15 Easy Snowman Contest Ideas: Crafting Tips

Planning to do something unique this winter? I have some creative and easy-to-make snowman contest ideas. So, gather your family and friends and have a friendly competition to see who can make the best snowman.

snowman contest ideas

Common Materials Needed!

Before I dive into the ideas, here are some basic materials you will need for all the projects:

  • Snow
  • Carrots or other round vegetables for the nose
  • Sticks or twigs for arms
  • Stones or buttons for eyes and mouth
  • Scarves, hats, and other accessories (optional)

15 Easy Snowman Contest Ideas: Crafting Tips

Now, let’s get started with the snowman building contest ideas!

#1. Snowman Scavenger Hunt: 

Hide different materials around your house or backyard and have teams race to find them. Build a snowman using all the items they find. The first team to complete their snowman wins! 

#2. Snowman Bowling: 

Use large snowballs as bowling balls and smaller ones as pins. Decorate the pins to look like snowmen for added fun. Also, consider using food coloring on the snowballs for a colorful twist.

#3. Snowman Pictionary: 

One person draws a snowman-related word or phrase while others guess it. The first team to correctly guess wins a point. You may also use props or gestures to make the game more challenging and fun.

#4. Melting Snowman Race: 

Each team gets a snowman made of ice, and the first team to melt their snowman completely wins. In case of a tie, the team with the most creative melted snowman wins.

#5. Snowman Build-a-Word: 

Give each team a set of letters and see who can come up with the most words related to snowmen in a given time. For example, “snow,” “scarf,” and “nose.” Also, consider giving bonus points for creative words.

#6. Snowman Memory Game: 

Place different accessories and items on a tray, cover them, and have teams write down as many items as they can remember in a set time. The team with the most correct items wins.

#7. Snowman Obstacle Course: 

Set up an outdoor obstacle course and have teams race to build a snowman at the end. The team with the most creative snowman wins. Also, consider adding challenges, such as a snowball toss or a snow angel-making station.

#8. Snowman Charades: 

Similar to Pictionary, but instead of drawing, one person acts out a snowman-related word or phrase while others guess. Plus, it’s a great way to get everyone up and moving in the cold weather.

#9. Snowman Fashion Show: 

Have teams dress up a real person as a snowman using various winter accessories. The best-dressed “snowman” wins. You may also have a theme, such as “ugly sweater snowman” or “fashion-forward snowman.”

#10. Snowman Storytime: 

Each team takes turns adding one sentence to a story about a snowman. The funnier and more creative the story, the better. In addition, consider recording the stories and playing them back for a good laugh.

#11. Snowman Mini Golf: 

Use a shovel to create obstacles and have teams use a small snowball as the golf ball to get it into a hole made out of snow. The team with the fewest strokes at the end wins.

#12. Snowman Tug-of-War: 

Divide into two teams and see who can build the tallest snowman in a set time. The team with the tallest snowman wins. Also, consider using a measuring tape to determine the exact height in case of a tie.

#13. Snowman I-Spy: 

Hide miniature snowmen around the house or backyard and have teams race to find them all. The first team to find all the snowmen wins. Also, consider adding a twist by hiding different colored snowmen.

#14. Snowman Freeze Dance: 

Play music while teams build a snowman, but when the music stops, they must freeze in place until it starts again. The last team to freeze wins. Additionally, you may add bonus points for creative poses or silliness.

#15. Snowman Karaoke: 

Have teams sing their version of popular songs, replacing the lyrics with snowman-related words. The team with the most creative and funny song wins.

How to Run a Snowman Contest?

To run a successful snowman contest, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Have a set of rules beforehand and make sure everyone understands them.
  • Use a timer for each activity or game to keep things fair.
  • Consider having judges or a voting system for certain categories, such as creativity, teamwork, and overall appearance.
  • Provide enough materials for all teams to have an equal chance.
  • Have fun and be creative!

What Are the Prize Ideas for the Snowman Contest?

After all the hard work and fun, it’s time to reward the winning team with some prizes. Here are some ideas:

  • Hot chocolate or warm snacks
  • Winter-themed gift baskets 
  • Snowman-inspired trophies or medals 
  • Gift cards to a local winter activity, such as ice skating or sledding 
  • Customized snowman ornaments or mugs 
  •  A winter-themed movie night with hot cocoa and snacks 
  • Personalized snowman t-shirts or hats

FAQs on Snowman Contest Ideas

What are some snowman contest rules?

The rules may vary depending on the specific contest, but generally, here are some common rules:

  • Use only materials provided for the game or competition.
  • Stick to a set time limit for each activity.
  • No physical contact or aggression towards other teams.
  • Have fun and be respectful of others.

Can I include non-snowman-related activities in the contest? 

Absolutely! You can incorporate other winter activities and games to make the contest more diverse and fun. Just make sure to have some snowman-related tasks to keep with the theme.

How can I make the snowman contest more eco-friendly?

  • Use natural materials, such as sticks and leaves, instead of plastic or artificial items for decorating.
  • Encourage teams to use recycled materials for their snowmen.
  • Consider using food coloring or natural dyes instead of paint for snowball decorations. 
  • Dispose of any materials properly after the contest.

How do you select the winner of the snowman contest?

There are many ways to choose the winner of a snowman contest, and it ultimately depends on the rules and guidelines set beforehand. Some ideas include: 

  • Have judges or a voting system for different categories (creativity, overall appearance, etc).
  • Use a point system for each activity or game.
  • Take pictures of each team’s snowman and have an online poll for the winner.
  • Have a panel of judges or fellow participants vote for their favorite snowman. 

Remember to have fun and be fair when selecting the winner. 

Can I run a snowman contest online?

Yes, you can definitely run a snowman contest online! Some ideas for virtual snowman contests include:

  • Have teams create their own snowman using digital tools, such as drawing software or virtual building games.
  • Host a photoshopped snowman competition, where teams use editing software to create the most creative and funny snowman images. 
  • Have participants submit videos of themselves acting out snowman-related activities or games. 
  • Host a virtual snowman-themed quiz or trivia game.

Just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and competitive!

What is the time to run the snowman contest?

The timing for a snowman contest can be quite versatile and depends largely on the specific preferences of the organizers and participants. However, as a general guideline, the contest ideally should be run during the winter months when snow is abundantly available. The best time of the day would be in the afternoon, when the temperature is slightly higher, making it more comfortable for participants.

The duration of the snowman contest can vary based on the number of activities included, the complexity of the challenges, and the age group of the participants. A straightforward snowman-building competition could last anywhere from one to two hours. 

However, if you’re hosting a day-long event with multiple snowman-related activities, such as a Snowman Scavenger Hunt or a Snowman Memory Game, the contest could extend to anywhere between 4 to 6 hours. Always ensure enough breaks for participants to rest, warm up, and enjoy some hot cocoa!

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Is there any alternative to making a snowman instead of icy snow?

Using snow to make a snowman is not binding. You may use alternatives such as cotton balls, play dough, or even paper mache to create the snowman’s body. However, using actual snow will add a more authentic and fun element to the contest.

Additionally, if you live in a place where it doesn’t snow, you can still participate in a snowman contest by using sand, dirt, or any other materials that can be molded into a snowman. The main goal is to get creative and have fun! So, don’t let the lack of snowy weather stop you from joining in on the frosty fun. 

Are there any age restrictions for participating in a snowman contest?

No, anyone can participate in a snowman contest regardless of age. However, it’s important to consider the age group of participants when planning the activities. For example, younger children may need simpler and easier challenges than teenagers or adults.

Also, ensure that all participants are dressed appropriately for the weather and are supervised by an adult if necessary. Safety should always be a top priority, especially when hosting a snowman contest in potentially cold and slippery conditions.


These are just a few fun and simple snowman contest ideas to get you started. Don’t be afraid to add your twist or develop new ideas to make it more enjoyable. Remember, the goal is to have a good time and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

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