize, factor in its cost. Setting a budget will help you determine the type of contest and the prize to offer.

When considering the budget, you need to consider the cost of promoting your contest as well. This can include paid ads or influencer collaborations to reach a larger audience.

#3. Choose the Type of Contest

When it comes to your goals and budget, go ahead and pick the type of Twitter contest that suits your brand and audience the best. As I mentioned earlier, you can run a giveaway or a competition. Under each type, I have also provided different contest ideas to help you choose. However, you may mix it up and combine different types of contests to keep things interesting.

#4. Set the Rules and Timeline

Clearly state the rules of your contest, including eligibility criteria, how to enter, and when the contest will end. Make sure your timeline allows enough time for participants to engage with your posts and for you to choose a winner.

Here are some examples of Twitter contest rules given below:

  • Participants must be residents of the United States and over 18 years old.
  • To enter, follow our brand on Twitter and retweet this post with the hashtag #BrandContest.
  • The contest will run from March 1st to March 15th. The winner will be announced on March 20th.
  •  In Giveaway- “Winners will be chosen randomly from all eligible entries.” In Competition- “The most creative answer will be chosen as the winner by our panel of judges.”
  • The winner will be notified via direct message on Twitter and must respond within 24 hours to claim their prize.
  • The prize is non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • By entering the contest, participants grant permission for the brand to use their entry (tweet, post, etc.) on their social media platforms.

These are just some examples, and you can adjust the rules according to your contest type and goals.

#5. Follow Guidelines for Promotion on X (Twitter):

When promoting your contest on Twitter, make sure to follow the platform’s guidelines for running contests. Some important points to keep in mind are:

  • Include the hashtag #contest or #sweepstakes in your tweets to let users know it is a promotional post.
  • Do not ask for duplicate content, such as multiple retweets or tweets with the same content.
  • Contest rules must be very specific, and you should keep them clear from the beginning.  
  • Do not encourage spammy behavior or incentivize follows/retweets.
  • Make sure to comply with any local laws regarding running promotions, such as age restrictions or disclaimers.

#6. Promote Your Contest

If you think you will just make a tweet about your contest, and people will come in a flood to participate, you’re wrong. You need to promote your contest effectively to reach a wider audience and encourage participation.  

Here are some ways to promote your Twitter contest:

  • Use paid ads on Twitter or collaborate with influencers to reach a larger audience.
  • Promote the contest on your other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.
  • Send an email blast to your subscribers or mention the contest in your regular newsletters.
  • Add a banner or pop-up on your website promoting the contest. 
  • Use relevant hashtags and tag other accounts to increase visibility.
  • Collaborate with other brands or businesses in your industry for cross-promotion.

#7. Monitor and Engage

As your contest is running, monitor it closely for any issues or questions that participants may have. Also, engage with participants by liking, retweeting, and responding to their posts. This will create a positive experience for them and encourage others to participate.

#8. Choose a Winner

Once the contest is over, choose a winner based on your predetermined criteria. If you are running a giveaway, use a random name picker tool or choose randomly from eligible entries. There are different tools for this that you can find online. 

If it is a competition, gather a panel of judges to choose the most creative or relevant entry. You can also involve your audience by asking them to vote for their favorite entry.

#9. Announce and Award the Winner

Announce the winner on Twitter and tag them in the post. This will inform them and create a buzz around your contest and brand. Also, make sure to award the winner with their prize promptly.

#10. Measure Results

After your Twitter contest is over, measure its results by comparing them against your goals and objectives. Some metrics you can track are engagement rate, number of participants, increase in followers or website traffic, user-generated content created, etc.

Twitter Contest Prize Ideas

“Prize” is the main incentive for people to participate in your contest. So, make sure you choose a relevant and valuable prize for your target audience.  

Here are some ideas for Twitter contest prizes:

  • Free product or service from your brand
  • Discount codes or coupons for future purchases
  • Exclusive access to new products or services before anyone else
  • Customized merchandise with the winner’s name or handle
  • A trip or experience related to your brand or industry
  • Collaboration opportunity with your brand (for influencers or businesses)
  • Gift cards from popular retailers or restaurants
  • Donation to a charity of the winner’s choice in their name. 

Remember, the prize you offer may vary according to the type of contest and your budget. Just make sure it aligns with your brand and will excite your audience.  

FAQs on Twitter Contest Ideas

How long should a Twitter contest run?  

The duration of your Twitter contest will depend on your goals and objectives. I recommend running it for at least a month to give enough time for promotion and participation. Remember, the longer the contest, the more effort you’ll need to maintain engagement and keep the excitement going! 

Are contests allowed on Twitter?

Sure! Twitter contests are fine as long as they stick to the platform’s guidelines for promotional content. You can participate by tweeting, retweeting, following a user, or posting a specific hashtag update. Just remember to be mindful of Twitter’s rules on spam.

Can I ask participants to pay to enter a Twitter contest?  

Asking participants to pay to enter a Twitter contest depends on the type of contest. In the case of sweepstakes or giveaways, it is not allowed as these are considered gambling and could be against the law. 

However, if you are running a competition where participants must create or submit something (like a photo or video), you may charge an entry fee. Just make sure to follow all local laws and guidelines for running such contests. 

Can I tag other accounts in my Twitter contest tweets?

You can tag other accounts in your contest tweets to increase visibility and reach a wider audience. Just make sure the tags are relevant and not spammy. Remember, engaging with other brands or businesses can also lead to potential collaborations or partnerships in the future! 

Can I run multiple contests on Twitter at the same time?

Yes, you can run multiple contests on Twitter at the same time as long as they do not overlap or cause confusion for participants. Just make sure you have enough resources to manage and promote each contest effectively. 

How many winners should I choose?  

The number of winners you choose will depend on your goals and the type of contest. You can have one or multiple overall winners for different categories or prizes. Just make sure to clearly state how many winners there will be in your contest rules. 

How to win a Twitter contest?

To win a Twitter contest, you must follow the rules and criteria set by the host. These can vary from simply retweeting or using a specific hashtag to creating original content or solving a puzzle. Just make sure to read and understand the rules carefully before participating. 

You may also make your shortcut to win a contest. However, it depends on the contest types. For example, if it’s a voting contest, you may purchase Twitter contest votes from a trusted website and be a winner. But make sure the rules are not violated.

Remember, in the case of a giveaway contest, where the winner is chosen randomly, you can’t make any shortcuts. For more details, you may contact us


Running a Twitter contest can effectively promote your brand, engage with your audience, and increase your social media following. By following these tips and ideas, you can create a successful contest that benefits both your business and participants. Just make sure to plan carefully, stay within Twitter’s guidelines, and have fun with it!

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