11 Tips On How to Win Whatnot Giveaways: A Full Guideline

How to win Whatnot giveaways? Since the winner is chosen randomly, you can increase the chances to win by following some tips. The best way is to participate actively in giveaways offered by your favorite seller. And you should follow that seller to get the latest giveaway notifications.

However, there are some other things you should do. In this blog, I will provide 11 tips on how to win giveaways on the Whatnot social marketplace. Let’s start.

how to win whatnot giveaways

How Do Giveaways Work on Whatnot?

On Whatnot, giveaways are a great way for sellers to give back to their viewers and attract more people to their livestreams. During these livestreams, sellers can offer free products to their viewers, and the winner is automatically drawn at the end of the five-minute time limit.

While a giveaway is in progress, sellers can’t showcase other products until a winner is chosen. This ensures everyone has an equal chance to win. The shipping cost for giveaways is covered by the seller and deducted from their Whatnot account.

The seller has to handle customs and import charges, even for international recipients. But, to participate in giveaways, participants need to provide their shipping address and payment details. 

Sellers and participants need to follow Whatnot’s shipping rules for giveaway shipping within the specified timeframe. Failing to do so may lead to action against the seller.

11 Tips on How to Win Whatnot Giveaways

“How can I increase my chances of winning a giveaway on Whatnot?” You already know one of the many exciting features of Whatnot is giveaways. Here are some tips on increasing your chances of winning Whatnot giveaways.

#1. Stay Actively Engaged

Being an engaged and active viewer during live streams significantly boosts your likelihood of winning the giveaway. Show genuine interest and enthusiasm for the items on display by engaging with the stream through likes, comments, and interactive conversations.

#2. Follow Your Favorite Sellers

Following your preferred sellers on WhatNot is a crucial step to remain updated on their live streams and any upcoming giveaways. Some giveaways might be exclusively for followers, so staying connected is key to enhancing your eligibility.

#3. Master the Timing

Timing is everything when it comes to giveaways. Pay close attention to the schedules and announcements provided by sellers. Being on time can make a difference, especially in giveaways with time constraints.

#4. Leverage Multiple Entries

Take full advantage of giveaways that allow multiple entries. Some giveaways offer additional entries for specific actions, like sharing the stream on social media, referring friends, or completing designated tasks. Utilize these opportunities to increase your chances of winning.

#5. Engage Within the Community

Active participation within the WhatNot community is essential. Engage with fellow viewers and sellers by participating in conversations, sharing tips, and building relationships. This engagement can potentially increase your visibility and improve your chances of winning.

#6. Showcase Politeness and Respect

Maintaining a positive and respectful demeanor towards the sellers and fellow participants is crucial. Your politeness can leave a lasting impression and might influence the sellers’ decision when selecting winners.

#7. Adhere to Giveaway Rules

Familiarize yourself with the specific rules and requirements of each giveaway. Sellers may have unique entry criteria, such as purchasing during the live stream or fulfilling certain conditions. Ensure you meet the necessary criteria to qualify for the giveaway.

#8. Stay Well-Informed

Regularly check WhatNot’s official announcements, social media channels, and newsletters to stay updated on upcoming giveaways, special events, and promotions. Being well-informed will give you the upper hand in knowing when and how to participate.

#9. Explore Giveaways on Different Platforms

WhatNot is not limited to only giveaways on its website. It’s crucial to explore the different platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for giveaway contests hosted by WhatNot.

#10. Participate in Raffles

Raffles can be an excellent opportunity to win the items you want from WhatNot. Participate in the raffles by purchasing tickets or tokens for them.

#11. Keep Trying

Winning a giveaway may require some patience and persistence. Keep trying and participating in the giveaways, even if you don’t win the first time. Persistence may increase your chances of winning in the future.

Do You Have to Pay for Giveaways on Whatnot?

No, you don’t have to pay for giveaways on Whatnot. The giveaways are free to enter, and the winners can get their hands on some fantastic products without paying a dime. 

However, some users might be confused about the process of entering these giveaways. The truth is that although giveaways don’t require users to pay for the products or shipping costs, they must have their payment information and shipping address on file to enter. This is because even though the seller covers the cost of shipping, they need the recipient’s address to send the product. 

Shipping costs can vary depending on location and other factors, but the seller pays for that directly from their Whatnot account balance. Therefore, users never have to pay for these costs. The only fees users may incur are customs and import charges for international shipments, which are the recipient’s responsibility.

How Do I Enter a Whatnot Buyer Giveaway?

Here are step-by-step processes for entering the Whatnot buyer’s giveaways.

Open the Whatnot App: 

Start by launching the Whatnot app on your web browser or mobile device. You can access the platform using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Navigate to the Desired Livestream: 

Browse through the available livestreams on Whatnot to find the one you’re interested in participating in. You can explore various streams featuring different products and sellers.

Wait for the Giveaway Announcement: 

Be patient and attentive during the livestream. Sellers will typically announce and conduct the giveaway at a specific point in the stream.

Seller Pins the Giveaway: 

Once the seller decides to initiate the giveaway, they will ‘pin’ or highlight the giveaway details on the stream. This could include information about the prize and how to enter.

Click or Tap ‘Enter Giveaway’: 

As soon as the seller pins the giveaway, a prompt or button saying ‘Enter Giveaway’ will appear on the screen. Click or tap on this button to officially enter the giveaway.

Confirmation of Entry: 

Upon clicking or tapping ‘Enter Giveaway,’ you should receive a confirmation that you have successfully entered the giveaway. This confirms your participation in the drawing for the prize.

Wait for the Winner Announcement: 

Remain engaged in the livestream and await the announcement of the giveaway winner. The seller will usually draw the winner at the end of the five-minute time limit or as specified during the stream.

To learn more on how to win Whatnot giveaways, check out the below video content.

FAQs on How to Win Whatnot Giveaway 

How do you get Whatnot giveaway notification?

To get WhatNot giveaway notifications, there are a few steps to follow. First, you must follow your favorite sellers on the WhatNot platform. This can be achieved by visiting their profiles on the WhatNot app and hitting the ‘follow’ button. Following your favorite sellers on WhatNot will ensure that you don’t miss any of their upcoming auctions and live streams.

Secondly, keep an eye on the livestream schedules of your favorite sellers. You can do this by visiting their profiles on the WhatNot app or subscribing to their newsletters, social media channels, and official announcements. This will keep you informed about all their upcoming events and giveaways.

Lastly, to be notified about special events, giveaways, and promotions, watching WhatNot’s official social media channels and newsletters is important. Signing up for the WhatNot newsletter will ensure that you receive notifications about all the upcoming events, promotions, and giveaways.

Is Whatnot giveaway rigged?

No, WhatNot giveaways are not rigged. The platform has strict rules and regulations in place to ensure fairness and transparency in all its giveaways. All giveaway winners are chosen randomly using a third-party application or software to avoid bias or manipulation.

The platform also monitors and reviews all live streams to ensure that sellers stick to the announced rules and select winners fairly. WhatNot aims to create a fair and equal opportunity for all users to participate in giveaways and win prizes. So, there is no need to worry about rigging on the WhatNot platform. 

How do I know if I won a Whatnot giveaway?

If you win a WhatNot giveaway, you will typically receive an email notification from the seller or the WhatNot team. The notification will include details about your win and instructions on how to claim your prize. The seller may also announce the winner during the live stream or through their social media channels.

Moreover, you can always check your dashboard on the WhatNot app or website if you miss the email notification. If you have won a giveaway, it will be listed under your dashboard’s ‘Won’ section. 

How to arrange a giveaway on Whatnot?

If you are a seller on Whatnot and want to create a giveaway for your audience, there are a few steps you need to follow. 

Firstly, you are not permitted to deny any user the item that they have won during a giveaway. Therefore, it is important to understand the rules and guidelines outlined by Whatnot to ensure that your giveaway is successful.

To start, you must limit entries to followers only. This means that only individuals who follow you on the platform are permitted to enter the giveaway. Additionally, you can limit entries to domestic users only based on your location as a seller on the platform.

Another important rule to remember while designing a giveaway on Whatnot is that you cannot impose any additional restrictions for users to enter the giveaway. You may not require users to follow you on another platform or ask them to spend above a certain amount in their live stream to qualify for the giveaway. In the United States, no purchase is also necessary to enter a giveaway.

Before running the giveaway, you must write what the winner will receive. This is to ensure that you cannot downgrade the prize or change the giveaway terms once it has begun. 

Once you have set the rules for your giveaway, it is time to start it. Once started, the giveaway cannot be paused or canceled. You must also ensure that no other product can be displayed or pinned until the winner is drawn. 

You may be subject to corrective action if you do not ship out the giveaway item within Whatnot’s standard shipping time frame. Remember that giveaways must align with the platform’s terms of service and abide by your local and state guidelines.

Is there any guaranteed way to win Whatnot giveaways?

No, there is no guaranteed way to win WhatNot giveaways. The winner is chosen randomly. The platform strives to provide equal opportunities for all users, and it would not be fair to offer any tips or tricks that may give one user an unfair advantage over others.

The best way to increase your chances of winning a giveaway on WhatNot is by following the rules and guidelines outlined by the platform and the seller hosting the giveaway. Additionally, staying engaged during the live stream and participating in multiple giveaways may also increase your chances of winning.

What happens if I win a Whatnot giveaway?

If you win a Whatnot giveaway, the seller will ship the item to you. Typically, the seller will contact you via email or the WhatNot app and provide instructions on claiming your prize. Make sure to follow these instructions carefully to ensure that your prize is shipped to you promptly.

Once you receive your prize, leaving a positive review for the seller on their profile is always nice. This shows your appreciation for their generosity and helps them gain more followers and increase their credibility on the platform.

In some cases, if you cannot claim your prize within a certain timeframe or if the seller cannot ship the item, they may offer you an alternative prize or a credit towards future purchases. However, this varies from seller to seller, and it is best to communicate with them directly in case of any issues or concerns. 

Is it possible to enter multiple giveaways simultaneously on WhatNot?

Yes, it is possible to enter multiple giveaways simultaneously on WhatNot. However, follow the rules and guidelines outlined by the platform and the seller for each giveaway. Entering multiple giveaways may increase your chances of winning, but it is important not to violate any rules or restrictions in doing so.

Additionally, entering multiple giveaways at once can also be overwhelming and may affect your ability to keep track of each giveaway and claim your prizes efficiently. It is always best to enter a manageable number of giveaways at once and focus on participating in those actively.

What happens if the product I won in a Whatnot giveaway is damaged?

If you win a product from a Whatnot giveaway and it arrives damaged, there are a few steps you can take to resolve the issue.

First, review Whatnot’s policies on giveaways. Since the winner did not purchase the item, Whatnot cannot provide a refund. However, this doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a damaged item.

Your next step should be to contact Whatnot Help. They can guide how to proceed and may be able to offer a solution, such as a replacement product or a discount on a future purchase.

When contacting support, be sure to provide as much information as possible about the damaged item. This can include photos, a description of the damage, and any other relevant details.

Remember that Whatnot may need to investigate the issue before providing a resolution. This can take some time, but be patient and communicate regularly with support to ensure the issue is addressed.


Now you know all the tips on how to win Whatnot giveaways. Remember to stay engaged, follow your favorite sellers, explore the different giveaway platforms, and participate actively in the community. With these tips in mind, you can potentially increase your chances of winning exciting prizes on Whatnot.

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