30 Best Fall Contest Ideas for Work To Engage Your Team

What do you do to engage your team in the fall season? Fall is the perfect time to organize fun and engaging contests at work to boost team morale, promote teamwork, and foster a positive work culture. Here are 30 best fall contest ideas for work that will engage and motivate your team.

fall contest ideas for work

Why Organize Fall Contests at Workplace?

In the fall season, you can find so many festivals. Halloween, Diwali, and Thanksgiving are some of the festivals celebrated worldwide. This is an excellent opportunity for organizations to tap into the festive spirit and organize contests that align with these celebrations. 

Fall contests can also be a great way to break the monotony of office work and inject some fun into the workplace. For example, a pumpkin carving contest or a costume competition can bring out employees’ creative side and foster team spirit.

Moreover, contests are a great way to appreciate and admire employees’ hard work and dedication. This can boost employee motivation and engagement, leading to higher productivity and better overall performance.

30 Best Fall Contest Ideas for Work To Engage Your Team

Without further ado, here are the 30 best fall contest ideas for work:

#1. Pumpkin Carving Contest

A Pumpkin Carving Contest is a quintessential fall activity that encourages creativity and teamwork. Whether it’s Halloween or Thanksgiving, a pumpkin carving contest can be fun and engaging to celebrate the season.

Participants should have pumpkins, carving tools, and ample time to craft their masterpieces. This contest can be conducted individually or in teams, with the best-carved pumpkin awarded a prize. 

To make the contest more exciting, you can set themes such as ‘Scariest Pumpkin,’ ‘Funniest Pumpkin,’ or ‘Most Original Design .’Judges can be selected from the management team, or, for added fun, you can have everyone vote for their favorite design. 

Remember to ensure safety measures are in place to prevent injuries during carving. After the contest, the carved pumpkins can be displayed around the office to add to the festive fall decor.

#2. Fall Photography Challenge:

Hosting a Fall Photography Challenge will inspire your team to embrace the season’s beauty. Invite them to capture the essence of fall in a single photo, using their creativity and photography skills. You can have categories like ‘Best Fall Landscape,’ ‘Best Macro Shot of Fall Leaves,’ or ‘Best Fall-themed Portrait.’ 

To add a fun twist, ask participants to incorporate company values or workplace themes into their photos. Think teamwork, innovation, or sustainability, all in the context of the fall season. 

This contest boosts engagement and fosters camaraderie as everyone shares their unique fall experiences. Display the winning photos around the office or feature them in newsletters and social media to create a sense of pride and ownership. 

#3. Best Autumn Dessert Bake-Off:

Want to have some fun and satisfy your sweet tooth? How about organizing a Best Autumn Dessert Bake-Off with your team? Let everyone whip up their tastiest fall-themed treats like apple pies, pumpkin muffins, or cinnamon-spiced cookies. Bring the goodies to work for a delightful feast! 

You can add friendly competition by setting categories like ‘Most Creative,’ ‘Best Taste,’ or ‘Best Presentation’. 

To decide the winning dessert, you can have judges or do a popular vote. Not only will this contest showcase everyone’s baking skills, but it will also create a great opportunity for team bonding over delicious food!

You may consider all the dietary restrictions or allergies. In that case, you should offer a separate category for healthier options to promote wellness. 

#4. Fall Fashion Show:

Organizing a Fall Fashion Show can be an exciting event for an office with a more fashion-forward culture. Employees can showcase their fall-inspired outfits and accessories with categories like ‘Best Cozy Sweater,’ ‘Most Creative Use of Scarves, or ‘Best Halloween Costume.’ 

Encourage employees to unleash their inner fashionista and have fun with it! You can even have a mini photo shoot after the show to capture and share all the fabulous fall looks.

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#5. Office Halloween Party:

Halloween is always a fun time of the year, so why not throw an office Halloween party? Encourage employees to dress up in their scariest or most creative costumes and have a spooky celebration at work. 

You can organize a costume contest with categories like ‘Best Group Costume,’ ‘Most Creative DIY Costume,’ or ‘Funniest Costume.’ 

Make sure to decorate the office with spooky decor, play Halloween-themed music, and have sweet treats for everyone. This is a great way to unite your team and create lasting memories.

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#6. Leaf Art Competition:

As leaves change colors in the fall, it’s the perfect time for a Leaf Art Competition. Encourage employees to gather fallen leaves and use them to create beautiful artwork individually or in teams.

You can provide art supplies like paints, markers, and glue for added creativity. Categories can include ‘Best Leaf Collage,’ ‘Most Creative Use of Leaves’, or ‘Best Nature-Inspired Design.’ 

Not only is this a fun activity, but it also promotes sustainability and appreciation for nature.

#7. Spooky Story Writing Contest: 

For those who enjoy a good scare, organizing a Spooky Story Writing Contest can be a great way to channel their creativity. Participants can write and share their original scary stories, with categories like ‘Best Plot Twist,’ ‘Most Terrifying Story,’ or ‘Funniest Horror Story.’

To make the contest more interactive, you can have employees vote for the scariest story or even have a dramatic reading of the winning story. This is sure to get everyone in the Halloween spirit.

#8. Autumn Scavenger Hunt:

A fall-themed Scavenger Hunt is a great way to get everyone moving and exploring the beautiful outdoors. List items found in nature during fall, such as pinecones, acorns, or different-colored leaves.

Divide employees into teams and set a time limit for them to find all the items on the list. The team with the most items found wins! You can add a twist by including hidden clues or challenges throughout the hunt.

This activity promotes team building, problem-solving, and appreciation for nature. Plus, it’s a great way to get outside and enjoy the crisp fall air.

#9. Pumpkin Spice Potluck:

What better way to celebrate fall than with some delicious pumpkin spice treats? Host a Pumpkin Spice Potluck where employees can bring in their favorite fall-inspired dishes, whether pumpkin bread, spiced lattes, or butternut squash soup.

Create a cozy atmosphere with fall decorations and have everyone share their recipes. This is a great opportunity to bond over food and try new dishes.

#10. Best Fall Decorated Desk/Area:

Encourage employees to bring the fall spirit to their workspaces by organizing a Best Fall Decorated Desk/Area contest. They can decorate their desks or designated areas with fall-themed items like pumpkins, leaves, or seasonal quotes.

Categories can include ‘Most Creative Use of Office Supplies,’ ‘Best Fall-Inspired Color Scheme,’ or ‘Coziest Work Area .’This contest not only adds some fun to the workplace but also promotes creativity and personalization of workspaces. 

#11. Fall Trivia Quiz:

Test your team’s knowledge and have fun with a Fall Trivia Quiz. Prepare questions about fall traditions, events, and general knowledge about the season.

You can either have teams compete against each other or make it a group activity where everyone works together to answer the questions. The winner can receive a fall-themed prize or bragging rights as the ultimate fall trivia champion!

#12. Autumn Poetry Contest:

For the literary enthusiasts in your office, an Autumn Poetry Contest can be a great way to express their love for the season. Encourage employees to write and share their original poems about fall, with categories like ‘Best Use of Imagination,’ ‘Most Heartwarming Poem,’ or ‘Funniest Limerick.’

This contest fosters creativity and allows employees to share their unique perspectives and feelings about autumn. 

#13. Painted Pumpkin Contest:

Put a creative twist on the traditional pumpkin carving by hosting a Painted Pumpkin Contest. Provide employees with pumpkins and art supplies, including paint, brushes, and other decorative materials.

You can have categories like ‘Scariest Pumpkin,’ ‘Most Creative Design,’ or ‘Best Use of Office Supplies’. This activity promotes teamwork, creativity, and friendly competition. Plus, the pumpkins can be used as festive decorations around the office. 

#14. Fall-themed Volunteer Day:

Give back to the community and celebrate fall by organizing a volunteer day focused on a specific cause related to the season. This could be volunteering at a local farm or orchard, helping with seasonal clean-ups at parks, or participating in a charity walk for a fall-related cause.

This activity promotes teamwork and community involvement and allows employees to enjoy the beauty of fall while giving back.  

#15. Fall Fitness Challenge:

With all the yummy fall treats, staying active and healthy is essential. How about organizing a Fall Fitness Challenge for employees to track their physical activity throughout the season? They can count steps, miles, or hours of exercise.

You can include challenges like hiking a scenic trail or trying a new outdoor workout routine for extra fall vibes. And hey, meeting specific goals can earn them cool rewards like a fall-themed gift basket or a day off work. It’s fun to promote physical well-being and encourage healthy choices during the fall season.

#16. Cider Tasting Contest:

A Cider Tasting Contest can be a fun and tasty activity for the cider lovers in your office. Have employees bring in their favorite cider brands or homemade recipes for others to try.

You can have categories like ‘Best Traditional Apple Cider,’ ‘Most Unique Flavor Combination,’ or ‘Best Presentation.’ This is a great way to bond over delicious fall drinks and discover new favorites. 

#17. Harvest Potluck Lunch:

Celebrate the abundance of fall harvest by organizing a Harvest Potluck Lunch for employees to enjoy together. Have everyone bring in dishes made with seasonal produce like squash, apples, or cranberries.

This activity promotes community and appreciation for the season’s bountiful gifts. Plus, it’s a great way to try some new and delicious fall recipes. 

#18. Corn Maze Race:

Let’s get outside and have a blast with a Corn Maze Race! Find a nearby corn maze and gather teams to compete in a thrilling race to the finish line. Spice it up with challenges, or keep it all about speed. The winning team can score awesome prizes like fall festival tickets or pumpkin patch tickets. This activity is all about teamwork, problem-solving, and enjoying the great outdoors! 

#19. Fall-themed Book Club:

Create a Fall-themed Book Club for the bookworms in your office. Encourage everyone to read and discuss books that capture the season’s essence. This can include novels set during autumn, books about fall traditions and festivals, or spooky Halloween tales.

Gather monthly to delve into each book and savor cozy snacks and drinks. This activity fosters literacy, intellectual stimulation, and employees’ strong sense of community.

#20. Apple Bobbing Competition:

No fall celebration is complete without some classic apple bobbing! Organize a competition for employees to see who can grab the most apples with their mouths in a certain amount of time.

You can also make it more challenging by incorporating tasks like answering fall-themed trivia questions or balancing an apple on their head while bobbing for more. This contest is sure to bring some laughs and create unforgettable memories. 

#21. Autumn Craft Competition:

Spark creativity and celebrate the season of hues with an Autumn Craft Competition. Let everyone do some DIY crafting using autumn-inspired materials like leaves, acorns, pine cones, sequins, beads, ribbons, glue, pinecones, and pumpkins.

This can range from building a mini autumn scene, designing a leaf art masterpiece, or crafting a fall-inspired wreath for the office doors. 

You can categorize the competition based on ‘Most Creative Design,’ ‘Best Use of Natural Elements,’ or ‘Most Festive Craft .’Not only does this activity encourage originality, but it also enables employees to bring a piece of the beautiful season into the office. 

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#22. Best Homemade Jam Contest:

Want to add some warmth and homeliness to your list of fall activities? How about hosting a Best Homemade Jam Contest? 

Ask your employees to bring homemade jams from fall fruits like apples, pears, plums, or pumpkins. Encourage them to get creative with flavors and mix things to create something unique. For judging, you can have categories like ‘Best Classic Flavor,’ ‘Most Innovative Mix,’ or ‘Best Presented Jar’. 

This activity is a great way to appreciate your employees’ culinary skills. Also, it allows them to share family recipes and stories, fostering a more profound sense of community in the office. And don’t forget the tasting session! Everyone can sample and appreciate the different jams. 

#23. Pumpkin Seed Spitting Contest:

What better way to embrace the spirit of fall than with a good old Pumpkin Seed Spitting Contest? Have employees bring in their pumpkins or use some from a nearby patch.

The objective is simple: see who can spit pumpkin seeds the farthest! You can also have categories for accuracy and creativity, such as hitting a target or creating a design with the seeds. This activity is about having fun while indulging in healthy competition. 

#24. Fall Movie Festival:

Enjoy the cozy fall vibes by hosting a Fall Movie Festival for your office. It’s a great chance to relax, connect over movies, and enjoy some autumn classics. Set up a comfy viewing area with a projector and comfy seating. 

Let employees vote for the movies they want to watch – think autumn-themed films, Halloween scares, or heartwarming dramas. And don’t forget the tasty fall snacks like caramel popcorn, pumpkin-spiced lattes, apple cider, and roasted chestnuts. 

Create a festive atmosphere with fall decorations like leaves, pumpkins, and warm lighting. This fun activity will bring everyone together and strengthen those office relationships. 

#25. Best Fall Campaign Idea:

Autumn is the perfect time to get creative and innovative at work! How about hosting a ‘Best Fall Campaign Idea’ challenge? Encourage your team to develop awesome marketing or advertising ideas for the season. It could be a new fall product line, a social media campaign with autumn vibes, special discounts, or a community event celebrating fall festivities. 

Make sure they consider the colors, holidays, and weather changes that make fall unique. Ask them to think about the target audience, campaign goals, and costs. 

Once everyone’s ready, have a presentation day where they can showcase their campaigns. Visuals, budgets, timelines, and expected results are all fair game. 

Not only will this challenge boost creativity and morale, but it can also lead to new marketing strategies that benefit your business. Plus, it’s a great way to promote teamwork and innovative thinking in the office! 

#26. Leaf-Peeping Excursion:

Fall is the perfect time to go on a leaf-peeping excursion and enjoy the beautiful foliage. Organize a trip for your employees to visit a nearby park, forest, or scenic drive known for its autumn colors.

This activity allows for a fun day outdoors and opportunities for team bonding and relaxation. Have everyone bring hot drinks, snacks, and a camera to capture the stunning views. You can even incorporate some team-building activities, like a scavenger hunt or team photo contest with autumn-themed prompts.

This excursion is a great way to appreciate and embrace the beauty of fall while also creating memories with your coworkers. So, don’t forget to include it in your list of fall office activities! 

#27. Autumn-themed Virtual Background Contest:

In the age of remote work, virtual backgrounds are everywhere in video meetings. So why not spice things up with an Autumn-themed Virtual Background Contest? 

Encourage your team to find or create a unique, fall-inspired background for their video calls. Think fall landscapes, Halloween vibes, or even a cozy autumn indoor setup.

Pick a day when everyone shows off their chosen background in video meetings. You can have categories like ‘Most Creative,’ ‘Most Festive,’ ‘Most Professional,’ and ‘Funniest’ for judging. 

This fun contest will bring visual delight to your daily meetings and foster a sense of friendly competition and camaraderie among your colleagues. Plus, it’s a great way to keep the spirit of the season alive, even in a virtual work environment.

#28. Pumpkin Weight Guessing Game:

Bring excitement to the office during fall with a Pumpkin Weight Guessing Game. Buy a giant pumpkin and have employees write their guesses for its weight on paper. 

The closest guess wins the pumpkin and can take it home to decorate or use in their fall festivities. You can also have categories for guessing the circumference, number of seeds, or even the type of pumpkin. 

This simple yet engaging activity will add some fun to the office and give employees a chance to show off their estimation skills and win a prize. 

#29. Fall Playlist Competition:

Music is a powerful mood-setter, so why not have a Fall Playlist Competition among your employees? Ask everyone to create their fall-themed playlist and share it with the team.

You can even have categories like ‘Best Autumn Vibes,’ ‘Spookiest Halloween Tunes,’ or ‘Coziest Songs for a Rainy Day.’ Encourage creativity and variety, and have everyone vote for their favorite playlist. The winner can have a small prize or even the honor of having their playlist played in the office throughout the fall season.

This activity promotes music appreciation and diversity and allows employees to share their personal tastes and interests with their coworkers. Plus, it’s a great way to discover new songs and artists! 

#30. Autumn-themed Art Competition:

Want to find the most talented artist in your office? How about hosting an Autumn-themed Art Competition? Your employees can create artwork inspired by the season – a painting, drawing, sculpture, or photo collage. Encourage them to use fall colors, themes, and nature for inspiration. 

You can even have fun categories like ‘Most Creative,’ ‘Best Use of Color,’ or ‘Most Realistic .’And don’t forget to showcase the artwork in the office for everyone to enjoy! 

This art or drawing competition lets your employees express their creativity while adding fall vibes to the workplace. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate the beauty of autumn and support your team’s artistic talents. So, grab those art supplies and let the creativity flow! 

FAQs on Fall Contest Ideas for Work

When is the Fall season?

Fall, also known as autumn, typically starts in September and ends in December. Cooler temperatures, falling leaves, and shorter days characterize the transition season between summer and winter.

How long should you run a fall workplace contest?

Fall contest ideas for work can vary in duration, depending on the type and scale of the contest. Some may be one-day events, while others can run for a week or even a month. Consider your goals and resources when deciding on the length of your fall contest.

Constantly communicate the timeline clearly to your employees and provide enough time for them to participate and submit their entries. 

How can you choose a winner for a fall office contest?

You can choose a winner for your fall office contest in various ways, depending on the type of activity and your criteria for judging. Some ideas include: 

  • Have a panel of judges to evaluate and select the winner(s) based on set criteria
  • Let employees vote for their favorite entry through a survey or poll
  • Use a point system where different aspects of an entry are scored (e.g., creativity, relevance, effort)
  • Have a random drawing for all participants who meet certain requirements 

What types of prizes should you offer for a fall workplace contest?

Prizes for fall workplace contests can range from small token gifts to bigger rewards, depending on your budget and the scale of the contest. Some ideas include: 

  • Gift cards or vouchers to local businesses or online retailers
  • Themed gift baskets (e.g., fall treats, pumpkin spice goodies)
  • Company-branded merchandise (e.g., t-shirts, mugs)
  • Extra vacation days or time off 

Can I run a fall contest online?

Yes, so many virtual contest ideas for fall can be easily implemented in a remote work environment. Virtual backgrounds, playlists, and even art competitions can all be done online. Just clearly communicate the rules and guidelines to your employees and provide them with all the necessary resources for participation.  

How to win a fall contest for work?

If you participate in a fall contest for work, follow the guidelines and rules set by your employer. Be creative, put effort into your entry, and stay within the given theme or criteria. 

If the contest is virtual and requires a public vote or judging, promote your entry and ask for support from your coworkers. You can even buy contest votes from trusted websites.

And most importantly, have fun and enjoy the fall activities with your colleagues! Remember that these contests aim to promote team spirit and bring some excitement into the workplace. So even if you don’t win,


Now, you have 30 fantastic ideas for fall office activities to keep your employees engaged, motivated, and in the season’s spirit. From team challenges to artistic expression, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So, plan some fun activities for your workplace this fall. Your employees will thank you for it! Happy Fall!

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