20 All-Time Best Father’s Day Contest Ideas For Brands

Want to elevate the impact of your marketing campaign and increase brand awareness? You should consider running a Father’s Day contest. Plus, hosting such a contest shows your appreciation towards the father figures in our lives and boosts engagement with your audience.

In this blog, I will share 20 of the best all-time Father’s Day contest ideas for brands, so let’s get started.

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Why Should You Run a Father’s Day Contest for Your Brand?

Before I jump into the ideas, let’s quickly discuss why Father’s Day contests are so effective for brands. 

  • Boosts Engagement: Hosting a contest creates excitement and encourages participation, increasing engagement with your brand.
  • Generates User-Generated Content (UGC): Contests provide the perfect opportunity for your audience to create unique content related to your brand. This UGC can be used for marketing purposes, further increasing brand awareness.
  • Drives Traffic and Sales: With an exciting contest, you can attract new customers to your brand and even encourage them to purchase. Contests can also help drive traffic to your website or social media pages.
  • Builds Brand Loyalty: By showing appreciation towards the father figures in our lives, you can also build a strong emotional connection with your audience and increase brand loyalty.
  • Gives Your Brand Exposure: Contests are a great way to reach a wider audience and get your brand noticed. With hashtags and social media sharing, your contest can quickly gain exposure and bring attention to your brand.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing: Compared to other forms of marketing, hosting a Father’s Day contest can be relatively cost-effective. You can reach a large number of people with minimal investment.
  • Opportunity for Collaboration: Partnering with other brands or influencers for a Father’s Day contest can help expand your reach and tap into new audiences.

Let’s Jump into 20 All-Time Best Father’s Day Contest Ideas For Brands

Here are some creative Father’s Day contest ideas that you can use to engage with your audience and promote your brand:

#1. Photo Contest: “Dad in Action”

Invite your audience to share their favorite pictures of their fathers or father figures in action. This could be a photo of Dad cooking dinner, playing football with the kids, working in his home office, or any other activity that showcases his character and love for his family. 

Participants would submit their photos through your chosen platform, and the best photo could win a prize related to your brand. 

#2. Storytelling Competition: “My Dad, My Hero” 

Encourage your audience to share their favorite stories or moments with their fathers. These could be funny, heartwarming, or inspirational stories that showcase the bond between a father and child. You can have them submit their entries through social media or email, and the winner could receive a gift card or a branded prize pack.

You can also host this storytelling contest in collaboration with schools since it is one of the best Father’s Day contest ideas for students. Each student will tell their personal stories about their fathers. This would expose your brand to a younger audience and show your support for education.

#3. Father-Child Look-Alike Contest

The father-child look-alike competition is a strange but fun contest every Father’s Day. Participants are encouraged to submit photos of themselves and their fathers side by side, showcasing their resemblance. The photo with the most votes or chosen by a panel of judges can win a prize related to grooming or fashion for both the father and child.

In addition, you can ask participants to tag your brand and use a specific hashtag to increase social media exposure.

#4. DIY Gift Contest 

How about hosting a DIY Gift Contest to celebrate dads and their amazingness? It’s a chance for people to show off their creativity and love. Ask your audience to share pics of their handmade Father’s Day gifts, like a hand-painted mug, a custom tie, a yummy home-cooked meal, or a heartfelt poem.

You can judge the entries based on how creative, thoughtful, and heartfelt they are. And why not reward the winner with a gift voucher or a special prize from your brand? This contest is about embracing creativity and showing the value of personalized, heartfelt gifts over store-bought ones. 

For some DIY gift ideas let your audience have some reference like the video below.

#5. Dad’s Recipe Cook-Off

Ask your audience to share their dad’s favorite recipe, and you can turn it into a cook-off contest. It could be Dad’s world-famous barbecue, fiery chili, or even super-secret pancake recipe. Participants would submit the recipe and a picture of their finished dish, and the winner could receive a branded apron or cooking set.

Now, remember, it’s not just about the dish itself but also the story and the love behind it. Maybe there’s a funny or nostalgic story about how the recipe was passed down or a sweet moment associated with it. Encourage participants to share these stories because who doesn’t love a good food story? 

Also, this is another great way to generate UGC and encourage engagement with your brand by connecting with people through food. You could even create a special Father’s Day recipe book featuring all the entries and share it with your audience.

#6. Father’s Day Trivia Quiz

Test your audience’s knowledge about Father’s Day with a fun trivia quiz. You can create a set of questions related to the history, traditions, and fun facts about this special occasion. Participants can submit their answers through a form or in the comments section, and the first person with all correct answers can win a prize.

In this contest, you can also share some interesting facts and information about Father’s Day, which can help create awareness and educate your audience.

#7. “Why My Dad Rocks” Video Contest

Encourage your audience to create a short video explaining why their dad, or father figure, rocks! This could involve sharing memorable stories, examples of their dad’s great qualities, or their unique father-child experiences. 

Participants can submit their videos through your social media channels, and the most touching, funny, or creative video could win a special prize from your brand. 

#8. “Dad Joke Challenge”

Who doesn’t love a good dad joke? This contest is all about embracing the cringe-worthy, pun-filled world of dad jokes. Invite your audience to share their best (or worst) dad jokes in the comments section or through social media with a designated hashtag. 

You can then choose a winner based on the most hilarious or creative joke and reward them with a funny dad-themed prize pack.

#9. Best Dad’s Advice

In the “Best Dad’s Advice” contest, participants are asked to share the best advice they’ve received from their fathers. It could be life-changing wisdom, practical tips, or just plain funny advice that’s stayed with them over the years. The entries could be submitted through social media, email, or a dedicated entry form on your website. 

The winning entry could be the one that’s most inspiring, amusing, or resonates the most with your audience. The prize could reflect the theme of wisdom and advice – a book, a journal, or a consultation with a life coach, depending on your brand’s niche. 

#10. Father’s Day Fitness Challenge

This one’s for all the fitness enthusiasts out there! Invite your audience to participate in a Father’s Day Fitness Challenge, where they can demonstrate their strength and athleticism inspired by their dads. 

It could be any physical activity or exercise routine that showcases the bond between father and child, like a partner yoga pose, lifting weights together, or running a 5K race side by side.

Participants can submit their entries through a video or photo, and the most impressive or creative submission could win a fitness-related prize from your brand, like a gym membership, workout gear, or a nutrition consultation. 

#11. Dad’s Day Out Photo Contest

Invite your audience to share photos of their dads enjoying a special day out. It could be anything from a fishing trip, a mountain hike, or simply spending quality time together at home. These photos can showcase the fun and bonding moments between fathers and children.

The photo with the most likes or votes can win a prize pack for a fun day out, like movie tickets, a gift card to a restaurant, or an activity that the winner can enjoy with their dad. 

#12. Father’s Day Art Contest for Kids

Don’t forget about the little ones! This contest allows children to express their love and creativity for their dads through art. You can ask them to create a drawing, painting, or sculpture representing their dad. It could be his favorite hobby, job, or a portrait of him.

You can then feature the artwork on your social media pages or website and let your audience vote for their favorite piece. The winner could receive a gift card to an art supply store, a personalized art kit, or have their artwork displayed in your brand’s office space.

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#13. Dad’s Fashion Makeover

It’s time to give Dad a style upgrade! Partner with a local fashion boutique or stylist and invite your audience to nominate their dads for a fashion makeover. The chosen dad can receive a new wardrobe, grooming session, and styling tips, all courtesy of your brand. 

You can promote the contest through social media and ask participants to share why their dad deserves this makeover in the comments section. This generates engagement and allows your audience to share heartwarming stories about their fathers. 

#14. Virtual Talent Show for Dads

Dads have many talents; this is the perfect opportunity to showcase them! Invite your audience to submit videos of their dads showcasing their unique skills and talents, such as singing, dancing, cooking, or any other hidden talent.

You can share the entries on your social media pages, and the video with the most votes or likes could snag a prize! Plus, you can showcase some of the most creative or impressive submissions on your brand’s blog or website. 

#15. Father’s Day Poetry Contest

The Father’s Day Poetry Contest is all about expressing love, respect, and admiration for dads through the power of words. Participants can submit original poems dedicated to their fathers, father figures, or the concept of fatherhood itself. Whether it’s heartfelt and moving or funny and light-hearted, all emotions are welcome!

You can share the entries on your social media or collect them via email. And why not have a submission form on your website, too? The winning poem can be chosen based on its creativity, emotional impact, or powerful message. 

As for the prize, how about something literature-related? Maybe a set of classic novels, a beautiful journal, or even a poetry workshop with a famous poet. 

#16. Dad and Pet Photo Contest

If their dad is a pet lover, ask your audience to submit photos of their dads and pets together. It could be a dog, cat, bird, or other furry or feathered friend.

You can then feature the entries on social media and let your followers vote for their favorite photo. The winner could receive a personalized gift basket with pet-related goodies like treats, toys, and accessories. This contest celebrates fatherhood and the bond between dads and their furry, four-legged companions. 

#17. Best Dad’s Playlist

Music brings people together, so why not create a special Father’s Day Playlist? Invite your audience to share their favorite songs that remind them of their dads or have a special meaning to their relationship. 

You can compile the submissions into a Spotify playlist and share it on your website or social media pages. You can also ask participants to explain why they chose each song and feature some of the most heartwarming or funny responses alongside the playlist. The creator of the best dad’s playlist can win a subscription to a music streaming service or a gift card to a music store. 

#18. Father’s Day Essay Contest

One very common Father’s Day contest is the essay contest, where participants can write about their dads and what they mean to them. You can set a word limit or even specific prompts for the essays, such as “My dad’s best advice” or “A moment with my dad that I’ll never forget.”

The winning essay can be published on your website or social media pages, along with a special shoutout to the author’s dad. And for the prize, why not offer a day off or a weekend getaway for the winner and their dad to spend quality time together? It’s a simple yet meaningful way to honor fatherhood and create lasting memories. 

#19. Design Your Dad’s Dream Vacation

This contest allows your audience to dream big and share their dad’s ideal vacation. The possibilities are endless, whether it’s a relaxing beach holiday, an adventure-packed safari, or a cultural journey through ancient cities. 

Encourage participants to be creative and detailed in their descriptions; they can even include photos or drawings to illustrate their plans. 

Entries can be submitted via social media or email; the most imaginative and thoughtful vacation design could win a prize. This could be a travel voucher, a set of premium luggage, or a guidebook to the dream destination.

#20. Dad’s Day Fishing Tales

Fishing is a super popular hobby for many dads, and this contest lets them share their all-time favorite fishing stories. Encourage your audience to send in their dad’s craziest or most unforgettable fishing tales, and if they’ve got a pic, even better!

You can show off the submissions on social media and ask your followers to vote for their top story. The winning entry could score a gift card to a fishing gear store or a guided fishing trip for two. This contest celebrates fatherhood’s joys and the awesome bond that comes with shared hobbies and adventures.

How to Run a Father’s Day Contest for Your Brand?

Since you have various ideas for Father’s Day contests, it’s time to plan and execute them effectively. Here are some tips to help you run a successful Father’s Day contest for your brand:

  • Define Your Goals: Before launching any contest, determine your objectives and what you hope to achieve. Is it to increase engagement on social media or drive traffic to your website? Knowing your goals will help you tailor the content accordingly.
  • Choose platform: Decide which platform or platforms you’ll use to host the contest. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or your brand’s website are all great options. Also, you can host the contest on other third party platforms like Gleam.io or Rafflecopter. Apart from virtual platforms, you can also consider running an in-store contest or event.

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  • Choose a Relevant Prize: The prize is a significant factor in attracting participants. Make sure it’s relevant to your brand and Father’s Day, such as gift cards, products, or experiences related to fatherhood.
  • Promote Your Contest: Use social media, email marketing, and your website to spread the word about your contest. You can also collaborate with influencers or other brands to reach a wider audience.
  • Set Clear Rules and Guidelines: Clearly state your contest’s rules, deadlines, and submission guidelines. This will avoid any confusion and ensure fairness in the selection process.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Interact with participants by responding to comments and sharing their submissions. This will make them feel involved and increase their chances of participating in future contests.
  • Announce the Winner and Follow Up: Once the contest is over, announce the winner(s) on your platforms and congratulate them. You can also follow up with a thank you message to all participants for participating in the contest.

With these tips, you can run a successful Father’s Day contest that celebrates the holiday, promotes your brand, and engages with your audience. 

Father’s Day Contest: Online Vs Offline

Whether you run an online or offline Father’s Day contest depends on your brand, target audience, and goals. Here are some key differences between the two:

  • Reach: Online contests have a wider reach as they can be shared and accessed by anyone with internet access. Offline contests are limited to those who visit your physical location.
  • Ease of Entry: Online contests are typically easier to enter as they require minimal effort, such as submitting a photo or filling out a form. Offline contests may require participants to visit your location or complete a physical task.
  • Cost: Online contests tend to be more cost-effective than offline ones, which may involve purchasing prizes, setting up displays, or renting space.
  • Engagement: Offline contests allow face-to-face interaction and a more personal connection with participants. Online contests, on the other hand, can generate higher engagement through social media sharing and commenting.
  • Measurement: With online contests, you can easily track participation, engagement, and other metrics through digital tools. Offline contest results may be harder to measure accurately.
  • Accessibility: Online contests can be accessed anytime and anywhere, making it convenient for participants. Offline contests may have limitations regarding location, timing, or accessibility for some individuals.

What Could Be the Best Price for the Father’s Day Contest?

A good contest prize should be relevant, desirable, and memorable. Here are some ideas for prizes that can attract participants and make your Father’s Day contest a success:

  • Product bundles or gift sets related to fatherhood include grooming kits, grilling accessories, or sports equipment.
  • Experiences like tickets to sporting events, concerts or shows, spa days, cooking classes, or outdoor activities.
  • Gift cards to popular stores, restaurants, or online retailers.
  • Customized gifts like personalized mugs, photo frames, or shirts with heartfelt messages about fatherhood.
  • Subscription services for music, streaming, or magazines that cater to dads’ interests.
  • Luxury items or a unique experience that your target audience may not be able to afford otherwise, such as a weekend getaway, fancy dinner, or concert tickets. 

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FAQs on Father’s Day Contest

How long should a Father’s Day contest run? 

Ideally, a Father’s Day contest should run for at least 1-2 weeks to give participants enough time to prepare and submit their entries. However, the duration can vary depending on your goals and the type of contest you’re running.

When should you start the Father’s Day contest?

The third Sunday of June is celebrated globally as Father’s Day. You can start promoting your contest a week or two before that and announce the winner(s) on Father’s Day, creating buzz and excitement around the holiday.

How do you promote a Father’s Day contest?

You can promote your Father’s Day contest through social media, email marketing, and your website. Additionally, you can collaborate with influencers or other brands to reach a wider audience.

How do I select the winner for the Father’s Day contest?

The selection process depends on the type of contest you’re running. For voting-based contests, the entry with the most votes could win. For creative contests, you can have a panel of judges or select the winner randomly. Just clearly state the selection criteria in your rules and guidelines.  


With these fun and engaging Father’s Day contests, you can celebrate dads meaningfully while promoting your brand. Remember to have clear guidelines and rules for each contest, and always showcase the winning entries on your platforms.

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