17 Creative Ways to Give Out Random Prizes

Finding creative ways to give out random prizes can be a real game-changer for any event. Whether it’s a grand corporate extravaganza, a small community gathering, or everything in between, the excitement of a random prize draw can invigorate the atmosphere and take the fun factor to a whole new level. 

But how can you make this time-honored tradition stand out? That’s why I am here to explore. In this blog, I am dishing out 17 unique and creative ways to distribute random prizes, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression and keep attendees eagerly anticipating the next surprise!

ways to give out random prizes

17 Creative Ways to Give Out Random Prizes

Whether it’s an online giveaway or an offline event, the element of surprise and unpredictability is what makes random prizes so exciting. But with these 17 unique ways, you can turn a simple prize draw into an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

#1. The Spin Wheel of Fortune

Have you ever tried your luck with a spin wheel? It’s a fun-filled, traditional way to distribute random prizes, but with a twist. Instead of your standard wheel, consider theming it according to your event—maybe a “Wheel of Talent” for a corporate event or a “Wheel of Community” for local gatherings.

Not only does a spin wheel offer a visual spectacle, but it also generates excitement with every spin. People love watching the wheel go round and round, as it keeps them guessing what they might win. Customize it further by adding some high-stakes prizes to increase the adrenaline.

#2. QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Technology! Why not spice things up with a QR Code Scavenger Hunt? Distribute QR codes at various locations around the venue. Attendees can scan these codes with their smartphones, leading them to digital puzzles or questions. Once solved, a random prize awaits them.

In addition to keeping the participants engaged, this method adds an element of intrigue and challenge. You’re not just giving out prizes; you’re making attendees work for it, which makes the reward all the more satisfying.

#3. The “Golden Ticket” Approach

Who can resist the allure of finding a golden ticket? This idea is borrowed from the classic Willy Wonka tale. Place golden tickets in random event programs, under chairs, or even in snack packages. The lucky finders get special prizes.

The excitement this generates is palpable. It creates an air of anticipation as people actively look around, turning the venue upside down to find those elusive golden tickets. Plus, the method offers the flexibility to offer more significant prizes to golden ticket holders, making the hunt even more compelling.

#4. Balloon Pop Surprise

Let’s get popping! Fill balloons with small pieces of paper that have prize details written on them. Then, let attendees pop the balloons to find out what they’ve won.

Simple but effective, the Balloon Pop offers a tactile experience and the added excitement of the ‘pop .’This makes for a great photo op, too, capturing the fun and surprises of your event for social media buzz.

#5. Flash Mob Raffle

Picture this: Your event is in full swing, and suddenly, a flash mob takes the stage, performing an energizing routine. At the end, they hand out random prizes to the audience. It’s a raffle, but one that no one saw coming!

Not only does this add an element of shock and awe, but it also provides entertainment value. Attendees get treated to an unexpected performance and walk away with prizes—a double win!

#6. “Prize in a Jar” Mystery

Here’s a neat idea. Fill jars with small items like beads, candy, or coins, and place a prize label at the bottom. Attendees guess the number of items in each jar, and whoever comes closest wins the labeled prize.

This encourages attendees to interact and engage with the display. The guessing game adds a mental challenge to the prize-winning process, making the rewards feel well-earned.

#7. The Prize Cannon

Boom! How about literally launching prizes into the audience using a prize cannon? Safely, of course. This is an explosive way to distribute gifts and ensures high interaction from your attendees.

The Prize Cannon creates a moment of sheer exhilaration and adds a touch of spectacle to your event. It’s an experience attendees won’t easily forget and ensures they remain alert, eagerly anticipating the next big bang.

#8. Musical Chairs With a Twist

Yep, you read that right. Instead of playing for seats, play musical chairs for prizes. As the music stops and participants scramble for chairs, those who remain standing are given random prizes instead of being ‘out.’

This brings a sense of nostalgia and fosters a community spirit, all while keeping the energy levels high. Plus, turning the tables on how the game is usually played makes for an intriguing variation.

#9. “Pick a Card, Any Card”

Offer attendees a deck of cards where each card corresponds to a prize. It’s a straightforward, quick, yet mysterious way of giving random gifts.

The uncertainty of the ‘draw’ adds to the suspense and is sure to keep attendees on their toes. Plus, it’s easily customizable and doesn’t require an elaborate setup—perfect for smaller events or venues with limited space.

#10. Trivia Roulette

Host a mini-trivia session where correct answers get you a spin on the prize wheel, a dip into a prize bowl, or some other random reward.

This method rewards knowledge and quick thinking and creates an atmosphere of friendly competition. Attendees will be more engaged in the event, participating actively rather than passively waiting for prizes to be handed out.

#11. Social Media Shoutout

How about leveraging social media for your event? Ask attendees to post about the event using a specific hashtag. Randomly pick posts and award those individuals with prizes.

This method serves a dual purpose. Not only does it engage attendees, but it also gives your event some social media traction, potentially increasing its visibility.

#12. The “Prize Passport” Journey

Imagine giving attendees a “Prize Passport” as they walk through the door. Each page corresponds to a booth, activity, or station they must visit within the venue. Once the passport is fully stamped, they can redeem it for a random prize.

This method ensures attendees fully experience what your event has to offer. They get to go on a mini-adventure, exploring different aspects of the venue, all while earning stamps that lead to a random prize.

#13. The Blindfolded Dartboard

Oh, the suspense! Set up a dartboard with various prize categories listed instead of numbers. Blindfold the participants, give them a few darts, and let them throw. Whatever category the dart lands on, they win a prize from that group.

This old-school game comes with a modern twist—blindfolds. Not only is it fun, but it also adds a layer of suspense and unpredictability to the prize-winning process. Plus, it’s a great way for attendees to show off their aim—or luck!

#14. “What’s in the Box?”

Here’s an idea that brings in an element of mystery. Place different prizes inside opaque boxes and let attendees choose a box without knowing what’s inside. Once chosen, they get to open it and see their random prize.

The curiosity this generates is intense. Attendees will be buzzing with questions, “What’s in the box? Is it something big? Or something small?” This air of mystery creates an exhilarating experience, making prize distribution a focal engagement point.

#15. Human Bingo

Yep, you heard that right. Instead of numbers and letters, use characteristics or facts about attendees. For example, “Has traveled to more than three countries,” or “Speaks two languages.” When participants fill out a row, they get a random prize.

This allows people to win prizes and serves as an icebreaker, helping attendees get to know each other better. This way, your event becomes a venue for prizes and a platform for networking and socialization.

#16. Random Number Generator

Simple yet effective. Use a random number generator to select winners throughout the event or at the end. This method is fair, unbiased, and eliminates any potential disputes or conflicts. Plus, it requires minimal effort, freeing up more time for you to focus on other aspects of your event. It is a win-win for both attendees and organizers!

So many number generator apps and websites are available nowadays, making it easy to incorporate this method into your prize distribution process. For instance, calculator.net, a random number generator, can be used for raffles or other games and activities. The possibilities are endless!

#17. Scratch-Off Cards

Everyone loves scratching off a card to reveal a prize. It’s exciting interactive, and adds an element of surprise to the prize-winning process. You can either have predetermined prizes or keep it completely random.

Scratch-off cards also allow for the incorporation of branding, event themes, or sponsors’ logos. This way, you engage attendees and promote your event and its partners.

FAQs on Ways to Give Out Random Prizes

How do you randomly pick a winner?

There are many methods for randomly picking a winner, such as using a random number generator or drawing names out of a hat. Moreover, you can also leverage technology to select a winner, like using a wheel-spinning app or a random name-picker tool. It all depends on the type of event and the number of participants.

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Can I combine different methods for giving out prizes?

Absolutely! In fact, it’s encouraged. Combining multiple methods keeps things interesting and prevents the prize distribution process from becoming repetitive. For example, you can have a raffle draw along with a social media shoutout or incorporate a prize wheel spin during the “Prize Passport” journey.

Do I need to have a budget for prizes? 

Not necessarily. You can get creative with your prizes and offer things like event merchandise, branded items, or experiences that don’t require a monetary investment. If you have a budget, consider offering small and large prizes to cater to different attendee preferences and make it fair for everyone. Ultimately, the goal is to foster engagement and excitement among attendees, not just offer expensive prizes.

How do I give away a prize online?

With the rise of virtual events, giving out prizes online has become a common practice. You can use random number generators or online spin wheels to select winners and then deliver the prize electronically or through mail. Communicate how attendees can claim prizes and provide contact information for inquiries.

Can I personalize prizes for different demographics? 

Yes, you can! Personalizing prizes shows that you value and understand your attendees’ preferences. For example, you can offer different gift cards based on age groups or have a mix of items that cater to different interests or hobbies. This adds an extra touch of thoughtfulness to the prize-winning experience.

How to do door prizes at a party?

Creative ways to give away door prizes at a party can add a fun and exciting element to the event. For instance, as guests arrive, you could give each one a unique item, such as a sticker or a wristband with a unique design or color. Later, you can draw a matching item from a hat and announce the winner during the event. 

Another fun approach could be using a trivia contest where the first person to answer a question correctly wins a door prize. You could also consider a scavenger hunt where the first guest to find a hidden item wins the prize. 

These methods ensure the door prizes are distributed fairly and add a layer of entertainment that keeps your guests engaged and excited throughout the event.

You may check out the below video content for more detail explanation on “How to do door prizes at a party?”

How to do a giveaway at an event?

There are many ways to do a giveaway at an event; the key is to make it interactive and engaging. You can have attendees participate in games or activities throughout the event, with winners receiving prizes as their reward. You can also use social media to run contests and giveaways leading up to the event, creating buzz and excitement among potential attendees. 

Moreover, incorporating sponsorships or partnerships can also be a great way to offer unique and valuable prizes. Ultimately, the key is to make the giveaway experience fun and memorable for attendees. So get creative, have fun with it, and watch your event succeed! 

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There are 17 unique and creative ways to distribute random prizes at your next event! These methods will surely add fun, mystery, and engagement for attendees. 

So, try out some of these ideas to make your event memorable for all involved. And who knows, maybe you’ll even come up with some new variations or methods of your own! The possibilities are endless for creating a fun and exciting prize distribution experience for attendees. So get creative, have fun, and have a happy event planning!

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