5 Tips on How to Win a Giveaway: An Ultimate Guideline

How to win a giveaway? In most cases, a fast response to all the processes is a good option to be highlighted to the hosts. It increases the chance of winning.

For example, when you get a notification for the giveaway, respond quickly and complete all the requirements, such as liking, following, or sharing the post or page. This will show your enthusiasm and increase your chances of winning.

However, the strategies used to win may vary depending on the types of giveaways. If you want a complete guideline in this regard, this article is for you. Here, I will discuss the most effective strategies to win a giveaway.

how to win a giveaway

How Many Types of Giveaways Are There?

In 2023, a giveaway is a part of the promotion of any business. From startups to big companies, everyone is using giveaways to attract customers and promote their products. Many popular companies like Apple, Amazon, and Nike use giveaways as a marketing tool. Winning a giveaway can be exciting for anyone, but it requires some effort and strategy.

Before jumping into the strategies, understand the different types of giveaways. Knowing the types will help you choose which one works best for you and increase your chances of winning.

Social Media Giveaway Contests

Brands frequently utilize Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter platforms to execute giveaway contests. For instance in facebook voting contests, it typically requires users to engage with the post by liking, commenting, and sharing. The entry process is generally straightforward, making it accessible to a large audience.


Sweepstakes are giveaways with more steps than social media campaigns. To enter, you might fill out forms, take surveys, or do other time-consuming tasks. But the high-value prizes often make the extra effort worth it.

Instant-Win Games

If you want quick wins, try instant-win games. You usually spin a wheel or scratch a virtual card to see if you win. Prizes might be smaller, but many love the quick rewards.

Corporate Promotions

Large corporations often engage in giveaways as part of larger promotional or marketing campaigns. These are typically highly organized and may require participants to engage in a series of actions. For instance, Microsoft may offer the latest Surface Pro as a prize, asking participants to engage on social media and create content that aligns with a particular theme.

Startup Launch Giveaways

Startups frequently use giveaways to attract attention and gain traction when launching new products or services. The prizes might include free subscriptions, exclusive access, or branded merchandise. For example, a startup focused on sustainability might give away a year’s supply of eco-friendly cleaning products to users who share and tag their posts.

Blog-Based Giveaways

These giveaways are often hosted on individual blogs or through partnerships between bloggers and brands. The entry requirements can vary but may involve tasks such as commenting on a blog post, sharing content on social media platforms, or subscribing to a newsletter. The offerings can range from products to exclusive experiences, attracting a niche but engaged audience.

Skill-Based Contests

Unlike other types of giveaways, skill-based contests require participants to demonstrate a certain talent or ability, whether it be photography, writing, or culinary skills. The entry barrier for such contests is typically higher due to the skill requirement, but the prizes are often commensurately greater in value.


In a traditional raffle, participants purchase tickets for a chance to win a prize. The winner is then determined through a random drawing. While the concept is simple, the appeal lies in the straightforward nature of the entry process and the potential for high-value prizes.

Understanding the types of giveaways available can enable participants to strategically allocate their time and resources. Each type has its own set of advantages and limitations, and understanding these can substantially increase one’s odds of securing a win.

5 Tips on How to Win a Giveaway?

Now you know about different types of giveaways. For some, following the specified steps is all that’s required, while others call for a bit of luck on your part. So, how do you increase your chances of winning a giveaway? Here are some of the best tips for you.

#1. Know about the giveaways:

Before participating in a giveaway, know about the rules and requirements. This includes understanding the entry process, eligibility criteria, and deadlines. For example, if a giveaway is only open to residents of certain countries, it’s better not to waste your time participating.

Make sure to also familiarize yourself with any additional information the host provides, such as their social media pages or website. Also, read out any specific instructions or conditions, such as using a particular hashtag or tagging friends in the comments.

#2. Follow all instructions fast:

It may seem obvious, but many people fail to follow the instructions given for a giveaway. Ensure you read and follow all the steps correctly, as missing even one step can make you ineligible for the giveaway. Also, you should take your steps fast. It will highlight you to the hosts.

What kind of instructions are provided for giveaways? Let’s have a detailed look at each type of giveaway.

For social media giveaway-

  • Like the post
  • Comment on the post
  • Share the post
  • Use hashtags
  • Tag your friends
  • Invite more people to the group or page

If you looking for how to win giveaways on Youtube, the below content may help.

For sweepstakes-

  • Fill out forms
  • Answer questionnaire
  • Register to a specific website or platform
  • Engage in other activities

For instant-win games-

  • Spin the wheel
  • Scratch off the virtual card
  • Enter a code
  • Complete a challenge or game

For corporate promotions-

  • Engage on social media platforms such as liking, commenting, and sharing content.
  • Create content that aligns with the theme or purpose of the promotion.
  • Focus on the conditions like using hashtags or participating in a contest.

For startup launch giveaways-

  • Share and tag posts on social media platforms.
  • Subscribe to newsletters or follow the startup’s social media pages.
  • Create content related to the launch and share it.

For blog-based giveaways-

  • Comment on blog posts
  • Share content on social media platforms
  • Subscribe to newsletters or follow the blogger’s social media pages.

For skill-based contests-

  • Submit your entry showcasing your skills, such as a photo or written piece. [For a photo contest, you must upload your best photo; for a writing contest, you must submit your written piece.]
  • Abide by specific guidelines, such as file format or word limit.
  • Meet any eligibility requirements, such as age or location restrictions.

For raffles-

  • Purchase tickets
  • Check for any additional entry requirements, such as filling out a form or following social media pages.

#3. Engage with the host:

Interact with the giveaway host by commenting on their posts, sharing their content, or tagging them in your own posts. This increases your visibility and shows your enthusiasm for the giveaway.

However, make sure not to spam the host with excessive comments, mentions, or tags, as this can negatively affect your chances of winning. Here are tips for grabbing the attention of the host to your activity.

  • Use creative captions and clever hashtags.
  • Make your profile organized and public so that the host can see your posts.
  • Share your own unique content that aligns with the brand’s values.
  • Engage with other participants respectfully.

#4. Enter multiple giveaways:

Increase your chances of winning by participating in multiple giveaways. For instance, if you see several bloggers hosting a giveaway for the same product, enter all of them. This way, even if you don’t win one, you have a higher chance of winning another.

Look for new giveaways and enter those that interest you or align with your interests. However, ensure not to enter multiple times in the same giveaway, as this can disqualify you and may also reflect poorly on your image as a participant.

In addition, prioritize giveaways that offer prizes you truly desire. This way, even if you don’t win, you won’t be disappointed with the outcome.

#5. Stay updated:

Sometimes, your host may change the rules of the giveaway. For example, the deadline may be extended, or additional entry requirements may be added. To ensure that you don’t miss out on any such updates, make sure to follow the host’s social media pages or subscribe to their newsletter.

Also, stay alert for any notifications or messages from the host. They may contact you if you win or need any additional information from participants.

FAQs on How to Win a Giveaway

What should I write to win a giveaway?

If you participate in a giveaway contest, where you have to write an answer, make sure your response is creative, original, and follows any specific requirements the host provides. You can also include personal anecdotes or experiences related to the giveaway topic.

Some participants get confused when it’s time for the best comment pickup giveaway contests. The best comment to win a giveaway example is, “I would love to win this giveaway because [provide a genuine reason]. I believe that [personal experience or belief related to the prize].” Also, don’t forget to use proper grammar and punctuation.

How likely is it to win a giveaway?

The likelihood of winning a giveaway can vary widely based on several factors. One of the most straightforward ways to gauge your chances is by looking at the number of prizes and the number of entries. 

For example, if there’s only 1 prize and 100 people have entered, your chances are 1 in 100 or a 1% chance of winning. However, if 10 prizes are available in that same giveaway with 100 entries, your odds improve to 10 in 100, giving you a 10% chance of winning from a single entry.

Keep in mind that these are simplified examples. Factors such as multiple entries, the popularity of the giveaway, and the entry requirements can also affect your odds. Understanding the basic math behind the number of prizes and entries can give you a rough idea of your likelihood of winning.

How to win instant sweepstakes?

Participate in as many as possible to increase your chances of winning instant sweepstakes. This means filling out forms, answering questionnaires, and engaging in other activities for a chance to win.

Also, try to enter sweepstakes with fewer entries or those that require some effort on the participant’s part. This reduces the competition and may increase your chance to win.


Now, you have detailed knowledge on how to win a giveaway online in 2023. Use these tips and strategies to increase your chances of winning and secure amazing prizes from different types of giveaways. Remember that participating in giveaways should be fun, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t win every time. Just keep trying, and you may be the lucky winner next time.

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