35 Unique & Promotional Back to School Giveaway Ideas for Students 2024

Are you looking for a way to encourage your students to return to school in 2024? Back to school giveaway ideas might just be the golden ticket. Giveaways are always fun and exciting, and they can be the perfect way to get students excited for the new school year. 

Not only do giveaways create a buzz around your school, but they also promote school spirit and encourage participation in school events. Here are 35 unique and fun back to school giveaway promotional ideas that will leave your students eager to start the school year.

back to school giveaway ideas

35 Unique & Promotional Back to School Giveaway Ideas for Students 2024

We all know that kids sometimes find their daily routine boring. That’s why, each year, schools hustle to reel in both new and returning students with exciting incentives. In the upcoming new year, 2024, follow the below back to school giveaway ideas. It will keep your students engaged and motivated throughout the entire school year.

#1. Customized Pen & Pencils: 

Pen and pencils are basic. But add a name, and it’s special. Kids love seeing their names on things. It is a great way to make your students feel special and important. Plus, no one can steal their pen and pencils. 

#2. Reusable Water Bottles: 

Promote sustainability and health by giving away reusable water bottles. You can even personalize them with your school logo or motto to make them unique. Also, encourage students to stay hydrated throughout the school day. 

#3. Locker Decor Kits: 

Lockers are dull. But they don’t have to be. A kit with magnets and fairy lights is fun. It personalizes space. In addition, providing students with useful items like mirrors and organizers will help them stay organized.

#4. Tech Stickers: 

Gadgets are everywhere. Kids love to personalize them. Stickers can make that happen. They’re cheap but make a big impact. Moreover, you can use this opportunity to promote school spirit by creating stickers with your school logo or mascot.

#5. Mini Book Sets: 

Books are treasures. But they need to be fun. Pick popular series or genres of book sets. Kids will want to read them. It’ll also boost their love for reading. Furthermore, you can hold a book club or reading challenge using the books as prizes.

#6. Desk Plants: 

Plants add life. A small succulent is easy to care for. It’s cute for a desk or a window. Kids can learn about taking care of something. In addition, it adds some green to their space.

#7. Personalized Notebooks: 

Notes can be fun. Personalize the covers for them. They’ll use it all year. It’s both practical and fun. And each one can be unique. Not only will it make students feel special, but it will also increase their motivation to take notes and stay organized.

#8. Character Erasers: 

Erasers don’t have to be boring. Choose ones with fun characters. They’re practical yet exciting. Kids will love using them. They may also love to make their collections.

#9. Art Supplies: 

Art frees the mind. Give them markers or crayons. It’s good for class and home. Creativity will flow. And their art can decorate the fridge or classroom.

#10. Healthy Snack Packs: 

Snacks fuel the day. But make them healthy. Think fruit or granola bars. They can eat them at the break. It’s a step toward healthy habits. You may even encourage students to bring their own healthy snacks to school.

#11. Mini Calculators: 

Math is tough. Calculators make it easier. Go for bright colors. It’s a useful tool. And it’s a break from the usual school supplies. Remember to include instructions on how to use the calculator.

#12. USB Drives: 

Digital is the way. A USB is always handy. Choose fun shapes or colors. They can save their work easily. It also fits in their pocket. Moreover, you can save important school documents and resources on the USB drive for students to access.

#13. Magnetic Bookmarks: 

Pages get lost. Magnetic bookmarks can help. They stick to the page. Designs can be fun or trendy. Plus, they won’t fall out of the book. You may even print some with inspirational quotes or reminders for students.

#14. Lunch Boxes: 

Lunch is a big deal. Make it fun with a cool lunchbox. Think compartments or designs. It keeps food fresh. And kids will want to bring lunch from home. You can even have a lunch box decorating contest.

#15. Pencil Pouches: 

Pens and pencils need a home. Pouches can be that home. Choose fun fabrics or patterns. Everything stays in one place. And their bag stays organized. You may even include some school supplies inside the pouch as an added surprise.

#16. Stress Balls: 

School can stress kids out. A stress ball can help. Pick fun shapes or textures. It’s good for a squeeze during class. It can live on their desk. Also, you can use this giveaway to promote mental health and self-care.

#17. Dry Erase Boards: 

Reminders are crucial. A dry-erase board can help. They jot down tasks or notes. It’s reusable all year. And it can hang in their locker. You may even challenge students to write down motivational or inspirational messages on their boards.

#18. Music Gift Cards: 

Music is a vibe. Give the gift of tunes. It’s for study or downtime. They can choose their favorite songs. It’s an easy digital gift for the students. Plus, it promotes their creativity and individuality.

#19. Keychains: 

Keys get lost. Keychains help with that. Choose cool designs or shapes. They can clip it in their bag. It’s a fun accessory. And students will love them. You can also create keychains with your school logo.

#20. Flashcards: 

Learning is key. Flashcards make it easy. Pick a subject they struggle with. It’ll help with tests. It’s a quick study tool that’s fun. Moreover, you can create a custom flashcard design with fun images or colors.

#21. Temporary Tattoos: 

Tattoos are fun. Make them temporary for school. Go for fun or educational designs. Kids can show them off. And they wash off easily. In addition, you can use the tattoos to promote school events or spirit days.

#22. Wristbands: 

Bands are trendy. They also share a message. Pick motivational words or slogans. It’s an everyday accessory that also boosts school spirit. Also, you can use the wristbands to promote important school initiatives or fundraisers.

#23. Reusable Snack Bags: 

Plastic is out. Reusable is in. Snack bags can be fabric and fun. They’re washable. And they’re better for Earth. You can include a small note reminding students of the importance of reducing plastic waste.

#24. Clipboards: 

Papers get lost. Clipboards keep them safe. Pick ones with storage space. It can hold their pens, too. And it makes them feel like a pro.

#25. Board Games: 

Games are fun. Choose classic ones. They can play at the break. It’s a social activity. It’s a way to get a break from study. Here, too, you can hold tournaments or challenges with the board games as prizes.  

#26. PopSockets: 

Phones are a necessity. Make them functional. A PopSocket adds grip. It can also prop the phone up. They come in different fun designs like animal and superhero faces. Kids will love them.

#27. Scented Candles: 

Older kids need focus. A candle can set the mood. Pick calming scents. It can make the study cozy. Also, it’s a touch of home.

#28. Hand Sanitizers: 

Germs are everywhere. Sanitizer kills them. Choose fun scents. Add a holder to match so that it can clip to their bag.

#29. Beanie Hats: 

Winter is cold. Beanies keep heads warm. Add the school logo. It’s functional and cool. It’s good for all winter.

#30. Earbuds: 

Sound is personal. Earbuds make it private. They’re good for study or travel. Plus, they’re small and portable. Your students will love them. And the ones who are always losing their earbuds can use this backup pair. They’re practical yet fun, with different designs and colors to choose from.

#31. Study Guides: 

School is challenging. A guide can help. Make it subject-specific. It’s a tool for the whole year. And it can boost their grades.

#32. Chalk: 

Chalk is old-school. But it’s still fun. Give colorful options. It’s good for the classroom and home. Also, it brings back the blackboard. That’s sure to make kids smile.

#33. Timers: 

Time management is key. A timer sets boundaries. It’s good for study sessions. And it can take time breaks too. Moreover, it’s a skill for life. Encourage your students to manage their time effectively!

#34. Compass and Protractor Sets: 

Geometry needs tools. Make them fun. Pick vibrant colors or shapes. It makes math more interesting. Also, your students can show off their cool tools to classmates.

#35. Canvas Tote Bags: 

Bags carry things. Make it a tote. It’s sturdy and versatile. They can use it for books or groceries. And it’s another way to be eco-friendly. You may choose to personalize the tote bags with their names or favorite quotes as a fun addition. These bags can also be used for carrying extra school supplies that won’t fit in their backpacks. 

For additional easy and quick gifts ideas, here is video content for you.

How to Choose the Perfect Back to School Gift 2024

Choosing the perfect back-to-school gift for your students can be a daunting task. You want it to be something that they will find useful, fun, and memorable. Here are some tips to help you choose the best gifts for your students:

  1. Consider your student’s age and grade level: Different age groups may have different interests and needs. For example, younger students might enjoy toys or school supplies with fun designs, while older students may appreciate more practical gifts geared toward studying.
  2. Think about your budget: Set a reasonable budget for your back-to-school gifts. You don’t have to break the bank to give your students something special. There are plenty of affordable options that can still be thoughtful and fun.
  3. Keep it useful: Your gift should have a purpose and be something your students will use. This ensures that your gift isn’t forgotten or tossed aside.
  4. Personalize when possible: Adding personal touches to the gifts, such as their names or favorite colors, can make them more special and memorable for your students. Plus, it shows that you put thought and effort into choosing their gift.
  5. Consider the messaging: If your school has a specific theme or message for the year, consider creatively incorporating it into the gift. This can help reinforce important values or goals for your students.

Remember, the best back-to-school gifts show your students that you care about them and their education. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, just thoughtful and practical.

How to Run Back to School Giveaways in 2024

Back-to-school season is the perfect time to run giveaways for your students. It can be a fun and exciting way to promote school spirit, engage students, and create buzz around your school. Here are some steps to help you plan and execute a successful back-to-school giveaway:

Determine the objectives: 

The first thing to do is to determine the purpose of your giveaway. Is it to increase school spirit, promote a specific initiative, or simply engage students? This will help guide your planning and execution.

Set a budget: 

Decide on a budget for your giveaway. This will dictate what types of prizes you can offer and how many winners you can have.

Choose a theme: 

Consider choosing a theme for your giveaway that aligns with your school’s messaging or values. This can create a cohesive and memorable campaign.

Select prizes: 

Choose prizes that will excite and interest your students. These can range from small items like school supplies to bigger ones like technology gadgets or gift cards.

Promote the giveaway: 

Use various channels to promote your giveaway, such as school newsletters, and word of mouth. There are also so many social media platforms like Fcaebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram to promote your giveaway. This will help generate excitement and interest among your students.

Set giveaway rules: 

Establish clear and fair rules for the giveaway. Here is a sample of the basic rules for the giveaway- “The giveaway is open to all students of [School Name] who follow our social media pages and tag three friends in the comments below. Winners will be selected at random and announced on [Date].”

Announce winners: 

Once the giveaway is over, announce the winners creatively and engagingly. You can also consider giving out smaller consolation prizes to those who didn’t win the main prize. But, how to pick the winner of the back to school giveaway? Here are some tips- 

  • Use a random number generator to pick the winners from entries.
  • Encourage students to participate in creative tasks, such as writing essays or creating art, for a chance to win.
  • Consider a voting system where students can vote for their favorite entry. This engages students and creates a sense of community and involvement.

Follow up: 

After the giveaway, make sure to follow up with the winners and thank all participants for their participation. This will help build a positive relationship with your students and encourage them to participate in future events.  

Overall, back-to-school giveaways are a great way to engage and reward your students and can also serve as a fun and effective marketing tool for your school. So go ahead and plan that exciting giveaway for the upcoming back-to-school season! 

FAQs on Back to School Giveaway Ideas

Can teachers use back-to-school giveaways as a way to promote their classroom?

Yes, teachers can use back-to-school giveaways as a fun and engaging way to promote their classroom. It also encourages students to participate in different activities. Moreover, it can also help build a positive and welcoming atmosphere in the classroom.

What are some ideas for affordable back-to-school prizes?

Some ideas for affordable back-to-school prizes include school supplies, personalized items like water bottles or notebooks, gift cards, or small gadgets like headphones or phone cases.

How fun is the back to school giveaway?

Back-to-school giveaways can be very fun and exciting for students, especially if creative tasks or challenges are involved. It also helps promote school spirit and creates a sense of community among students. So, make sure to plan a fun and engaging giveaway for your students! 


Now, you have some great ideas and tips for choosing the perfect back-to-school gift and running a successful giveaway. Remember to keep it fun, practical, and aligned with your school’s messaging. Your students will appreciate the effort and thought put into their special gifts.

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