A Complete Strategy to Promote Giveaway: 11 Best Tips

Hosting a giveaway is just the beginning. To ensure its success, you need to implement an effective promotional strategy. Now, how do you promote giveaway? You can use various platforms and techniques like running paid giveaway ads, email marketing, influencer collaborations, and more.

In this blog, I will share 11 tried-and-tested tips that can help you in detail. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and have a read!

Promote Giveaway

Things You Need to Know First-

Before I give you all the tips, you need to know some basics about running a giveaway. So that you know about different types of giveaways and how different platforms vary. 

Types of Giveaways

A giveaway is an event where people participate in a contest or lottery to win prizes. It could be anything from physical products, gift cards, services, or experiences.

Some common types of giveaways include:

  • Social Media Giveaways: These are usually on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Blog Giveaways: These are mostly held by bloggers on their websites.
  • Email List Giveaways: These are targeted towards the subscribers of an email list.
  • Collaborative Giveaways involve partnering with other brands or influencers to create a bigger giveaway prize pool.
  • In-person Giveaways: These are usually held at events or physical locations.

So many other types of giveaways are there. Each type has benefits and can be used depending on your target audience and goals. And their promotional strategy can be different.

How to do a giveaway?

Here are eight basic steps of running a giveaway.

  1. Define your objective: Identify what you aim to achieve with the giveaway. This could be increasing brand awareness, driving more traffic to your website, or growing your email list.
  2. Choose the prize: The prize should be something that your target audience finds valuable. It could be one of your products, a gift card, or an exclusive experience. 
  3. Set the rules: Clearly define the rules of your giveaway. Specify the start and end dates, eligibility criteria (age, location, etc.), and how winners will be selected and notified. 
  4. Choose the platform: Decide on which platform your giveaway will be held. This could be one of your social media platforms, your blog, or even an in-person event. 
  5. Promote your giveaway: Use all available channels to promote your giveaway. This could include email marketing, social media posts, or paid ads. Word of mouth is also a powerful tool.
  6. Manage entries: Monitor the entries as they come in. Use software if necessary to help you manage the entries and avoid cheating. 
  7. Select and announce the winners: Once the giveaway ends, select the winner according to the method described in your rules. Publicly announce the winner and make sure to contact them privately as well.
  8. Evaluate the results: After the giveaway, evaluate the results and see if you achieved your objective. Use this analysis to improve your next giveaway.

Should you host the same giveaway on different platforms? 

Well, it depends on the type of giveaway. If you’re doing a promotional giveaway to boost your brand’s visibility, go ahead and host it on multiple platforms. Even the big-name brands do that. They share the same stuff on different social media platforms, but they might tweak the captions and visuals a bit.

For example, you have a clothing brand wanting to run a mass publicity giveaway. So, you can set the below rules for entry. 

  • Follow all social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, 
  • React and comment on the last five posts. 

You can share the same post on a different platform in this scenario.

Also, if you are planning a collaborative giveaway, you can host it on multiple platforms to reach a wider audience and increase brand exposure. 

However, hosting the same giveaway on different platforms for email list building is not ideal. It will be good if you offer something unique to your subscribers.

Again, if you are running a subscriber-only giveaway, you can’t host the same giveaway on different platforms. You must check the guidelines to see whether hosting on different platforms is allowed. 

What about the promotion?

Now, the most interesting part. Although you can host all types of giveaways on all platforms, you can promote them everywhere. Confusing? Don’t worry, let me explain. 

For example, you are hosting a giveaway for your brand on Instagram. You can still promote it on Facebook and Twitter by sharing the link to your Instagram post. This way, you can reach a wider audience without repeating the same content on all platforms. 

You can also promote an offline in-person giveaway contest on social media platforms. For example, you can create and promote a Facebook event to invite people to your in-person giveaway event.

Remember, hosting and promoting are two different things. Hosting refers to where the giveaway occurs while promoting refers to how you spread the word about it. 

How to promote giveaway

A Complete Strategy to Promote Giveaway: 11 Best Tips

You have a basic idea of hosting a giveaway. Now, I will tell you in detail on how to promote giveaway-

#1. Use Social Media:

Social media is the best place for hosting and promoting your giveaways. Let’s have a look-

Promoting a Giveaway on Instagram:

With its focus on visuals, Instagram is an excellent platform for promoting a giveaway. You can create attractive posts or stories with images of the giveaway prize and clear instructions on entering. 

An example could be: “To enter our giveaway, follow our account, like this post, and tag two friends in the comments.” You could also encourage users to share your giveaway post in their stories for extra entries. 

You can run paid Instagram ads and collaborate with influencer accounts to reach a wider audience. Use relevant hashtags and tag your giveaway sponsors or partners in your posts. 

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Promoting a Giveaway on Facebook:

Facebook’s large user base makes it a good platform for hosting and promoting a giveaway. You can create a dedicated post about your giveaway with engaging visuals and detailed instructions. 

You could say, for example: “Like our page, share this post, and tag a friend who would also love to win.” Remember that Facebook has strict rules about giveaways, so you’re compliant. 

Like Instagram, you can run paid advertisements here and collaborate with other Facebook pages or groups to reach a larger audience. 

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Promoting a Giveaway on Twitter:

Twitter’s fast-paced nature makes it ideal for time-limited giveaways. You can create a buzz around your giveaway by using a unique hashtag and encouraging users to retweet your giveaway post. 

For example, “Retweet this post and follow our account to enter our giveaway. Increase your chances of winning by using our hashtag #YourBrandGiveaway in your tweets”.

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Promoting a Giveaway on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is great for B2B giveaways or professional-related prizes. You can create a post detailing the giveaway and ask users to like, comment, and share the post. An example could be: “Like this post, follow our page, and share this post with your connections to enter our exclusive professional development giveaway.”

#2. Create Eye-Catching Visuals:

Creating eye-catching visuals is a powerful strategy to draw attention to your giveaway. Rich, vibrant, and intriguing graphics grab people’s attention and arouse their curiosity. 

You could hire a graphic designer or use online tools like Canva, which offers a wide range of templates that are easy to customize. I personally use Canva for all my social media visuals, and it’s been a game-changer. 

Make sure your visuals display the prize, convey the excitement of the giveaway, and include a clear call to action. If you’re running your giveaway on multiple platforms, remember to adapt your visuals to each platform’s specifications.

#3. Partner with Influencers: 

Partnering with influencers can significantly amplify the reach of your giveaway. Choose influencers whose followers align with your target audience. For instance, partnering with a beauty influencer would be a logical choice if you’re a skincare brand. There are two main ways to do this:

Sponsored Posts:

In this strategy, you pay influencers to create a post promoting your giveaway. 

For example, if you are a book publishing company, you might partner with a popular book blogger. They could create an Instagram post featuring the books you’re giving away, with a caption detailing the giveaway rules and encouraging their followers to enter. 

Collaborative Giveaways:

In a collaborative giveaway, the influencer is co-hosting the giveaway with you. 

For instance, a fitness brand might collaborate with a fitness influencer for a giveaway. The influencer shares the giveaway details with their followers, telling them to follow both their account and the brand’s account and tag friends in the comments to enter. This strategy promotes your giveaway and helps increase your follower count.

Remember to provide influencers with all the details about the giveaway, including how to enter, the prize, and the deadline. Also, ensure that they disclose the partnership to comply with advertising regulations.

#4. Email Marketing:

Don’t think I am singing an old song. Sending emails remains one of the most effective marketing strategies, and it can be especially useful for promoting giveaways. 

By leveraging your existing email list, you can directly reach individuals who have already shown interest in your brand. Here are a few tips to make the most of it:

Informative and Engaging Subject Line:

Create an engaging, curiosity-inducing subject line that conveys the excitement of the giveaway. An example could be “Win Big in Our Exclusive Giveaway! Find out how inside…”

Detailed Content:

Ensure the email body clearly explains the giveaway details — what the prize is, how to enter, and the entry deadline. Keep it concise but engaging, and use visuals to make it more attractive.

Clear Call-to-Action (CTA):

Include a clear CTA in your email, such as “Click Here to Enter.” This button can direct users to the platform where the giveaway is being hosted.


Personalize the email to make the recipient feel special. Use their name and, if applicable, refer to their past interactions with your brand. 

Follow-up Emails:

Consider sending a follow-up email a few days before the deadline, reminding those who haven’t entered yet to do so.

#5. Utilize Hashtags:

Harnessing the power of hashtags is a savvy way to increase the visibility of your giveaway. Hashtags work as searchable keywords on social media platforms, allowing users to discover your content even if they don’t follow your account. Here’s how to effectively use hashtags for your giveaway:

Use Relevant Hashtags:

Ensure the hashtags you use are relevant to your giveaway and brand. For instance, if you are a beauty brand giving away skincare products, you might use hashtags like #SkincareGiveaway, #BeautyLovers, or #Freebies. 

Create a Unique Hashtag for Your Giveaway:

Creating a unique hashtag for your giveaway can create a buzz around it and make it easier to track participation. It should be short, memorable, and linked to your brand. For instance, if your brand is called ‘Beauty Bliss,’ your giveaway hashtag could be #BeautyBlissGiveaway. 

Research Popular Hashtags:

Research popular hashtags within your niche. They can help you reach a larger audience. However, avoid overly saturated hashtags, as your post might get lost among the multitude. 

Use Platform-Specific Hashtags:

Certain hashtags perform better on specific platforms. For instance, #InstaGiveaway might perform well on Instagram but not Twitter. Research and use platform-specific hashtags for better reach. 

Want some practical knowledge? Check out the below video on “BEST Hashtag Strategy To Go VIRAL on Instagram.”

#6. Website Promotion:

Promoting your giveaway on your company’s website is an excellent way to draw attention from regular visitors or potential customers. Here’s how to do it effectively:

Create a Dedicated Landing Page:

Design a dedicated landing page specifically for your giveaway. This page should contain all pertinent information about the giveaway, including the prizes, the rules, how to enter, and the deadline. It should also be visually attractive, featuring images of the prizes and easy navigation.

Use Pop-ups or Banners:

Immediately catch the attention of your website visitors with pop-ups or banners promoting the giveaway. This can be especially effective when placed on your homepage or high-traffic pages.

Leverage your Blog:

If you have a blog, write a post about your giveaway. Describe the prizes, why you’re hosting the giveaway, and how readers can enter. You could also discuss the benefits of the product or service you’re giving away, enhancing its perceived value.

Promote in Newsletters:

Include information about the giveaway in your company’s newsletters. This is an excellent way to reach out to individuals already interested in your brand.

Include Social Sharing Buttons:

Make it easy for visitors to share the giveaway with their social networks. Include social sharing buttons on the landing page and blog posts to encourage sharing on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

#7. Collaborate with Other Brands:

Collaborating with other brands can help increase the reach and impact of your giveaway. Partnering with a complementary brand allows you to tap into their audience, which can lead to new followers and potential customers. Here’s how you can collaborate effectively:

Find Compatible Brands:

Research to find brands that align with your target audience, values, and goals. For instance, a fashion brand could collaborate with a jewelry or accessory brand for a giveaway.

Cross-Promote on Social Media:

Once you have partnered with another brand, cross-promote the giveaway on your social media platforms and ask them to do the same. This way, both brands can reach a larger audience and increase participation.

Offer Joint Prizes: 

Consider offering joint prizes relevant to both brands to make the collaboration more appealing. For instance, if you’re a pet food brand collaborating with a pet accessories brand, you could offer a bundle of pet food and accessories as the prize.

Create an Exclusive Hashtag: 

To track participation from the collaboration specifically, create an exclusive hashtag encompassing both brands. This hashtag can be used in all promotional posts and serve as a way for participants to find both brands.

Host Joint Events: 

Consider hosting joint events with the collaborating brand to promote your giveaway further. It could be a social media live session or an online panel discussion where you talk about your products, benefits, and the giveaway.

Difference between Collaborating with brands and influencers

Collaborating with brands and influencers has distinct differences. Partnering with influencers leverages their personal reach and connection with their audience while collaborating with other brands taps into their established customer base. This can lead to mutual benefits for both brands involved. 

For example, a sustainable fashion brand could collaborate with an eco-friendly accessories brand for a giveaway, where the prize is a combined set of products from both companies. Both brands would promote the giveaway on their respective platforms, prompting their followers to follow the other brand and engage with the giveaway. This way, both brands get exposure to each other’s audiences, increasing their reach and follower count.

This strategy is particularly effective when the brands cater to similar target audiences. In the example mentioned, both brands cater to environmentally conscious consumers, making it likely that followers of one brand would be interested in the other.

So, you can say- brand collaborations can potentially lead to immediate sales, while influencer partnerships help build long-term brand awareness and affinity.

#8. Create a Compelling Description:

The description of your giveaway is crucial in attracting potential participants and conveying the necessary information about the event. Here are some tips to create a compelling description:

Be Clear and Concise:

Keep the description brief and to the point. Clearly state what the giveaway is, what prizes are up for grabs, and how to enter. Avoid using wordy sentences or unnecessary jargon that could confuse participants.

Highlight the Benefits:

Explain why participating in the giveaway is worth their time and effort. Mention the benefits of the prizes, such as exclusivity, limited availability, or high value. Also, highlight additional perks for participants, like discount codes or freebies.

Include Visuals:

Incorporate images or videos of the prizes or past winners to add visual appeal and credibility to your description. This can help participants visualize what they could potentially win.

Add a Call-to-Action:

Include a clear call-to-action, encouraging visitors to enter or share the giveaway with their networks. Use action words like “Enter now” or “Don’t miss out” to create a sense of urgency and excitement.

Proofread and Edit:

Before publishing, proofread the description for any grammatical errors or typos. A well-written and error-free description can leave a positive impression on potential participants and enhance the overall professionalism of your giveaway. 

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#9. Paid Giveaway Ads: 

Two major paid advertising options are there for you-

  1. Social media ads
  2. Google ads

Social Media Ads for Giveaways

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer extensive advertising options that can significantly enhance the reach of your giveaways. You can target your ads based on various factors, such as demographics, interests, and behaviors, ensuring your giveaway resonates with the right audience.

  • Facebook and Instagram Ads: With Facebook and Instagram Ads, you can create visually engaging content that appears in users’ feeds or stories. Carousel and video ads are particularly effective for showcasing multiple prizes or explaining how to enter your giveaway.

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  • Twitter Ads: Twitter’s Promoted Tweets allow your giveaway to reach a broader audience. Use relevant hashtags, eye-catching visuals, and a compelling call-to-action to boost engagement.
  • LinkedIn Ads: If your giveaway is aimed at professionals or businesses, LinkedIn Ads can be a great avenue. Sponsored content, text ads, or message ads can help create awareness and encourage participation.

Google Ads for Giveaways

Google Ads can also help promote your giveaway to a wider audience. People searching for keywords related to your giveaway can be shown your ads, leading them directly to your landing page.

  • Google Search Ads: Running a Google Search Ad campaign allows your giveaway to appear at the top search results for selected keywords. For example, if you’re giving away a new tech gadget, keywords like “tech gadget giveaway” can trigger your ad.
  • Google Display Ads: Google Display Ads reach people while browsing their favorite websites or watching YouTube videos. Display ads can be a cost-effective way to promote your giveaway to potential entrants who may not be actively searching for it.

Don’t miss to read the Google Ads Terms & Conditions.

#10. Leverage Forums and Online Communities:

Online platforms such as Reddit, Quora, and niche-specific forums can be a treasure trove for promoting giveaways. These communities are filled with actively engaged users, often open to participating in relevant giveaways. Here are some steps you can take:

Identify Relevant Communities:

Research and compile a list of popular forums or online communities that align with your brand’s niche. Consider platforms like Reddit’s subreddits, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, or industry-specific forums. 

Understand the Rules:

Each online community has its own set of rules and etiquette for posting. Ensure you familiarize yourself with these guidelines before promoting your giveaway to avoid backlash or penalties.

Engage and Contribute:

Simply posting about your giveaway can come off as spammy and may not be well-received. Participate in discussions, provide value to the community, and then share details of your giveaway in an organic and non-intrusive way.

Provide Clear Information:

When you post about your giveaway, include all the important details. Clearly state what the giveaway entails, how to enter, and the benefits of participating. A clear and concise post will resonate more with community members and entice them to participate.

#11. Optimize for Mobile:

The increasing prevalence of smartphone use makes mobile optimization crucial for any online activity, including giveaways. Here’s how you can optimize your giveaway for mobile users:

Responsive Design:

Ensure your giveaway page has a responsive design, meaning it adjusts to fit any device’s screen size. This improves usability and boosts SEO, as Google favors mobile-friendly websites in search rankings.

Simplified Entry Process:

Mobile users prefer quick and easy interactions. Simplify the entry process for your giveaway, minimizing the number of steps or form fields wherever possible. Consider incorporating social media logins for faster entry.

Mobile-Friendly Visuals:

Images and visuals on your giveaway page should be optimized for mobile viewing. This means they should be high-quality and properly sized so they load quickly and do not distort on smaller screens.

Test on Different Devices:

Before launching your giveaway, test it on various devices and browsers to ensure it functions correctly and looks appealing. This can help you identify and rectify potential issues before they impact your participants’ experience. 

By optimizing for mobile, you can create a seamless and enjoyable experience for your participants, encouraging more entries and sharing, ultimately leading to the success of your giveaway.

How Long Should You Promote Your Giveaway?

The duration of promoting your giveaway can vary depending on the nature of the prize, the campaign’s goals, and your audience’s engagement level. However, a commonly suggested timeframe is between 2 to 4 weeks. This provides ample opportunity to build excitement and encourage participation without the giveaway dragging on so long that participants lose interest.

Here are a few examples:

Example 1: Three-Week Promotion

Suppose you’re launching a giveaway for a high-value item, such as a holiday package. You could start the promotional activities three weeks in advance. Start with a ‘teaser’ campaign in the first week, building anticipation for the upcoming giveaway. 

Follow this with the official announcement and launch of the giveaway in the second week. Continue promotion throughout the third week, creating urgency as the giveaway ends.

Example 2: Two-Week Promotion

A two-week promotion might be sufficient if your giveaway involves a smaller prize, like a discount coupon or brand merchandise. Use the first week to announce the giveaway and build excitement. Use the second week to remind your audience and create a sense of urgency as the end date approaches.

Remember, regardless of the length of your promotional campaign, maintain consistent communication with your audience throughout. Use various channels—email, social media, paid ads, and your website—to keep your audience informed and excited about the giveaway. Regular updates, reminders, and engagement can enhance participation and the overall success of your giveaway.

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So, that’s it! We have covered 11 proven strategies that can help you promote giveaways and maximize participation. 

Every brand and audience is different, so tailor these tips to your specific needs. Whether you want to increase brand awareness or drive conversions, incorporating these tactics into your giveaway promotion can greatly improve its reach and impact. 

Also, if you have any other ideas, you can share them here.

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