Do People Actually Win Sweepstakes? Yes, 9 Examples of Real Professional Sweepstakes Winners

Do people actually win sweepstakes? Yes, people actually win sweepstakes. If you want to win sweepstakes, please enter the sweepstakes following all the guidelines and instructions. However, here I will give some examples of real professional sweepstakes winners. So, let’s start exploring.

do people actually win sweepstakes

Do People Actually Win Sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes and giveaways have become incredibly popular in recent times. Many people participate in them, hoping to win some fantastic prizes, but others are skeptical about whether anyone truly wins. “Can you win sweepstakes online?” The answer to this question is a resounding yes.

There are many types of sweepstakes, ranging from large-scale giveaways for cars, homes, and other life-changing prizes to smaller rewards such as game or night-out tickets. Some people might not enter sweepstakes regularly, which can drastically reduce their chances of winning. However, if you consistently enter dozens of sweepstakes daily, your chances of winning significantly increase.

It is worth mentioning that not everyone who wins a giveaway shares their success with others. Some people feel that telling people they got something for free cheapens the prize itself, so they keep it to themselves. Countless stories from real people who have won fantastic prizes show that winning is a common occurrence.

The process of participating in a sweepstake or giveaway is relatively simple. You need to look for a giveaway that interests you and follow the rules. These rules are usually available on the giveaway or sweepstake’s website and vary depending on the promotion. Most sweepstakes will ask you to fill out a form online or mail in your entry to be considered.

Remember that the odds of winning any given sweepstake will depend on the number of people entering and the criteria for winning. For example, some sweepstakes will award prizes randomly to anyone who enters, while others will use a more complex system to determine the winners. The more people who enter the sweepstake, the lower your winning odds.

9 Example of Real Professional Sweepstakes Winners

“Does anyone actually win competitions?” Yes. Here are nine real examples of people who actually won sweepstakes and how it changed their lives:

#1. Don Cruz:

If you search for the 2005 HGTV dream home winner, you will get the name “Don Cruz.” He got to live in the HGTV Dream Home in Lake Tyler, Texas, which was a big deal for him and his family. They enjoyed the house for three years before selling it. 

#2. Natalie Bostelman:

In 2008, Natalie Bostelman won big with Publishers Clearing House. She didn’t just get a million bucks. She also became a PCH ambassador. 

#3. Michele B:

You usually expect a burger or fries when you go to McDonald’s. But in 2008, Michele B. from Beaumont, Texas, got something different. She got a game code for McDonald’s Monopoly. Guess what? That code was worth a whopping $100,000!

#4. Kyria Henry:

At the age of 12, Kyria Henry founded a charity named Paws4People. This group trains service dogs and their trainers. They help kids and veterans who have physical or mental issues. In 2010, her dedication to aiding others won her big. She nabbed $128,000 in Ikea’s Life Improvement Sabbatical Contest.

#5. Charl Won:

Charl didn’t care much for sweepstakes at first. She joined a Dr. Pepper contest on a whim. Unexpectedly, she scored a trip to Egypt. These days, she’s a regular when it comes to entering sweepstakes.

#6. Carol Earheart:

Carol Earheart wasn’t a big fan of vacation sweepstakes. Then, she won a fabulous trip to San Antonio, Texas. She and a friend feasted at Ruth Chris Steakhouse. They also explored the Riverwalk and had a spa day.

#7. Liz:

Liz casually entered a local sweepstakes just to try her luck. She ended up winning! One win led to another. Now Liz is totally addicted to entering sweepstakes.

#8. Suzy:

Suzy won a dream ticket to a private party with Madonna. She also mingled with stars like Sarah Michelle Gellar and Nicole Eggert. How’d she win? She simply called her local radio station during a contest.

#9. Alex Rubin:

Alex Rubin scored big in the Pontiac 2005 Pick Your Performance Machine Sweepstakes. He won a $37,000 voucher to buy any 2006 Pontiac car. He entered the contest online. It was a one-shot deal sponsored by General Motors Corp.

For more detail knowledge here is the video on, “Do people actually win PCH sweepstakes?”

Is It Worth It to Enter Sweepstakes?

After reading about these nine lucky winners, you might wonder whether entering the sweepstakes is worth your time and effort. The answer to this question ultimately depends on the individual. Some people enjoy the thrill of participating and have no expectations of winning. For them, it’s a fun hobby.

On the other hand, others see sweepstakes as an opportunity to potentially win some fantastic prizes and improve their lives. If you fall into this category, then it can be worth your time to enter sweepstakes regularly. 

Apart from these, to increase the chance of winning the giveaway, you can also enter smaller and local sweepstakes as they tend to have fewer participants, thus increasing your odds. 

Also, remember to follow all the rules and guidelines and keep your expectations realistic. You must know how to enter sweepstakes without spending too much time or money. 

How to Avoid Scams & Fake Sweepstakes?

Not all sweepstakes are real. Unfortunately, there are scammers out there who try to take advantage of people’s dreams of winning big. How to spot a fake giveaway? A fake giveaway may charge you in the name of entry fees and subscriptions. So, here are some tips on how to avoid scams and fake sweepstakes:

  • Research the sweepstake company or organization hosting the giveaway. Make sure they are legitimate and have a good reputation.
  • Be cautious of any sweepstakes that require you to pay a fee to enter or claim your prize. Legitimate sweepstakes should not require any payment or making a purchase. Such contests are totally free to enter.
  • Never give out personal information, such as your social security number, to enter a sweepstake.
  • Be wary of emails or phone calls claiming that you won a prize in a sweepstake you never entered. Scammers often use this tactic to obtain personal information or money.
  •  If a sweepstake seems too good to be true, it probably is. Use your best judgment and avoid suspicious promotions.

Are There Any Tips for Entering Sweepstakes?

Yes! Here are some general tips for entering sweepstakes:

  • Create a separate email address for your sweepstake entries to keep them organized and avoid cluttering your personal inbox.
  • Set up reminders for yourself to enter regularly. Some sweepstakes have daily or weekly entry periods, so do not miss out.
  • Follow sweepstake websites and social media pages to stay updated on new contests.
  • Don’t enter the same giveaway multiple times. It could lead to disqualification.
  • Double-check your entries for any typos or mistakes before submitting them. Incorrect information can disqualify you from winning. 
  • And most importantly, have fun with it! Entering sweepstakes should be an enjoyable experience, regardless of the outcome.  

FAQs on Do People Actually Win Sweepstakes

How likely is it to win a sweepstakes?

The likelihood of winning a sweepstakes can vary, but you can improve your odds by entering contests with multiple prizes. Take this example: If a sweepstakes has one prize and you’re up against 100 entries, you have a 1% chance of winning (1/100). 

But let’s say the same sweepstakes has ten prizes instead. Now, your odds jump to a 10% chance of winning (10/100) with that single entry. So, going for sweepstakes with more free gifts can give you a better shot at winning.

How can I increase my chances of winning online sweepstakes?

One strategy to increase your chances of winning online sweepstakes is to enter multiple contests regularly. Look for sweepstakes with multiple prizes, as it can improve your odds. You can also try entering local or niche sweepstakes, as they tend to have fewer participants, giving you a better chance of winning. 

Additionally, make sure to follow all the rules and guidelines carefully. Some sweepstakes may have specific entry requirements, and not following them could disqualify you.

Are there any taxes on sweepstakes prizes?

Yes, in most cases, sweepstakes winners are required to pay taxes on their prizes. This is because the prize is considered income and must be reported to the IRS. The exact amount of taxes owed will depend on the value of the prize and your individual tax situation. So, consult with a tax professional for guidance on reporting your winnings and paying any taxes due. However, some smaller prizes or gifts may be exempt from taxes, so it’s best to research your area’s specific rules and regulations.

How do sweepstakes pick winners?

Sweepstakes winners are usually determined through a random drawing. This is done either manually or using a computer program to ensure fairness. Some contests may also use instant win games, where the first person to enter after a designated time will win the prize. 

No matter the method, all sweepstakes have their own specific rules and procedures for picking winners, which should be outlined in the contest’s official rules. So, it’s essential to read and understand these rules before entering.


Although some scammers exist, real and legitimate sweepstakes exist, and people do win them. So, if you enjoy participating in sweepstakes or are interested in potentially winning some fantastic prizes, go ahead and enter them. 

Remember to research the giveaway, follow the rules, and stay cautious of suspicious activities. Who knows, you could be the next lucky winner!

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