82 Creative & Funny New Year Contest Ideas 2024

Why not organize a fun and creative contest to make the New Year celebration even more exciting? For you, here I have listed the 82 best New Year contest ideas for 2024.

I have ideas for all, whether it’s home, office, neighborhood, school, store, or online platforms. So, get ready to have a blast with your friends, family, or colleagues, and welcome the new year with a bang!

new year contest ideas

What Is a New Year Contest?

The new year is always a time for celebration and new beginnings. After the Christmas celebration, people are looking forward to celebrating the new year with their loved ones. 

And here comes a New Year contest, an event or activity involving people participating in challenges, competitions, or games related to the celebration of the upcoming new year.

It can be organized in various settings such as homes, workplaces, schools, neighborhoods, stores, and online platforms. These contests are a great way to bring people together and add fun and excitement to the traditional New Year celebrations.

For example, in an office setting, you can organize a “Best New Year’s Resolution” contest where employees can share their resolutions, and the best one can win a prize. Also, on social media platforms, brands can organize “New Year Selfie” contests where people can share their most creative and fun selfies while welcoming the new year.

Overall, there are many different types of New Year contests that you can organize depending on the setting and participants. And in further explanation, you will get to know them.

82 Creative & Funny New Year Contest Ideas 2024

It’s time to discover all the best new year contest ideas. Here, I will discuss all of them under the categories of home, office, neighborhood, school, store and online platforms.

17 New Year Contest Ideas For Home

For Adults

  1. Resolution Roulette: Resolution roulette is a fun game where everyone writes their resolutions on pieces of paper, folds them, and tosses them into a bowl or jar. Then, one by one, we each grab a resolution and try to guess who wrote it. Write down your resolutions on slips of paper and pick one randomly to challenge yourself for a week. 
  2. Best Dressed: A best-dressed contest can be organized for adults at home with categories like most creative, flashy, or traditional attire. The winner can get a pre-decided prize.
  3. Culinary Countdown: Organize a cooking competition with a twist. Each dish should have ingredients that are representative of the New Year themes, like black-eyed peas, noodles, grapes, etc. In this contest, each participant prepares a dish with a secret ingredient revealed just before the contest. The person who makes the tastiest and most creative dish wins! 
  4. New Year’s Eve Trivia Night: A fun trivia night can be organized with different categories, such as music, movies, sports, and general knowledge related to the past year. This contest is perfect for adults who love challenging their knowledge. So, test your knowledge about the past year’s events, pop culture, and New Year traditions.

For Teenagers

  1. TikTok Dance-Off:  Organize a TikTok dance-off contest for teenagers, where they can team up with their friends and perform the most creative and fun dance moves to popular New Year songs.
  2. Fashion Frenzy: A fashion frenzy contest is a perfect way to get teenagers involved in a creative competition. They can showcase their style by creating outfits based on the theme of “New Year’s Eve Party.”
  3. DIY Decoration Duel: Give teenagers the chance to showcase their creativity by organizing a DIY decoration contest. Provide them with basic materials and let them create something unique for the New Year’s celebrations. Also, they may craft the best New Year decorations using only recycled materials.
  4. Virtual Game Night: Organize a virtual game night where teenagers can compete in popular online games like Among Us, Minecraft, or Fortnite. It is a great way to bring teenagers together virtually and have fun while staying safe.
  5. Movie Marathon Bingo:  A unique twist on the traditional movie marathon, where participants get a bingo sheet with movie titles and must mark off each title as they watch it. The first one to get a bingo wins!
  6. Midnight Selfie Scavenger Hunt: A fun and creative way to capture memories with friends or family on New Year’s Eve. Create a list of items for participants to search for around the house, take selfies with them, and the first one to complete the list wins! 

For Kids

  1. Balloon Burst: In this game, kids have to burst 12 balloons in a minute, representing each month of the upcoming year. It’s a fun way to keep kids entertained and excited about the new year.
  2. New Year’s Resolutions Art Contest: Encourage kids to be creative and showcase their artistic skills by organizing an art contest where they can create drawings, paintings, or collages representing their New Year’s resolutions.
  3. Treasure Hunt Time: Make a New Year’s treasure hunt with clues related to the past year’s events, and the first one to find all the hidden items wins.
  4. Playdough Party: A playdough party is a fun way for kids to create their own New Year’s Eve decorations and figurines. Provide them with different colors of playdough and let their imaginations run wild.
  5. Talent Show: Let the little ones shine by organizing a talent show for them. They can showcase their talents in singing, dancing, magic tricks, or any other skill they have.
  6. New Year Countdown Craft: Kids can create their own countdown craft to ring in the new year. They can use materials like paper plates, construction paper, and glitter to make a clock that counts down the seconds until midnight.
  7. Junior Chef Showdown: A cooking competition just for kids where they can create their own dishes using simple and safe ingredients. It’s a fun way to get kids involved in the celebrations and teach them some cooking skills.

Check out the below video content on ideas to celebrate New Year Party at home.

13 New Year Contest Ideas For Office

  1. Desk Decoration Derby: Organize a desk decoration contest where employees can decorate their workspaces with New Year themes. The most creative and festive workspace can win a prize. Who can create the most festive workspace?
  2. Office Olympics: In this office version of the popular game, each department or team competes in different challenges like paper ball basketball, cup stacking relay, and more.
  3. Ugly Sweater Competition: A holiday classic, but with a twist. Have employees decorate their ugly sweaters with New Year elements and hold a fashion show to determine the ugliest sweater!
  4. Best Dressed Cubicle: Similar to the best-dressed contest for home, employees can dress up their cubicles with festive decorations and themes. The winner can get a prize or bragging rights until next year.
  5. Team Trivia Challenge: A fun and challenging way for employees to test their knowledge about the past year’s events, company history, and pop culture. Teams can compete against each other in a trivia night or over virtual meetings.
  6. Charity Giving Contest: Encourage employees to give back by organizing a charity giving contest. The team or individual who donates the most wins a prize and the satisfaction of positively impacting the community.
  7. Office Talent Show: Give employees a chance to showcase their talents and have some fun by organizing an office talent show. It can be anything from singing, dancing, or even stand-up comedy. Showcase hidden talents, from singing to stand-up comedy.
  8. Virtual Vacation Planning: With travel plans being put on hold, employees can participate in a virtual vacation planning contest. Each team or individual can research and present their dream vacation destination and itinerary, and the most creative one wins! 
  9. Office Karaoke Battle: A fun and entertaining way to bring employees together, even virtually. Each team or individual can choose and perform a song through a virtual karaoke platform. The best performance wins! So, the one with the most votes for their performance wins. 
  10. Virtual Escape Room: It is a great contest idea for those working from home. It is a unique and challenging way for employees to bond and work together. They can solve puzzles, riddles, and clues to escape a virtual room within a set time limit. The team that escapes the fastest wins! 
  11. Office door decoration contest:  Encourage employees to decorate their office doors with a New Year theme. This can include anything from paper decorations, lights, or even a creative door sign. The best-decorated door wins! It’s a great way to spread holiday cheer and get into the festive spirit at the workplace.
  12. White Elephant Gift Exchange: A fun and popular game where employees can exchange gifts with each other. Each person brings a wrapped gift, and through a series of exchanges, everyone ends up with a surprise gift to take home. It’s a great way to spread joy and laughter in the office. 
  13. Sales contest:  For sales teams, a New Year’s sales contest can be a great way to motivate and reward top performers. Set achievable goals or quotas for each team member, and the one who meets or exceeds their goal wins a prize. Such contests can be run in different ways. For instance, the employee with the most sales, the highest percentage increase in sales, or the highest average sale amount can win. 

7 New Year Contest Ideas For Neighbourhood

  1. Best Decorated House Contest: Encourage neighbors to decorate their houses for the new year and compete to determine the best-decorated house. This includes lights, inflatables, wreaths, and other festive decorations. The best-decorated house can win a prize or bragging rights for the year.
  2. Neighbourhood Potluck: Organize a neighborhood potluck where everyone brings a dish to share and celebrate the new year together. This is a great way for neighbors to get to know each other and build a sense of community.
  3. Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt: Organize a neighborhood scavenger hunt where participants have to find items related to New Year’s traditions and symbols, such as champagne glasses, party hats, and clocks. The first person or team to find all the items wins a prize.
  4. Block Party: A block party is a fun way for neighbors to celebrate the new year together. It can include food, games, music, and other activities for people of all ages. Everyone can contribute something to make the event even more special.
  5. New Year’s Bake-Off:  A baking competition just for the neighbors where each participant can bring their best holiday-themed baked goods. Judges can determine the winner based on taste, presentation, and creativity. The winning dish can also be featured in a local newsletter or social media page.
  6. Community Volunteer Contest: Encourage neighbors to give back by participating in a community volunteer contest. Whoever volunteers the most hours or makes the biggest impact in the community can win a prize and recognition from their neighbors.
  7. Neighborhood Car Parade: A festive twist on the traditional car parade, where neighbors can decorate their cars with New Year themes and drive around the neighborhood honking horns and spreading joy. The most creatively decorated car can win a prize.

18 New Year Contest Ideas For Students

For Primary or Elementary School

  1. Storytelling Spectacular: Encourage students to get creative and write a New Year-themed story. The best story can be chosen by teachers or voted on by their classmates. Kids narrate their own imaginative New Year’s Eve story.
  2. Balloon Countdown: Fill balloons with small prizes, riddles, or challenges and have a countdown to pop them on the last day before winter break. This is a great way to get students excited for the holiday season.
  3. Crafty Creators:  Have students create their own New Year’s themed craft using materials they can find at home. They can showcase their creativity and imagination while also getting into the holiday spirit.
  4. Talent Show: Allow students to showcase their talents, whether it be singing, dancing, or playing an instrument, in a school talent show. This is a great way to unite the community and celebrate the year’s end.

For Mid School

  1. Future Forecast: Ask students to write a letter to their future selves, predicting what they think their lives will be like in the next ten years. On New Year’s Eve, these letters can be opened and read, allowing students to reflect on how far they’ve come. 
  2. Creative Calendar: Have students design their New Year-themed calendar for the upcoming year. They can include important dates, holidays, and personal goals. The best calendar can be chosen by teachers or voted on by classmates.
  3. New Year’s Resolution Board: Encourage students to think about their goals for the upcoming year and create a resolution board with images and words representing them. This can serve as a visual reminder throughout the year to stay motivated and work towards their aspirations.
  4. Eco-Friendly Innovators: Create a project that promotes sustainability in the new year. This can include creating a compost bin, starting a school garden, or finding creative ways to reduce waste. The most innovative and impactful project can win a prize.
  5. Cultural Celebration Collage: Let students create collages representing New Year’s celebrations worldwide. They can learn about different cultures and traditions while also showcasing their artistic skills. The most comprehensive and creative collage can be displayed in the school.

For High School

  1. Lip Sync Battle: Host a lip sync battle where students can show off their lip-syncing skills to popular New Year’s songs. This is a fun and entertaining way for students to come together and celebrate the holiday season.
  2. New Year’s Fashion Show: Have students design their New Year-themed outfit and showcase it in a school fashion show. This can include traditional or modern fashion, and the most creative and stylish outfit can win a prize.
  3. Resolution Debate Club:  Form debate teams and have them argue for or against common New Year’s resolutions. This is a great way for students to improve their public speaking skills while also discussing important topics.
  4. Entrepreneurship Challenge: Encourage students to come up with a business idea related to the new year, such as a countdown app or party planning service. They can present their ideas to a panel of judges, and the winning idea can receive funding or mentorship to make it a reality.
  5. New Year’s Eve Film Festival: Allow students to create short films or videos related to New Year’s celebrations. These can be showcased at a school film festival and voted on by classmates and teachers. The best film can win a prize or be featured on the school’s social media page.
  6. Photography Contest: Have students capture the essence of New Year’s celebrations through photography. The best photo can be chosen by a panel of judges or voted on by the school community. The winning photo can be displayed in the school for all to see. This contest can be run both offline and online. 
  7. Flash Fiction Challenge: Challenge students to write a short story in 100 words or less about New Year’s Eve. These stories can be compiled into a book and sold, with the proceeds going towards a charity of the school’s choice. The most creative and impactful story can win a prize.  
  8. Video Time Capsule Project: Students create video diaries to be opened in a future New Year. They discuss their hopes and dreams for the upcoming year, reflect on the previous year, and offer advice to their future selves. This project can be a fun and meaningful way for students to reflect on their high school years.  
  9. Poetry Slam: Host a New Year-themed poetry slam where students can share their original poems or recite famous poems related to the holiday. This is a great way for students to express themselves creatively and celebrate the new year through art. The most powerful and captivating poem can win a prize.

5 New Year Contest For Store

  1. Holiday Window Display: Encourage stores to create New Year’s themed window displays that will attract customers and spread holiday cheer. The best display can win a prize or be featured on the store’s social media page.
  2. New Year, New Look: Have stores run a contest for shoppers to come up with a new brand logo or design for the upcoming year. This can generate buzz and excitement for the store’s rebranding.
  3. Charity Drive: Partner with local charities to host a New Year’s charity drive. Stores can offer discounts or promotions to customers who donate to the cause, creating a win-win situation for both parties.
  4. New Year’s Shopping Spree Race: Collaborate with multiple stores to create a shopping spree race where participants have to complete tasks related to the new year. This can include finding specific items, taking pictures with holiday decorations, or participating in challenges. The first person/team to complete all tasks and cross the finish line wins a grand prize.
  5. Midnight Madness Sale: Host a midnight sale for New Year’s Eve, where stores offer discounts and promotions to customers who shop during the late hours. This can be a fun and exciting way to ring in the new year while boosting store sales.

22 New Year Contest Ideas For Online Platforms

Social Media Platforms

  1. Hashtag Hustle: Challenge users to come up with the most creative and relevant hashtag for New Year’s celebrations. The winning hashtag can be featured on the platform’s homepage or used in future holiday campaigns. Twitter can be good platform for this contest.
  2. Caption Contest: Post a New Year-themed photo and have users submit their best captions. The funniest and most clever caption can win a prize or be featured on the platform’s page.
  3. New Year’s Eve Vlog Challenge:  Encourage users to film their New Year’s Eve celebrations and vlog about their experiences. The most entertaining and well-produced vlog can win a prize or be featured on the platform.
  4. Meme Creation Contest: Invite users to create New Year-themed memes and share them on the platform with a specific hashtag. The most viral and relatable meme can win a prize or be featured on the platform’s page. 
  5. New Year’s Eve Photo Challenge: Encourage users to post their best New Year’s Eve photos using a designated hashtag. These photos can then be compiled into a collage or video showcasing people’s different ways of celebrating the holiday. The most creative and visually appealing photo can win a prize or be featured on the platform.
  6. New Product Launching Giveaway: New Year, New Product, New Giveaway! Collaborate with a brand to launch a new product on the platform and host a giveaway for users who share, comment, or tag friends in the post. This can generate buzz and excitement for the new year and the brand’s latest offering. 

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Online Blogging/Content Platforms

  1. Best New Year’s Resolution Idea: Invite users to share their unique and creative New Year’s resolutions on the platform. The resolution with the most likes or shares can win a prize or be featured on the platform’s homepage.
  2. New Year’s Recipe Showdown: Have users submit their favorite New Year’s Eve or Day recipes and have them voted on by other users. The most popular recipe can win a prize or be featured on the platform as a recommended dish for holiday celebrations.
  3. DIY Decor Contest: Encourage users to share their DIY decorations for New Year’s celebrations. The most innovative and aesthetically pleasing decoration can win a prize or be featured on the platform as a tutorial for others to try.
  4. Travel Tales: Have users write about their New Year’s travel experiences, whether it’s to another country or just a local getaway. These stories can be compiled into an article or blog post showcasing different ways people celebrate the holiday worldwide. The most interesting and well-written travel tale can win a prize or be featured on the platform.
  5. New Year’s Book Club: Invite users to read and discuss books related to New Year’s themes, such as self-improvement, resolutions, or reflections. A virtual book club can be formed, with the winning book chosen by votes or participant reviews. 

E-commerce platforms

  1. New Year, New Deals: If you have e-commerce platforms like Amazon, you can host a special sale or discounts for New Year’s Eve or Day. This can be a great promotional campaign for this time. Also, this can attract more customers to the platform and boost sales.
  2. Lucky Wishlist Contest: Encourage users to create a wishlist of items they want for the new year and share it on the platform. The platform can then randomly select one lucky winner who will receive all the items on their wishlist. This can be a fun and interactive way to engage with customers and promote products on the platform.
  3. Virtual Style Challenge: Collaborate with fashion brands to host a virtual style challenge where users assemble an outfit for New Year’s Eve or Day using items from the brand’s collection. The most stylish and creative look can win a prize or be featured on the platform’s page.
  4. Shopping Spree Sweepstakes: Partner with multiple brands on the platform to offer a grand prize shopping spree for New Year’s. Customers can enter by purchasing or following certain social media accounts, creating more exposure and engagement for all participating brands. 
  5. Product Review Raffle: Write a review to enter a draw for a New Year’s surprise. Encourage customers to leave reviews for products they’ve purchased on the platform and enter them into a raffle for a chance to win a special New Year’s gift. This can generate more product reviews and increase customer loyalty and engagement with the platform.
  6. Flash Sale Frenzy: Host a series of flash sales leading up to New Year’s Eve or Day, with different products and discounts being offered each time. This can create a sense of urgency for customers to keep checking back and making purchases, increasing sales and engagement on the platform.  

Gaming Platforms

  1. Virtual New Year’s Party: Create a virtual party space within the gaming platform where users can come and celebrate New Year’s Eve or Day with friends worldwide. This can include mini-games, virtual fireworks, and other festive activities. 
  2. New Year’s Event Quest: Design a special in-game quest for users to complete that is themed around New Year’s celebrations. The first few players to finish the quest can win exclusive in-game rewards or prizes. 
  3. Community Countdown: Have a countdown to the New Year in-game and encourage users to come together and join the party. This can also include leaderboards for players who have achieved certain milestones or accomplishments within the game during the past year.
  4. Character Costume Contest: Invite players to design their own New Year-themed costumes for their characters and share them on social media with a specific hashtag. The most creative and festive costume can win a prize or be featured in the game as a special limited edition item.
  5. Virtual Gaming Contest: Host a special gaming competition on New Year’s Eve or Day with different challenges and games for players to participate in. The winners can receive exclusive rewards such as in-game currency, merchandise, or even real-life prizes. Another option could be having a tournament where users compete in teams, and the winning team receives a grand prize.

How To Do a New Year Contest?

“How to run a New Year contest?” It depends on the contest’s types, audiences, platforms, and goals. Some general tips are: 

  1. Decide on the type of contest: Are you looking to host a giveaway, a competition, or a submission-based contest? Choose the type that aligns with your goals and audience.
  2. Determine the prize(s) for the winners: Make sure the prize is attractive enough to entice participation from potential contestants. It can be a physical product, a discount or voucher, or even recognition on your platform.
  3. Choose an appropriate platform: Depending on your audience and goals, select the best platform to host your contest. This could be social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, e-commerce platforms like Amazon or Etsy, or gaming platforms.
  4. Set clear rules and guidelines: To avoid any confusion or disputes, clearly outline the rules and guidelines for your contest. This can include eligibility requirements, submission deadlines, and judging criteria.
  5. Promote your contest: Spread the word about your New Year contest through social media posts, email marketing, or collaborations with influencers or other brands. This will help attract more participants and increase engagement on the platform.
  6. Engage with participants: Interact with contestants throughout the contest, whether it’s through comments and likes on their submissions or responding to their questions. This will create a sense of community and encourage more participation.
  7. Choose a winner(s) fairly: If your contest involves judging, make sure the process is fair and transparent. Consider involving a panel of judges or using online tools for random selection.
  8. Announce the winner(s) and award the prize(s): Once a winner is chosen, announce it on your platform and make sure to follow through with awarding the prize(s). This will help build trust and credibility for future contests.
  9. Follow up: After the contest has ended, don’t forget to thank participants for their involvement and gather feedback on their experience. This will help improve future contests and keep your audience engaged.

Why Run a New Year Contest?

Running a New Year contest can bring many benefits to your platform, such as:

  • Increased engagement and activity on the platform
  • Attracting new users and potential customers through social media sharing
  • Creating buzz and excitement around your brand or products
  • Building community and fostering a sense of camaraderie among users
  • Showcasing user-generated content which can boost brand authenticity and credibility
  • Generating more sales and revenue through promotions or special offers
  • Providing valuable insights and feedback from users through contest submissions or reviews. 

FAQs on New Year Contest Ideas

Which types of content are best for a New Year Campaign?

There are various New Year content ideas that you can use for a campaign, like on social media and other online platforms. Any engaging audio, visual, or written content that aligns with the holiday theme can work great for a New Year’s campaign. Think blog posts, videos, photos, interactive games, and more!

Are there any legal considerations for hosting a giveaway or contest? 

Yes, reviewing local laws and regulations regarding contests and giveaways is a must, as they may vary depending on your location. Some things to remember are age restrictions, entry requirements, and prize limitations. It’s also necessary to clearly state the terms and conditions of your giveaway or contest to avoid any potential legal issues.

How to write a caption for a New Year’s social media post?

Try incorporating the holiday spirit and excitement into your wording when writing a caption for a New Year’s social media post. Use hashtags like #NewYearNewMe or #CheersToTheNewYear to engage with trending topics. 

You could also include a call-to-action, encouraging users to share their own New Year’s resolutions or memories in the comments. 

Lastly, consider adding emojis or fun visuals to make your caption more eye-catching and engaging. Overall, keep the tone positive, festive, and inclusive for all audiences. 


Now, you have a detailed knowledge of all the New Year contest ideas for different platforms. Whether it’s home, office, neighborhood, school, store, or any online platform, there are endless possibilities for creative and engaging New Year contests. 

Use these ideas to create a memorable and successful New Year’s campaign that promotes your brand and brings people together in celebration of the new year. So start planning now and make this New Year’s Eve or Day One to remember! Cheers to a happy and prosperous new year!

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