How To Do YouTube Giveaways? [11 Easy Steps]

How to do YouTube giveaways? If you have a YouTube channel, hosting a giveaway can be a great idea to engage with your audience and attract new subscribers. You must choose your goal, make a video about giveaways, add the necessary link and giveaway guidelines in the description, and upload the video. However, make sure you comply with YouTube’s policies. 

If you want to make a YouTube giveaway, I have compiled 11 easy steps for you. Go through the blog and get some exciting insights into YouTube giveaways.

how to do youtube giveaways

Can I Do Giveaways on My YouTube Channel?

Yes, you can do giveaways on your YouTube channel. In fact, it is a great way to promote your channel. Such promotional activity also helps to get new audiences. 

Every day, over 122 million individuals access YouTube through its app and website. Now, just think for a moment. If you run a giveaway on YouTube and promote it following all the SEO tactics, your video might get listed in suggested videos. This will definitely increase the chances of people watching it.

So what are the benefits of doing giveaways on YouTube channels? Here they are:

  1. Increase subscribers.
  2. Boost engagement on video.
  3. Reach new audiences.
  4. Promote your brand or product.
  5. Encourage audience participation.
  6. Gain valuable feedback and insights from your audience. 
  7. Create a buzz around your channel.
  8. Increase views on other videos on your channel.
  9. Attract potential sponsors or partnerships.
  10. Improve your overall YouTube presence and reputation.
  11. Drive the viewers to your other website or social media channels. 

How to Do YouTube Giveaways? [11 Easy Steps]

Ready to skyrocket your YouTube channel’s engagement? Let’s break down the 11 easy steps for a killer YouTube giveaway.

Step 1: Set Your Goals

First off, what’s the big idea behind your giveaway? Is it to gain subscribers, increase viewer engagement, or maybe celebrate a milestone? Be specific with numbers. Instead of saying, “I want more subscribers,” say, “I aim to gain 2,000 new subscribers.” Also, if your goal is to gain likes in your video, you can say, “I aim for 10,000 likes in this video.”

Step 2: Set the Rules

Before you take a single step forward, do your homework. Make sure you comply with YouTube’s policies. Also, follow your country’s and state’s laws regarding giveaways (if any). Remember, your YouTube giveaway contest should be free. It can attract more people to participate.

Now, set specific rules to enter your giveaway and mention them in the description box as well. Here are some examples of YouTube giveaway rules- 

  1. The giveaway is open to everyone above 18 years.
  2. You can participate only once.
  3. Participants should follow the channel and like the video.
  4. Only valid comments will be considered as an entry.
  5. The winner will be chosen randomly using a random comment picker tool.
  6. Ensure to check back on the date when winners are announced, as the ones who don’t respond within a certain period may be disqualified.

[Note: These rules are applicable for all types of giveaways and sweepstakes. If any one wants to enter the sweepstakes or giveaways, they must follow them.]

Step 3: Pick a Prize

Choosing a prize isn’t as simple as it sounds. You want something that’s relevant to your channel’s content. For instance, if you’re a tech vlogger, your audience would love the latest iPhone, not a make-up kit. 

Remember, if you’re collaborating with a sponsor for your giveaway, make sure the prize is also relevant to their brand. This can also help attract more participants and potential partnerships.

Step 4: Determine the Budget

Hidden costs are sneaky. Your budget should cover the prize, shipping fees, and even small costs like packaging. Create a budget sheet if you must, and stick to it. For instance, if your budget is $100, you can give away five $20 gift cards instead of one grand prize. Also, remember, going over budget can rain on your parade.

Step 5: Choose the Entry Methods

Decide how people will enter your giveaway. Will they need to like the video, share it, or leave a comment? Choose entry methods that directly correlate with your goals. If you want subscribers, requiring them to subscribe is a no-brainer. But, consider other entry methods to boost engagement and reach new audiences.

There should be a link in the description box for any necessary links. For example, if you want them to follow your Instagram page as an entry method, provide the link to your Instagram account.

The giveaway process should be simple and straightforward. If it’s too complex or confusing, people may lose interest and not participate at all.

Step 6: Duration Matters

Think about how long your giveaway will run. Make it too short, and people might miss it. Drag it too long, and people lose interest. A week to a month is often a sweet spot. Also, announce your giveaway’s start and end date in the video and description box. This can create a sense of urgency for people to participate.

Step 7: Create the Giveaway Video

Pour some love into this one. This video should announce the giveaway and hook the viewers instantly. Tell them what’s at stake—the prize, how to enter, and why they absolutely shouldn’t miss this opportunity. 

Ensure the video’s thumbnail is visually appealing and follows your channel’s branding. You can use apps like InShot, Canva, or Adobe Spark to create stunning visuals for your giveaway announcement. Also, keep the text “GIVEAWAY” bold and prominent in the thumbnail.

Step 8: Promote, Promote, Promote!

You can’t just publish your giveaway video and call it a day. Share it on all your social media platforms. And hey, why not collaborate with other YouTubers for shoutouts? It’s like killing two birds with one stone! Also, use relevant hashtags like #giveaway, #[your channel name], and #[brand’s name] to reach more people.

Don’t forget to mention your giveaway in other videos as well. You can even add a pop-up or end screen with a link to the giveaway video on your other videos. This will help boost views and engagement on those videos as well.

Step 9: Monitor the Giveaway

Keep an eye on how your giveaway is performing. Track the metrics—number of entries, likes, shares, etc. If things seem slow, you might need to re-promote or even spice up the giveaway with additional mini-prizes. Additionally, don’t forget to respond to comments and engage with your audience throughout the giveaway period.

Step 10: Pick a Winner

When the deadline strikes, it’s time to pick your winner. Use a random comment picker for transparency and fairness. But double-check that the winner has followed all entry rules. No shortcuts!

In case of a subscriber giveaway, check the number of subscribers on the winner’s channel. There are some subscriber’s comment picker tools that show the number of subscriber counts while picking a winner. If they have unsubscribed after the giveaway ended, disqualify them and pick another winner.

Step 11: Announce and Reward

Make the big reveal in a follow-up video. Keep the energy high and make it exciting. Once the confetti settles, don’t forget to actually send the prize. Keep your winner posted about shipping details so they know you’re legit.

11 Best YouTube Giveaway Ideas 2023

Alright, you’ve got the “how-to” down. Now, let’s dive into some hot YouTube giveaway ideas for 2023 that can really spice up your channel. Remember, the key is to align these with your goals, especially if you’re aiming for a YouTube giveaway for subscribers.

#1. Latest Tech Gadgets

Who doesn’t love a shiny new gadget? Announce a giveaway for the latest smartphone or smartwatch. This type of giveaway usually grabs a lot of attention and is fantastic for tech-focused channels.

#2. Exclusive Merch

If you have channel merchandise, here’s your chance to flaunt it. It could be a custom-designed T-shirt, mug, or even stickers. Exclusive merch is also a brilliant YouTube giveaway for subscribers, making them feel a part of an exclusive club.

#3. Virtual Meet and Greet

In this digital age, a virtual meet-and-greet can be as exciting as an in-person one. This low-budget idea offers something priceless—your time and attention.

#4. Free Courses or E-books

A free course or e-book can be a real magnet if your channel focuses on education or skill-building. It offers value that extends beyond the giveaway itself.

#5. Gift Cards

The one-size-fits-all of prizes. A gift card from a popular retailer can attract a broad audience. This is a safe bet if you’re not sure what your audience would like.

#6. Collaboration Giveaways

Team up with another YouTuber for a double-barreled giveaway. This is a fantastic way to introduce your audience to similar content and vice versa.

#7. Limited Edition Items

Ah, the lure of something limited! A limited edition item—be it a book, gadget, or collectible—creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

#8. Experience-Based Rewards

Think concert tickets, a day at a theme park, or a cooking class. These offer experiences, not just material goods. A great way to make your giveaway memorable!

#9. Seasonal Goodies

Run a giveaway themed around a holiday or season. Think summer essentials, back-to-school supplies, or festive treats. It’s timely and relatable!

#10. Channel Milestone Celebration

Hitting a significant number of subscribers? Turn that into a giveaway! This celebrates your achievement and is a direct YouTube giveaway for subscribers.

#11. Daily Prizes

Last but not least, consider giving away smaller prizes every day leading up to a grand prize. This keeps the audience engaged and coming back to your channel.

Each of these ideas has its own charm and potential for boosting channel engagement. The trick is to pick one that fits your channel like a glove and ties in with your YouTube giveaway for subscribers or whatever your goal may be. 

How to Pick the Winner of a YouTube Giveaway?

It’s time to pick your winner! Let’s walk through this crucial step-by-step, covering everything from choosing the best comment to win a giveaway on YouTube to notifying your winner.

Step 1: Decide Your Winner Criteria

Before anything else, establish the criteria for picking your winner. Will it be the best comment to win a giveaway on YouTube, or are you going with a random draw? Make this clear in your initial giveaway video to set the right expectations.

Step 2: Ensure Fair Play

Double-check that all participants have met the giveaway’s rules and conditions. It’s not just about keeping things fair; it’s also about respecting the time and effort your subscribers have put in.

Step 3: Use a YouTube Comment Picker

When it comes to transparency and fairness, nothing beats a YouTube comment picker tool. It’s the go-to for many YouTubers because it automatically sifts through comments to pick a winner. Some even offer a “subscribers only” filter, which aligns perfectly if you focus on a YouTube giveaway for subscribers.

Step 4: Manual Selection for Best Comment

If your winner is based on the best comment to win a giveaway on YouTube, you’ll need to go through the entries manually. Create a shortlist of the most thoughtful, creative, or relevant comments, and then pick your favorite. Just make sure you’re unbiased in your selection.

Step 5: Double-Check Eligibility

Once you have your winner, do a quick eligibility check. Are they subscribed to your channel? Have they liked and shared the giveaway video if those were conditions? Tick those boxes before making the big announcement.

Step 6: Announce the Winner

After you’ve made your pick, it’s time for the drumroll. Create a follow-up video announcing the lucky winner. But remember, you don’t just want to announce the winner; you also want to celebrate every participant. After all, they’re the ones who make your channel lively!

Step 7: Contact the Winner

So, how to contact the YouTube giveaway winner? A direct message on YouTube or other social media platforms works well. You may need to pick another winner if the winner doesn’t respond within a reasonable time, say 48 to 72 hours. However, if there was any Google form submission for giveaway entry, you could always send out a mass email to all participants to let them know the results.  

Step 8: Verify the Winner’s Details

Before you send out the prize, confirm the winner’s details. This includes their address if you’re shipping a physical prize or their email if it’s a digital reward. At this stage, you may also get the winner to sign a release agreement for legal and compliance purposes.

Step 9: Share Proof of Prize Delivery

Build trust by sharing proof of prize delivery, whether a tracking number for physical goods or a screenshot for digital rewards. It adds an extra layer of transparency.

Step 10: Celebrate and Reflect

Once the prize is shipped and received, pat yourself on the back! But don’t forget to reflect on the giveaway. Did it achieve its goals? Were there any hiccups? Keep these learnings in mind for your next giveaway.

Choosing the winner is more than just picking a name or the best comment to win a giveaway on YouTube. It’s about ensuring the process is fair, transparent, and rewarding for all involved. Tools like a YouTube comment picker or a ‘subscribers only’ filter can make this easier, but the key is handling each step carefully and carefully. 

For more detailed discussion on how to pick a random winner from YouTube video comments for giveaways.

FAQs on How to Do YouTube Giveaways?

Why do YouTubers do giveaways?

YouTubers do giveaways for a variety of reasons, including increasing engagement and promoting their channel or brand. Moreover, giveaways can also be a way for YouTubers to show appreciation for their subscribers and followers.

How to find giveaways on YouTube?

There are a few ways to find giveaways on YouTube. You can search for “giveaway” or “contest” in the search bar, filter your results by “Upload Date” to see the most recent giveaways or check out popular giveaway channels that regularly host giveaways. You can also follow your favorite YouTubers and their social media accounts to stay updated on any giveaways they may be hosting.

What happens when you win a YouTube giveaway?

When you win a YouTube giveaway, the channel owner will typically contact you to notify you of your win. They may also announce the winner in a separate video or post on their social media channels. You may need to provide your shipping address or other information to receive your prize.

How do I know who subscribed to my YouTube channel?

To see who has subscribed to your YouTube channel, go to your YouTube Studio Dashboard and click on the “Analytics” tab. From there, you can navigate to the “Subscribers” section to view a list of all your subscribers. You can also use third-party tools such as Social Blade or vidIQ to track your subscribers’ engagement with your channel.  

What are some popular prizes for YouTube giveaways?

Some popular prizes for YouTube giveaways include gift cards, merchandise, tech gadgets, and exclusive experiences (such as a meet and greet with the YouTuber). However, the best prize will ultimately depend on your target audience and their interests. 

What is the best giveaway channel on YouTube?

Determining the best giveaway channel on YouTube is subjective, as it depends on personal preferences and interests. If affiliate marketing is your jam, check out Affiliate Side Hustle for giveaways that enhance your earning potential. 

For mind-blowing, large-scale giveaways, MrBeast is a fan favorite. PewDiePie offers top-notch gaming gear and exclusive merch, while Shelby Church caters to lifestyle and tech enthusiasts. Overall, their giveaways are real, and people actually win them. Each channel brings something unique, making them all “best” in their own right. 


Now, you have a detailed understanding of YouTube giveaways, from planning to execution. Giveaways are an excellent way to engage your audience, grow your channel, and build a strong community. 

However, always remember that the success of a giveaway hinges on how well it aligns with your brand and resonates with your subscribers. Stay true to yourself, have fun, and let giveaways’ magic work wonders.

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